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kathy f
iam having chest pains and my husband is at work and i can't call him and i don't know what to do sign help as

like a heart attack? 9-1-1 Now!!!

Call 911 and go to the hospital. It may not be serious, but don't take that chance with your health. It's better to be safe than sorry!

CALL 911! Chest pains are nothing to mess with!

mom of a boy and girl
Is there anyway one can call 911 on a computer? Boy I wish I could help you. Can you make it to a phone???????
I feel so useless

tausif h
call 911


I would suggest calling a doctor or even calling 911. While chest pains could be a result from indegestion or something else it could be a sign of a potential heart attack. So I would suggest at least calling a doctor.

Drive Yourself to the hostpital or ER (emergancy room) and sign yourself up and talk to the doctor make sure you dink water on the way to the er/hostpital and you should be fine.

Get off the computer and call 911.

Go to the ER! Chest pains could be a sign of something serious.

call 911 NOW!!

911 now!!! don't sit at the computer for answers, GET MEDICAL HELP!!!


You need to find someone who is physically close to you in
case you need to go to the hospital. If there is nobody around,
then yes, you should consider calling 911 to get an ambulance.

Chest pains can be harmless (e.g. Condritis (sp)?)), but can also
be fatal (heart attack). I can give you a list of other things to
look for (such as tingling in your left arm), but NOT having them
doesn't mean you aren't having a heart attack.

If you haven't felt this before, get thee to an emergency room.
It will take them less than 20 minutes to determine if it is
a heart attack or not - and then you will know.

Julia L.
Dial 911 or whatever the emergency number is where you are located, and request an ambulance. Do NOT try to drive yourself to the hospital, and don't wait any longer.

pet stylist
How about dialing 911.

Call 911 immediately! Do not wait to have someone take you to the hosp. Treating a heart attack early can limit the damage done. Its always best to have it checked out and it be a false alarm then to lay down to rest and not get up again.

Go for a run.. about 5 miles will do you good.

Nickita Chickita
Go see your doctor ASAP.If it is major pains then call 911....... chest pains can be dangerous, Good Luck!!!

get that "life alert" thing. if u fall down the stairs, or have a heart attack, and no1 is there, life alert will be there for u.

Hall of Fame
i can see my cat from here

If they hurt really bad you may want to call 911. Or try calling your doctor, and see if someone is on call.

if you dont know what it is call a doctor or something, chest pains may mean heart attack

mom of girls
call 911. They will come get you and take you to the hospital and get your husband from work.

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