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i have horrible headache. i dont have any painkiller. what shoul i do??

[email protected]
get pissed and layed xx

Norman Bates
A bottle of Jack Daniels, the rockers mouthwash...

6" nail, hammer,try to hammer nail into head,with luck, you drop hammer on toe,toe throbs , you forget headache


Try yogic breathing. Hold one nostril closed and breathe in slowly through open nostril, hold breath then close opposite nostril and breathe out through open nostril. Continue alternating for a few minutes. Should help to clear headache without pain-killers. If this explanation difficult to follow, try to locate a book on yoga.

frank c
Drink more water. The water thins the blood and releaves most headaches. You could also try something cold on the eyes and the back of the neck . Good luck hope you feel better soon.

If you have any Rosemary oil, put some onto a paper hankerchief and inhale while you have your eyes shut, also if you have a piece of rose quarts, this is very good for headaches, put it where the pain is and hold it there for a while see if that helps

Dr Zak Han
try acupuncture

Drink something with a lot of caffeine, like coffee or Mountain Dew. Caffeine constricts blood vessels in your brain and helps to relieve headaches.

Then got off the computer! Staring at a screen will only make your headache worse.

Put pressure on the soft spot between your thum and index finger. You can also hold an ice cube in your hand for a while. DO NOT take any caffine or chocolate as it will aggrivate your headache.

Try putting your feet in a bowl of hot water (as hot as u can bear)
And try sniffing some lavender essential oil, hope it helps

relax and eat and drinck lots of water

Pure Diamond
Get up, go to the store and get some Tylenol.

Try lying down in a quiet dark room for at least 30 minutes. Also, make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids. Dehydration is the most common cause of a headache.

ice pack

Drink water for hydration, then drink something high in caffeine such as tea or coffee. Go to a dark, quite room and put an ice-pack on your forehead. If you can find someone to massage your neck that will help tension headaches.

lie down and sleep

I don't believe it!
Cold wet flannel on forehead.

Hot bath.

Lie down in darkened room.

Have a head/neck massage.

Oracle Of Delphi
Caffeine is good or bad, depends on the person- makes migraine worse. Best thing is glass of water, lie down in cool, darkened room, try to get some sleep. If you can find the right point on the side of your forehead and apply gentle pressure, that can help enormously. Off you go now, this isn't helping...

Ice might help! Also, caffeine sometimes kills a headache...something about it opening blood vessels or increasing blood flow. I'm not sure, just know that it often works to get rid of headaches.

Oh, also good posture may help. Sometimes headaches are caused by stress in the neck and shoulders, say from hunching over a keyboard or some other work-related posture. Lying flat on your back for a bit could do the trick.

Have a Vindaloos Curry as recent research indicates that hot curries cues migraines.

Robin S
Take a shower at room temperature and then try to get some rest either by sleeping or relaxing and meditating on something. Drink plenty of liquids, preferably water. And find someone who can give you some Tylenol or Advil.

Gabriella M
try to sleep it off, thats what i do. i get horrible headaches too.

[email protected]
Sleep. The greatest medicine in the word!

have a bath and go to bed the computer isnt going to help hun

If you have any drink containing electrolytes (children's rehydration drink, sports drink, etc) try that. I've heard that a couple of glasses of sports drinks (Gatorade, etc, if you're American) will help your body absorb water better than just plain water. Give it a try. The taste isn't the greatest, but it won't really hurt you.

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