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i need a hangover cure fast!!!?
went to a bbq birthday party yesturday
didnt drink as much as i usually do coz im at work today
but im more hungover than ever 2day
i start work at 12 but i just feel so ill
how can i feel better quickly?
im already drinking shed loads of water

Hangovers are natures way of saying "alchol is evil, dont drink me"...

To be cured you either have to wait a day, or if thats not possible you need to become one with nature again. The best way to do this is eat quite a lot of the following:-

Grass, Tree bark, Soil or twigs from trees.

This will make you feel top of the world almost instantly if you eat enough.

Hope this helps!!

ash c
eggs bacon sausages and beans will sort you out and have a can of beer aswell as weird as it sound and trust me it will cure you
take care


and coffee!

apples also help very well

have a glass of milk
always works for me

So many questions
V or Red Bull or Red Eye, u no energy drinks with heaps of caffeine and gurrana, get alcohol outta ya system

Will H
water never helps with me- go for coke, or soda water. try running? anything active helps with me, just don't let yourself sit down too much or sleep etc.

DayQuil and Pepto Bismo. Gatorade (lots) instead of water, water actually irritates the tummy, when you are hung over.

Have a banana and piece of toast for breakfast, a cup of yogurt if you can stand it too.

For future reference: Always take 3 multi vitamins and a couple Advils the night you go to bed after drinking. Water before bed and a full glass on your night stand to drink when you wake up at night thirsty.

Stay away from red wines and dark hard liquors as well.

Sunny on the inside
The water is for before you go to bed, now it's just likely to make you pee a lot! - try a banana - the potassium helps. Otherwise I always find another drink helps - hic!

Sashi D
See eleesha ,why it is happening like this ?Now a days ladies are becoming more handsome than gents no?Ok what ever it may be!let me come to the point!!
once it is happened it is ok-elisha.what to do no?please urgently you drink some curd diluted or pure curd.within seconds your drowsiness will go aaway peacefully.Dry this and message tome .Dont forget me madam.Because i tried this it is purely working.
Secondly you want to eliminat the smell of the hot drink ?ok for that another tip is also ther!you have not asked this question,if you ask me to my email.([email protected])i will surely I will tell you what to do to eliminate the smell which is coming after having a hot drink?Any way you have to go to the office no?do ask me,i will reply=surely= (by cliper)

Clovis V
REALLY greasy breakfast, fried eggs, bacon, sausages, anything deep fried. the grease is supposed to help. QUICKLY, EAT!

Dont forget to drink a lot of water.

Start drinking again!!!!

Greasey breakfast
Drink loads of water then sweat it out.

You got 1hr & 31min.... Goodluck!!

Try to eat some pieces of toast, there is a good probability that at first you may bring some of it back up but that's normal, also take regular sips of water, again you may be sick again after but keep at it because eventually the water will help wash away all the nasty impurities in your system, I know from experience, I was ill once all day cos I had too much wine the night before and I couldn't keep anything down but by the evening it went away, the feeling of wanting to be sick is awful, there is no quick solution i'm afraid but you might want to take an aspirin as well, good luck, if you can take the day off to recover, you'll learn for this hopefully at least.

Im a spiritualist
eat a full english breakfast, that should do the trick

tabasco sauce, tomato catsup, egg yolk in a glass and drink! In the future after a session of the fortified liquid stuff take a paracetemol before going to bed.

Alison G
try a tin of red bull, or some crisps, or a smoothie these all work for me

but what i find even better ( but its too late now) is drink a pint of water before you go to bed after drinking , that way i dont even get a hangover

Jack Burton
gatorade really helps me. eat something as well to absorb all the alcohol in your system.

good luck with getting though today you will feel better tomorrow.

banana smoothie works for me and lots of water, you have a hangover due to dehydration which is caused by the alcohol, i always try to drink 1 pint of water before going to bed and then another in the morning and i dont get hangovers.

Good luck!!!!

forget water, try a couple of cans of coca cola, flat as well, not necessarily fizzy, works a treat.

try honey and toast, the honey metabolizes the alcohol........

Sorry I didn't see this sooner, could have helped ya! (use it for next time!)

Fruit, Bannana's and orange. Avoid caffeine, it dehydrates you. And if you smoke don't do as often as you would untill you feel better

Toast too, carbs give you must have energy to get you back on ur feet and ready for the day.

Jeffrey D
Continue drinking lots and lots of water

☮Peace Officer☮
You need a vitamin supplement. When you get really drunk the alcohol kills brain cells which causes hangover and headache, also you lose vitamin B. I take a vitamin B 12 supplement, and within 20 minutes no more hangover. Also drink lots of water and eat some good heavy carbs to help get that alcohol absorbed. You can also try the vitamin water made for energy it has plenty of B 12 if you don't feel like running to the local GNC for vitamin supplements. Also: If you take a vitamin supplement the night OF getting wasted you'll have way less of a hangover. :) Good luck!

Soul Doctor
Nothing cures a hangover faster than the Homeopathic remedy NUX VOMICA in 30 or 200 potency. All you need is 3 drops in a sip of water. Trust me you will love the effect.

Take care and God Bless. Get well real soon.



Pounding headache? Nausea? Dry mouth? Dizziness? Weakness? Trembling? Feeling like you got hit by a train last night? There are all symptoms of a nasty hangover.

Some people are bothered by hangovers a lot more than others. Unfortunately, I'm one of those unlucky people who get the really bad ones, which has prompted me to do a lot of research on how to prevent hangovers the night before and the best way to cure hangovers the next morning.


One big reason why you feel like **** is because you're severely dehydrated. Alcohol has a diuretic effect, which is why you have to piss so much when you drink alcohol, and you lose more fluids than you gain throughout the night. Another cause of hangovers is from congeners, the byproducts from fermentation. Some people are capable of breaking down these byproducts better than others and that's one of the reasons why people like me get worse hangovers than others. As you could've guessed it, dark liquors and red wine have the greatest amount of these toxins, and that's why they give you the worst hangovers. There's many other causes of hangovers, but rather than get too scientific, I'm going to talk about the best ways to cure a hangover.


I'm sure you've heard this one before ... Eat a full meal! By eating a full meal, you will slow down the absorption of the alcohol. I always try to eat something with a lot of carbs - like bread or pasta. Fatty foods are also a good idea because the fat will stick to your stomach lining. Also, take a multivitamin with your meal and make sure you drink plenty of water because you'll be dehydrating yourself soon enough.


There's a lot more that you can do the night of drinking to prevent a hangover rather than wait until the next morning. The single best thing that you can do is to drink as much water as possible! Whenever the night is winding down, I stop drinking alcohol and start drinking as many cups of water as physically possible. If you're at the bar, bartenders will be happy to give you free ice water. This method works like a charm. I can get completely **** faced, come home and drink as much water as I can while I do the normal drunk things I do like IM random people and raid the fridge, and I'll wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed. I also usually try to eat something. If for no other reason, it's going to be a lot easier to eat something the night before than the morning after when you've lost your appetite. Besides, drunk cooking is fun! Also, let time pass before passing out for the night. I don't see the point in drinking alcohol right up until the point that you go to bed. You're just drinking to make yourself more hungover. Why do you want to be drunk while you're asleep? Instead, let your buzz run it's course, it'll last for hours. Lastly, walk home if possible. It seems like any night when I've had to walk home after a long night of buzzing, I'm a lot less hungover.


There's countless remedies for curing a hangover but here are some of the best ones that I've heard.

This does work if you can actually stomach drinking more alcohol the next morning. However, you're only delaying the inevitable. When you finally stop drinking, not only will your hangover catch up to you, but you'll also feel like a complete alcoholic. (for good reason, drunky!)

Although it will help you more if you drink water the night before, you still want to keep drinking as many fluids as you can the next morning. One of my friends swears that drinking chocolate milk works for her. I prefer orange juice. Just avoid drinking any caffeinated beverages, which will dehydrate you.

You lost a lot of electrolytes the night before from all the pissing and especially if you threw up. Sports drinks like Gatorade are your best friend. Or, if this hangover is really extreme, you could buy a bottle of PediaLyte. That's what you give babies if they've been throwing up or have had diarrhea. I've heard this works so I tried it once but I thought the stuff tasted disgusting.

You should never skip breakfast, especially when you're hungover. The classic eggs and toast is your best bet. Get something in your stomach quick, before you feel too sick to eat, and then you're really screwed. It's been said that eating bananas is a good idea too b/c of the potassium in them. Sounds good to me. I love bananas.

I think this one's kind of a no brainer but just to cover everything, you should absolutely pop a few tylenols, aspirins, ibprofens, whatever to get rid of that pounding headache! Take them the night before for that matter!

A simple google search will net better results.


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