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it seems that i have some ear wax right down deep in my ear and it seems to effect my hearing a quite bit?
my hearing is not noticble until i block my other ear with some ear plugs then i notice my other ear is really quiet i have used drops to try and get rid of it but it has not seemed to work

My mum sometimes buys these candles which you light and then put them in your ear, it sounds scary but they aren't, once they reach a certain level they go out. But anyway, she says she can hear really clearly after she uses them.

shih tzu lady
You could have your ears syringed, but you will have to apply the drops for some time before your gp will undertake this. Alternatively, you could try having Hopi ear candle treatment by someone qualified in holistic treatments. Ask at beauty parlour for recommendation. This is also very effective if you are flying - helps with your ears hurting during takeoff and landing.

Pour hot water in your ear keep it there for about 6 mins.

First of all stroke your thumb ovber your first 2 fingers very close to each ear and check if the sound is louder or softer with each ear. If there is a definite difference or you hear nothing out of one ear go to the doctors and get the wax removed; this will normally involve a course of Olive Oil drops and somewarn water squirted down your ear by the doctor or nurse - never do this at home.

Alice B
Go to a natural store and ask about ear candleing.. I understand it is harmless and very affective.

bertram baines
the drops take about three weeks to work

Go to an Eye Ear Nose and throat doctor and ask him/her to flush out your ear. That will get rid of the wax immediately.

I have suffered with this problem. First of all, heat up some oil (olive oil or almond oil) NOT hot, just warm. Pour a little into the bad ear and lay on your side (so the bad ear is up!) for about 10 minutes - that will help soften and dislodge any stubborn wax. If that doesn't work - go your GP - they (or probably a nurse) will remove the lodged wax with a special long hook - it goes right into your ear they literally hook the bad wax out. It doesn't hurt. It feels great when it's out!

The best thing for shifting wax is plain olive oil. The ear needs to be kept oily so the wax will soften and slide out. A few drops overnight for a few nights will do the trick. Putting water in the ear is a bad idea, it makes the wax dry, clumpy and hard & provides a great breeding ground for bacteria and infections. Have you tried ear candling? It warms, softens and removes wax gently and is very relaxing.

Go to your family doctor. He can clean your ear out, or recommend another doctor who can.

see the Triage sister and she'll syringe them out for you

Annette T
Go to the doctor. They can use a warm water syringe to sort of break up the wax and blast it out of your ears. My sister had the same problem. She had very narrow ear canals so the wax just built up instead of falling out normally. You can try putting mineral oil in the ear before bed and putting some cotton balls in your ears, too. This can work. But, I'd seriously talk to the doctor. It's a pretty easy procedure.

Otex eardrops from the Pharmacy for 7 days, then syringing from your GP.

Dr Frank
Continue with the drops to soften the wax and book a wash out with your practice nurse.

I went 3 days once with difficulty hearing in one side just as you describe. I went to my local health clinic and after looking in to rule out other causes, the nurse there used a (strerile) tube on a squirt bottle filled with warm water and placed a container and towel under my ear. The procedure was not painful (as long as the water wasn't too hot) and just felt a bit weird to have water sprayed (what felt like) so far up my ear, but I was assured that our body design doesn't allow for water to enter where it shouldn't in there.

The wax was flushed out of both ears and I was out of there within 15 minutes of starting. Boy what a difference it made! Try it! It works well.

Kimmy Monster
Try some eardrops, if not the doctors is the best place and they can drain it =)

this really works & is fun too!
get some hydrogen peroxide (Boots, Asda etc sells it).
Then get someone to put 1-2 drops in your ear & let it fizz for a couple of minutes, it'll clear out the wax.
Repeat if necessary.
PS> make sure you don't have any cuts or anything in or around your ear otherwise it'll sting!

ShortcutHerbal Goody
go to an Herbalist or Ear Specialist and get Ear Canal cleaning done! There's many ways that can be done a fluid down your ear or Ear Candling.! I'm herbalist #6B008 and you'd be surprise to know that onion juice is sometimes used to clean wax from ones ear! it has a warm feeling. You should never stick anything in your ears! the only thing to put your ears is liquid many have good results using vinegar to dissolve the wax in the ear if that doesn't do it then try vinegar with baking soda dissolved in it.. do it in a bottle and use a funnel so you don't get it foaming all over!

jan s
you don't need the doctor, warm a little olive oil and pour it into you ear followed by cotton wool, do this for a few days and it should be fine.

you need to get the doctor to syringe it drops wont work if its that bad

You need to go to the GP, and ask them to look in your ear to check that there is wax in there. It may be that your ear is clear and that you have a slight hearing loss in one ear in which case you would need to be referred to the ENT (Ears Nose & Throat) department for a hearing test. If there is wax, then the GP will give you drops (or you could use olive oil which is best - tilt your head, drop a couple of drops of olive oil - at room temperature - into your ear. Give it a minute to work in...repeat each night for a couple of weeks) or he/she will arrange for you to have you ears syringed.
Hope this helps

Ahijado 3
You need to go to a doctor. He'll advise you as to what to do about it. Don't poke around in your ear.

This condition runs in my family. My father had this, and had to have the wax removed every couple of years. I had this done when I was 12 myself.

What you need to do is spend about a week softening the wax plug with warmed baby oil. Put enough in it twice a day to fill the ear, then block it inside with a cotton ball. (Once in the morning and again before you go to bed.)

After a week, the plug will be softened enough that it will come out easily when you use a 10cc syringe to wash it out. Make up a sterile solution of water lightly salted and boiled for 10 minutes. Let stand until lukewarm.

Fill the 10 cc syringe (which should be available from your pharmacy) with the sterile water. While you lay down on your back, with a shallow basin to catch the liquid that comes out of your ear under your head, have someone insert the end of the syringe shallowly into your ear (no needles attached of course) and plunge the sterile water strongly down into your ear (making sure not to block the ear canal with the syringe). It should wash down behind the wax plug and push it right out.

It may take a couple of tries to get all of it out.

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