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nits, nits , nits...?
does using a nit comb get rid of the EGGS?

whats the most effective way of getting rid of them apart from these bottle's and mouse's with chemicals in?
Additional Details
thanks for all answers...

Ms Minger
A nit comb alone won't get rid of the eggs - it will just remove any live lice.

What you need to do is cover the (wet) head with conditioner and comb it through with the nit comb. The lice are paralysed by the conditioner and you can get them all out easily.

Do this every other day for about 10 days - and any lice hatching from the lice will be removed before they can lay any more eggs.

You can use treatments from the chemists, but I have found that these don't always work. The method above is guaranteed to work.

i have had many probs with the little blighters having 3 girls, i gave up on the shop potions and lotions,i swear by tea tree in diluted water ,8 drops in cup water,put in a spray bottle and comb through then rinse.
Also use loads of conditioner and leave on and comb through well ,do this twice a wk, prob should be sorted! good luck

Just Dave
Clippers, clippers, clippers!

eugh, my daughter has just arrived with this problem from nursery i share your annoyance!

i bought one from Boots which does remove eggs, it is £9.99 and it comes with a lifetime guarantee

feelin' blue
If you use the wire tooth comb when the hair is wet that works pretty well, however it is inevitable that you will need to pick some out manually. I use an organic lice shampoo called Moov which works really well. Put the shampoo on dry hair comb it through with the wire comb, leave for ten minutes, rinse, dry the hair then i check out in the sun for leftover eggs. Check every night for a week to make sure there are none left if you do find more then you will need to retreat again after about a week. Be sure to wash all bedding in hot water and put in the dryer for a half hour, I normally put the pillows out in the sun for a few days or buy new ones so you have a spare set that you can switch out if they get them again.
It is a total pain in the butt and I am just greatful that it is Christmas holidays so that my daughter doesn't have school which means less likelyhood of getting them again.
Good luck to you.

get an electronic nit comb from boots, this kills them as soon as it finds them. can also be used as a preventative measure

I used on one my daughter which is called hedrin, it has no chemicals in it at all so it didn't make her eczema flare up and it was the ONLY one that ever got rid of them, it suffocates them but also coats the eggs/nits and they don't seem to hatch I combed her hair every day and all I got afterwards was the eggs and not one lice,it makes it easier to get rid of the eggs out of the hair too as it sort of dissolves them a bit and within a few days they are all gone. Try tea tree oil in regular shampoo to keep them away or you can buy a repellant even asda sell it.The best way though is to put her hair in a bun or a plait and check it with a comb every few days then you catch them early.Also wash bedding and pyjamas on same day incase one jumped ship just before you got to it.

Joe 90
strightning irons are fantastic it does take a while cause you have to keep sectioning of part of the hair then make sure you start from the roots.

cheeper than keep buying bottols of CHEMICALS

Putting conditioner on the hair and combing it with a nit comb will remove the eggs - this needs to be done daily until you're sure they have all gone. Then, it's a good idea to get a spray containing a blend of essential oils and spray it on the hair every morning because this is a repellent and the nits stop landing on the head ! It is quite a strong smell but it wears off whilst remaining effective. The preparation I have used is called 'Nitty Gritty' - contact: www.nittygritty.co.uk

My son had them once. I wet his hair, covered it in conditioner then combed through the hair using a plastic nit comb. We got eggs and even one huge nit! It didn't take long and they were gone! They really is no need for chemicals.

Reckless Redhead
I heard back in the old days they would either shave your head or put motor oil in your hair...Sounds gross but you might wanna try just regular oil. Get one of those plastic hair nets and soak the hair in oil and then put the hair net on and keep soaking it in oil. It's a fact that nits and lice love clean hair and are attracted to it so naturally a hair full of oil might smother them and cause them to die. Plus it's not harsh chemicals and you might end up leaving with super shiny, soft hair after it's all over with.

Paula R
I found a website when my daughter got them (and passed them to me) it was great.

Cover all the hair, down to the scalp with full fat mayonaise then put a shower cap over for two hours.

Comb through with a nit comb then rinse with vinegar.

The mayo must be full fat and the shower cap over the top suffocates them. It really works and no chemicals.

Good luck.

ellie e
A persistant problem once your children enter education, with my daughter every morning as part of her getting ready routine i comb her hair with a metal nit comb, if I find any sign of a lice then every day for 10 days I go through her hair section by section picking out any eggs or lice, it certainly keeps them under control for her.

I have tried chemist bought products and never have they worked

Eggs are very difficult to actually get rid of and don't come off easily with a comb, when I had nits as a child we had to get rid of the actual lice. One way to do this is to put lots of conditioner all through the hair and then wrap the hair in plastic wrap and leave it for about an hour or more. The hair will become so slippery that the lice won't be able to hold on and will come off easily with a comb. Do this every week and eventually they'll all be gone.

Brown Eyed Girl
When I was younger I used to get them all the time in primary school because one of my best friends got them ALL THE TIME! I would get rid of them, then get em off her again.

But what I found that works great! KP-24, its a bottle (I know you said no bottles, but you should look into its, its great) you just lather it up in your hair (It had directions on it) Then I would wash it out in the shower. Put in shampoo, lather that up and get the nit comb (metal ones are the only ones that work, plastic are pointless) and comb all over my hair, behind ears, under neck, everywhere!

I hope this helps, usually I had to do that 2 times before they are completely gone.

Good luck!

Waiting for the Wind
BEST-WAY-- GOOD SOAPY WASH -- PUT Conditioner`on` Leave 10 -15mins` Comb out With Tat Comb` on old Newspaper`- 2 Sessions of this` and`thev Gone`??

**** off
I seem to remember my mum using vinegar on us.

nit combs will get rid of the eggs, but only until you come into contact with another person who as them, schools seem to have a different carrier everyday.
i found the best cure for my kids was head and shoulders shampoo, wash your hair and leave the shampoo on for ten minutes before washing off

cover her hair with baby oil and go through with a comb my daughter is always getting them i got this comb called the nitty gritty comb fom the chemist for 9.99 it gets rid of the eggs to i would recommend it for any parent whos child has had head lice

you have to use the shampoo to kill the bugs and the comb to get rid of the nits so they will not hatch. Unless you get your hair cut. It is very import to use the comb and then reshampoo again in 7 days in case you missed any nits.

no it doesnt thats why you have to go through the hair every other day for a week to try and get rid of them

i have found if you use lemon washing-up liquid they all run to the top of the head and are easier to remove

Another way of getting rid of nits is by covering your hair in mayonaise this overcumbs the nits and kills them almost instantly, then i advise a shower after about 1 hour of putting it on, as the mayonaise does stink an awful lot when dried.


Yes it does.

There are electric nit combs which kill the eggs and the insects.

Besides that, i make a very effective nit shampoo as follows:

Shampoo base (you can use any shampoo instead)
Rosemary oil
Ti tree oil

Pour the shampoo or shampoo base into a bowl, measure 1% by volume of each oil into the shampoo (volume will be on the side of the bottle), mix thoroughly and pour back into the bottle through a funnel. Wash your hair with this every day for a week. After that, use it as your normal shampoo.

You can get the oils from a health food shop. I personally order them in bulk because i'm a herbalist.

This is now the normal shampoo for me and my family and we are no longer bothered by nits at all, despite being constantly surrounded by louse-infested children. It also works on my patients and other families, so it isn't just luck.

Incidentally, nits glow in ultraviolet light, so if you get a toy sonic screwdriver, you can see them easily if you want to check them out or remove them.

tea tree shampoo

do you mean headlice? Please read this article, it is an excellent site for alternative health & general health advcie:
One bit of advice, they hate lavender oil, sprinkle on brush or throughout hair,
also blowdrying hair for 5 minutes everyday kills the buggers!

One sure way to get rid of something like this is to cover, and I mean cover, your head or whatever with VASELINE....it suffocates everything....a bit gross and a bit hard to wash out...but it's cheap, and it works....with no chemicals...

Naughty Farmgirl ;o)
pour on cheap conditioner neat onto the head ( no water) and comb through over and over , the eggs slide off , repeat every day until clear

Mayonnaise does NOT work. Vaseline, kinda, but not well.

I had them when I was REALLY little and my mom had to take me outside and search thru my hair. She picked them out one by one for hours. Then again, she also used that lice shampoo. That combination got rid of them for good...

Shave your head

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