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nunya b
is obama going to legalize marijuana for medical AND OR smoking use?

Wait.... when was it illegal??

Kendra F
i wiissshhh.

Charcoal Wolfman
hehehe (snort) doubt it.

i think he should because it can cure loads of medical problems like could much faster than goin to da doctors for a prescription
for smoking purposes yh but just make sure he gives people a limit
i think getting high is the new drunk

Living Dead Girl®
Not in this lifetime


Maybe not but drugs seem to be more plentiful when the Dem's are in office,

But he should have mandatory testing for anybody that is receiving any type of government assistance for longer than 18 months

White Tornado
That would make life easier for his followers, now wouldn't it?

Lauren G
oh yeah, because that's the biggest issue facing our country. pot.


I hope so. I actually wrote to him about medicinal marijuana. Instead of believeing all the offhand propaganda you have been given, please look up the medical benefits of cannabis. There is a lot of needless suffering and people getting hooked on perscription pain killers when there is a natural alternative.

This isn't actually a racist question guys, it is up for vote in some states and will eventually become an issue he will have to face in the next 4 years. I am awaiting his decision on this issue as are many others all over the US.


Tom S
That would be a change, right?

good chance


in the car
He wants to see more proof that it is medicinal. YOUTUBE IT

it already is legal in California for medical use all you have to do is see a doctor and you will be given a medical card..i believe its 200$

No. drugs for recreational use will never be legalized

Obama cant make laws, He can sign a bill into law, but he cant just declare a law. Please do a websearch on how to make a law in the USA.


United Kingdom Blows

Exodus 20:4
Obama isn't going to legalize anything. Maybe the house and senate will. Did you learn NOTHING from your high school political
science class? ...............................moron.

stephanie m
The decision is not his to make. He can sign for it but it depends on congress. I am all for it, but anyone who voted for him because of that is a complete idiot! Its like last election people voting for John Kerry because they thought that he would do the same thing.

pretty granny
NO and why would you think so?

Obama plans to legalize all drugs, and have them regulated and taxed.

I suppose he might, if Congress and the Senate can agree on a bill to send him. The president doesn't work in a vacuum. But a Senator can filibuster and I don't think there would be enough votes to break it. Too many people against it on both sides.

if so, i hope for only medical use. i think people who smoke MJ all the time are lame.

David H
Don't count on that. It wasn't part of his platform.

Obama can't legalize anything. Congress passes laws. Obama just has the choice of signing the law into effect after congress passes it or vetoing (rejecting) it. If he vetoes it, the bill will go back to congress and they can rewrite it or overturn his veto with two thirds vote in both houses.

Let's hope so!

Fresh Huevos
Definitely! He's already admitted to smoking a lot of pot, back in his college days. He's also pro-medical marijuana! If the opportunity came around, he would sign that law instantly!

Marijuana all day! Sparking up that dank, daily!

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