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my ears are driving me crazy with bad itching and pain is their any home remedies for itchy ears?
I have Chronic problems with my ears itching,I have to put cotton in my ears before showers because if any water gets in them it means automatic infection! My problem is I seem to get a build up of wax in them so easy and they itch,itch itch itch all day q-tips are bad and make them sore plus they impact the wax more,but sometimes I cannot help but do it because my ears start itching so bad! CAN SOMEONE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE?????

If your not allergic, try benedril.

texas nanna
try pouring peroxide in your ears it will boil wax out or go 2 your doctor and he can wash them out for you,

You have an ear infection. Tea tree oil is good with a q tip. Peroxide is ok too. Make a doctor's appointment!

It's possibly an allergic reation to something. Some people have seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff) of the ear canals or psoriasis, another itchy skin disorder.

In any case, acetic acid and cortisone are both standard treatments for itchy ears. You might try Cortisporin-Otic eardrops that are a combination anti-bacterial and steroid. Or you could use a stronger prescription steroid, like triamcinolone, to get relief.

Sometimes ear pain does not originate in the ear itself, but is felt there because of the way out nerves are connected. For instance, one of the symptoms of throat cancer is ear pain. If your teeth are bad, if you have an infection in your mouth, nose, sinuses or eyes, you can feel the pain in your ears.

I would see a doctor and have them take a culture from your ears. You could have some type of infection or growth like a fungus or yeast going on in the ear that is causing you to feel intense itching. The only way to know for sure is to look at a sample from your ear under a microscope.

If there is nothing wrong, then what has happened is by continually itching your ears you have made them hypersenstive to any kind of touch. You can ask the doctor for antihistamines to cut the itching sensation, but you will have to break yourself of the habit of itching your ears.

Good luck.

Janet S
Put 3 drops of pure virgin olive oil in each ear every day. Best way is to use at night. Leave head tilted for a minute, then plug with cotton to save the pillow case. This will solve both the itching and the ear wax buildup. Anyway, it has saved me a lot of grief. My ears itch when the skin gets dry. If I don't use the olive oil, I wind up at the doc's with the Water Pik.

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