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should he smoke cigarettes or weed?
So, my boyfriend likes smoking weed. This gets me worried, and I hate to see him high and acting weird. He really likes smoking it though, I don't want to really deprive him of something he enjoys, but weed has consequences and it only complicates things for the fact that it's illegal. So, I asked him if he could lay off it (meaning he smokes just once in a couple of days). He likes the idea because he doesn't want to do it very often either because he can tell it's affecting him too. The only problem is that he is having trouble adjusting so he turns to cigarettes as a replacement. I heard somewhere that cigarettes are in fact worse than weed... and now I'm worried he is smoking too much (4 cigs maybe a day). So I need help, should i let him just keep smoking weed occasionally and let him adjust with cigarettes? Any other options?
Additional Details
ok. listen. i'm not gonna dump him. i smoke weed once in a while... and i uderstand why he likes it. the only thing is he has an addictive personality and that is what i'm worried about. if you have no idea what smoking weed or cigs is like please save your energy and look at another question...

none of the both...
u should dish him he is going to be kissing u with all that ugly smell..

thats like being in a pool full of piss and someone holding a bucket of **** over your head. do you dunk yourself in the piss or let yourself be covered in ****? there both bad and he should be doing none of the them

Dump him.

tie him up in the closet, and feed him as much as he needs. no drugs.


seriously, tell him that if those drugs dont kill him, then someone will for the smell of it.

♫Asian Sensation™



♧$♡( ̄(エ) ̄)Ɗʊȿʇɩɳ♡♫HIPHOp♫☮♡☺♧$♡
weed i heard was 7 times cancerous then ciggarettes and no he should just try to give up on both because they are pretty dangerous they both cause cancer maybe more then the other but they are just as dangerous

DUMP HIM!!! Or hypnosis!!! There's hypnosis for smoking!! I'm not sure it works though.

If you really love him, that means you care about him right? If you do, you need to tell him to stop in general. If he gets mad and just thinks you're trying to control him, well you are, but you control and help the people you love and he should understand that. Cigs are worse than weed. When you see him smoke walk away to show your hurt. Tell him your hurt and that you just don't want him to die early. He is slowly filling his lungs with Tar, carbon dioxide, and killing his brain cells. If he doesn't understand you just love him once that's all done and over with, maybe all he cares about is drugs, and he wouldn't deserve your help.

wow, sounds like he has a peoblem. i would try to get help for him. try looking upa hotline or something...

Cigarettes are worse. Because they have so many different chemicals in it. Not saying Weed is any better. Ask him how he got into smoking weed? Do you really want that as well? If you're uneasy with it, sit him down and talk to him.

help plzzz!
i wouldnt let him do neither.
its bad for his health and yours. If you really love this guy you wouldnt let him do things that will kill him.
both smoking regular cigs and weed will eventually kill him.
the best way to help him is to quit his addiction, buy him nicatine packs to help him quit.
he might seem upset when you first suggest this to him, but in the long run... you saved a life.

smoking is really bad but if he want to smoke an you cant stop him at least u should try an make him do regular cigarettes because weed is really bad for u an it can lead to other things...GOOD LUCK

just stop smoking both!!!!me and many friends we grew outta weed!!!!and ciggarettes are very hard to quite!!!!it took me many years to finally quite!!!!!so i'd say just stop both!!

:) :) :) :)
i really think he shouldn't be smoking anything, its really bad for you and most of my family died from smoking. but to make him stop smoking talk to him. and try to find something that will get his mind off of smoking, of find something to replace the habit of smoking. good luck

He should stop both especially the dope

sarah™ ツ
Dump him. He shouldn't be doing either. If you really don't want to dump him, help him quit. Smoking slowly kills you. One pack takes about 3 and a half hours off your life.

Dj Conquest
weed and cigs are both bad. they both contain high amounts of tar and do a great deal of damage on your organs and weed especially does damage to organs AND your mind. Did you know that 40% of mental patients are in the mental hospitals because of marijuana? marijuana can mess up your mind and make you have psychosis or schizophrenia, cigarettes can give you cancer of the lung, heart, brain tumors, etc,..

he should try to live his life without smoking anything. i would quit the weed totally, and go to the store and get these things called "nic-out" they are little plastic filters you put on the end of cigarettes that take out the nicotine and tar, use those and gradually quit altogether.

kyle r
yeah smoking weed is way safer what i would recommend is maybe tell him to find another habit and smoke every other day or something maybe like chew gum orr do something that occupies him instead of wanting tog et high

Simply put:
Tobacco deaths are high.
No-one has ever died from cannabis.

Well, it sounds like you really care about him, and that's good. So, with that in mind, help him explore it. Talk with him without pushing an agenda. What does he like about pot? What does he like about cigarettes? What does he not like? Etc. If you really care about him, you'd respect his freewill and trust that he'd make the right choice in his own time. That doesn't mean that at some point you can't express your concerns, but do it in a compassionate way instead of a belligerent or aggressive way.

The other side of it is 4 cigarettes a day is nothing compared to some people's 4 packs a day. If his life expectancy or his physical wellbeing are your concern, then read about Jeanne Calment on Wikipedia. She is proof that smoking doesn't necessarily kill.

But if he really wants to kick a habit, help to think about all the bad stuff around it. That was how I kick cigarettes myself. The finger stains, the yellow teeth. All that. Good luck.

um Weed is about as dangerous as a small cigar/maybe. Cigarettes are so incredibly addictive if he gets started now he'll die of lung cancer in forty years. Don't smoke either, but if he HAS to pick just smoke pot. All thatll do is make him eat a whole cake and fall asleep.

weed is far better than cigs...i dont care what anyone says! besides...im sure it wont be long and it will be legalized. then would you have a change of heart? ppl think just cuz its illegal its a terrible thing...its safer than alcohol as well. the only problem with weed is its pricey (and yes still illegal)..

Shane S
Cigarettes are definitely worse than weed.
Actually, weed is proven to decrease the size/probability of lung tumors.
Not to mention, weed isn't addictive (to people who have addictive personalities, it may be... but thats the persons fault, not the drug itself).

Weed is a lot better for your health than ciggarettes. It helps depression, anxiety, any sickness you have, it makes you not lazy, it cures tuberculosis, and if you smoked the herb you would understand why he likes it. Its fun to be high, and you have such a better mindset. Just tell him to be careful so he doesnt get ****** with the government. Ciggarettes have chemicals that were used as poison gases in WW2. Let him smoke. At least hes not into other drugs that are really bad for you.

Gaby D
Cigarettes are definitely worse than weed.
Actually, weed is proven to decrease the size/probability of lung tumors.
Not to mention, weed isn't addictive (to people who have addictive personalities, it may be... but thats the persons fault, not the drug itself).

Get him off the cigs. Let him smoke weed, it's much better for your body and you cannot die from it. With cigarettes, you can.

Starting smoking cigarettes is ALWAYS a bad idea.
Tell him to chew gum, instead.

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