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"The Silent Crippler"
i share a room...............?
with my brother, he currently has a cold/sore throat, he coughs alot throughout the night and would i get sick by breathing the same air, and how can i prevent this???
Additional Details
thanks evry1 for answers, i gave everyone a thumbs up, but cant pick a best answer there all to similar LOL
Everyone have a merry christmas

james p
Only if his illness is an airbourne virus, which i'm pretty sure it wouldn't be

Bruno E
It is possible to catch ... there are no real ways to prevent it besides avoiding him but I always find, althought technically it hasn't been proven, that airborn works well to prevent if not make a cold more bearable

good luck with your situation

i used to share a room with my brother and we both got sick from time to time.Although when he was sick i wouldnt find myself getting sick.If your really worried about it you could keep the a.c going at night...but he's sick so i dont think that would work,but i doubt youll get sick.

Not in all instances. Sometimes you gain immunity to what he has much like getting a flu shot, but more often than not it happens. I would just sleep elsewhere until he gets better.

Alex H
Buy what are known as pantyhose and soak them in a 2 parts cough syrup 1 part water solution. Let it dry, then sleep with the pantyhose over your head.

The truth is you want to share room with......... you don't want with your BROTHER that is it.

take some medicine before hand. and maybe tell your mom that you need to sleep on the couch until he is better.
good luck and i hope you dont get sick for christmas! :)

you won't get sick by breathing the same air,
you get sick by like him wiping his face or nose,
or mouth and then touching something. then
you touch it. Something like that, i don't know.
that's what my fifth grade science teacher told me:)

eat lots of fruit and vegetables = ) don't eat stupid pills

tell him to sleep elsewhere, dont be hard on yourself just cause he is sick!

if you sleep in the same room you will get sick the cold is airborn. to prevent this you could sleep on the couch.

Max M
sleep elsewhere buddy

If you want to prevent getting sick eat lots of citrus fruits to boost your immune system.

Kallibi Kenzy (:
Sleep on another room or he can go on another room

you wont get sick, but if you are worried, you can simply add some lemon to your daily diet. (real lemon, such as a lemon in a cup of water at a dining location. The natural juices in lemons are actually great disinfectants and can prevent illnesses)

take your vitamins and sleep in a different room until he is better!!!

dont worry about it

Lina j.
You shouldn't be in the same room as he's in, makes it difficult for you not to get sick. The coughing makes the virus airborne. Make sure you wash hands frequently, and wash bedding if you want to be sure. Don;t sleep in the same rm.

Hybrid Vampire
sleep outside

No Name now loves HOBOS <3
sleep in the living room, or tell him to go somewhere else.

yeah you could get sick easily this way. Maybe you could sleep on the couch until he gets better. Or wear a mask at night (the kind that doctors and dentists use). This may help. And take Airborne twice a day until he's better.

Sleep on the couch?

Toss his pillow on the living room sofa...

medical mask

green chik
Yes, you can definitely get sick from that.

Get to your local health food store and get:
Vitamin C, 500mg-1000mg

Take as directed for prevention. If you start to get sick, they may not work as well, so take it right away, and just do one dose each per day

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