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Jenna B
is sleeping pills bad for you?
if you need help going to sleep is a pill bad for you?

no, not really. only at high doses. but I wouldn't recommend it. once you start taking it your body will rely on the pill and you'll have even more trouble going to sleep. but still, it's your choice.

Hayy-leyy ♥
uhm, i don't know if it's bad for you. But i do know that if you take it and you get up out of bed you WILL be loopy, like you start slurrin your words, you start saying stuff that don't make sense, can't walk straight. Kinda like your drunk, so if you do take it make sure you ARE going to sleep right then and DO NOT get up after you take it. I would say it is bad for you.

Yes it is because if you take about 4 in one day you could be unconscious for 4 days so if i were you i would go to my bed and make sure im conftorble and close the door and then I would fall asleep as quick.

Reeeenniiiieeee <3
lol lol lolololololol

Roxanne G
yes because they can become addictive and your body may become reliant on them. and using any kind of drug regularly puts stress on your liver and in turn your body. try drinking some relaxing tea at night and some lavender scents in a warm bath. also sleeping with hops in your pillow helps as well. Make sure you stick to a continuous sleeping schedule like going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. Do not eat close to bedtime and no alcohol. No caffeine within 8 hours of sleep and start exercising in the morning. If this doesn't help then I don't know what to tell you.

Laura Pavlicek
Yes, because you will become dependent on them, which means you wont be able to go to sleep without them. Try taking Tylenol PM. They work and you do not become dependent on them. Plus they are over the counter, so you dont have to go through going to the Dr. and all of that mess.

Nope! :D i use them occasionaly
but if used a lot then yes

Well sleeping pills CAN be bad for you there's a risk of dependency (getting addicted) in some cases there has been brain loss and possibly death but you should always consult your ''doc'' BEFORE taking sleeping pills.If you an elderly man or women also consult with your doctor

Hope This Helped,

yes and no. in general, taking pills for such problems is only going to aggravate it, as you will become dependent on them. my suggestion for you would be to look into 'melatonin' supplements. melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone in our bodies, and taking supplements of it helps regulate your biological clock. on a side note, it also makes you have really cool dreams, which is fun :]

Phi Mu SiS
i would say visit a doctor and get him to give you something!
But i have a brother who has a sleeping disorder, he would take advil pm @ 1st and his body got so used to it that it didn't work for him anymore. So he went to a doctor and now with the meds, he sleeps wonderfully

[email protected]
Like anything else. If you use them as you are supposed to, they can greatly improve your quality of life. Especially for people such as me who cant sleep on many nights.

However, if you take them every night they can have adverse effects that will decrease your quality of life.

So, yes, and no. Taken responsibly you have nothing to worry about.

well, if you overdose then yes (that's what heath ledger died of)
but if you take them as directed by a doctor or a prescription, then no.

Jenna B,

Not unless you take about 3 or more at a time. That's what happened to hunky heath ledger. Such a brillant life, wasted... :(

Hope this helped,


Kara B
They're not good for you on a long term basis, however you can take Benadryl or better yet the health food store sells capsules called Valerian Root that naturally and safely put you to sleep, plus ou don't get that "sleeping pill hangover" feeling in the morning.

Some say yes some say no. I don't like them because they unnaturally put you into sleep. If you are a heavy sleeper it could go wrong.

Miss J Hirst
ALWAYS consult your doctor before taking such a drastic action try thing such as a hot bath, relaxation, calming music before going to the pill method.

Aslong as your doctor agrees it is suitable for you and you take the correct dosage then it is fine for you.

But it should be last resort.

you should only take them if your doctor agrees with it bcoz they can be strong

Pink Milk
O hell yea

Like any medication you take - you should check with your doctor before taking it.

Sleeping pills can help you, yes - however there is the risk of becoming dependent on them. ALWAYS check with your doctor before starting any kind of medication, over the counter or otherwise.

My suggestion is if you're having issues sleeping - avoid heavy food and caffeine for three hours prior before you want to sleep. Take a warm bath, and keep your bedroom warm.

Johanna J
A few times is fine, however you should be careful not to become dependent as they can be highly addictive.

you should talk to your doctor first, if you are taking other medications it can be bad.

That depends on several factors. If you are talking over-the-counter pills, they are pretty safe. Essentially they are nothing more than Benedryl (like you take for allergies). Antihistamines make you drowsy & help you sleep. Now, if you are talking about prescription sleeping pills...that can be another story. These should only be used in the short-term & always under the supervision of a doctor. The newer ones such as Ambien are not supposed to be addictive, but any of the benzodiazapines such as Xanax or Valium are VERY addictive & probably shouldn't be used for sleep.

if you take too many then yes

To some degree yes they would be, your body is having to take a pill in order for it to fall asleep. Before considering taking a sleeping tablet talk to your doctor, some tablets like that can knock you out, or are too strong or addictive. Try relaxing in the evenings change your routine. Meditation is really helpful, reading a book or even making a nice warm herbal tea. Once you get into a new rountine your body will soon adapte to that with out the pill. :) goodluck

No, but you should be careful because they can be mentally addictive. I would use them as a last resort. First, try to make sure you allow yourself 8 hours of sleep per night, try to do some activity during the day that will tire you (like going for a run or doing yard work). Cut out Caffeine after noon. Have a filling dinner. Journal about your day and make a list of things to remember for tomorrow so your mind isn't racing while you are trying to fall asleep.

Hope this helps. =]

Tony Touch
You can get hooked!! Be careful ..... A shot of Nyquil should do the trick!

They are if you use them constantly to sleep...

If you use in moderate doses I don't see what it will hurt

Tanya S
poor grammar is bad for you

but sleeping pills, well it depends on if it's over the counter or prescription

either way you don't want to take them for long periods of time, or take more than the recommended dose

if you have long term sleep problems, see a doctor

Well Jenna this really depends on the type of the pill but that does not matter.
If you have asked your doctor about the OTC (Over The Counter) pills and if he says it's safe then there's noting wrong with it. Prescription is made for you. All pills are safe to take if you can take them

Occasional use is okay, but you shouldn't need a pill to go to sleep on a regular basis. Once or twice is fine, but if you are still having trouble the next night, you should probably figure out something else.

They can't really give you that much damage. Just don't become reliable on them, then they can mess up your system, and you may overdose by accident.

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