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 Hello I'm slightly deranged!!?

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Rajesh G
how to improve your eyesight?
If one wants to throw off the glasses.Are there natural therapy?

no, you cant fix your eyes unless you have surgery

I have these black glasses with little holes in them and they work very well you should use them about 30 minutes a day from a while . I'm sure you can buy them on ebay. Sorry but I don't know the name of them.

Please answer my question http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081009160619AArzvNL&r=w

Here is a good link (these are the glasses I have)

Trav G
Carrots and Lots of them!!!

There is a book (and a dvd) called yoga of eye sight.

Might be worth a try

dont strain your eyes.try to eat carrots.

The Computer Nerd
exercise them & eat plenty of carrots

Well, I heard from somewhere that if
you eat carrots then your eyesight improves.

Meg K

minimize use of computer and TV.
keep not too much brightness for them.
view greenery
eat lot of vegetables etc good for eyes, do search on them.
clean eye with water but take professional suggestion
and use herbal products.

Siva is the King of Yack :-)
Here are some eye exercises.



Eat carrots, get contacts, but i heard you can get a contact implanted into your eye to not wear glasses anymore. But once you got diagnosed with "Glasses needy" then you've pretty much lost all hope unless you can afford the surgery. Sorry!

I'd say carrots, sleeping in darkness, get lots of sunlight, and reduce stress in your life.

Jaycee R.
Exerciese them.

Yes, there is an herb called eyebright,also
Vit. A, Beta-Carotenes, Vit. C, Vit E. riboflavin, Zinc,Selenium, copper, Quercetin, Taurine, Bilberry,
L-Glutathione and Zeaxanthin.

There are also some new (cheap) eyeglasses that have tiny holes in them. Wear for the recommended period each day and you vision inproves significantly. They can be purchased wherever medical supplies are sold. Larger drug stores probably have them.

-eat carrots.
-you can get laser eye surgery
-get contacts

i dont think so. Squinting helps (for a little while)...

Wow all the same useless(mostly) answers.

Our eyes don't act upon anything outside of the body so our eye muscles are plenty strong. Exercises(eye pushups, eye aerobics, eye yoga) don't have any chance of making our eye muscles stronger because our eyes move millions of times a day and doing slow eye exercises for a half an hour a day is a drop in the bucket.

Thankfully eye muscle strength has very little to do with clarity. Blurry vision is a learned behavior. Most people can return to natural perfect eyesight by unlearning the incorrect blurry vision habits, reintegrating the correct vision behaviors, and undoing the damage of artificial corrections and blur.

Nutrition is very important for health, but still will not change the way we use our eyes. Many of the healthiest people in the world still have blurry vision.

Artificial Corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery) give us a degree of optical clarity, but do not change the way we use are eyes so we are doomed to ever increasing blurr and eyestrain. Artificial corrections also take away our 3D vision and our textural awareness. The strain and tension of artificial corrections reduces our movement and circulation and eventually lead to eye diseases like macular degeneration, retinal detachment, etc.

eat carrots and get glaes or read in natural light..

There is some type of eye surgery that could be done to improve your vision with some laser, but there aren't any known risks or side effects later in life so I wouldn't risk it. If you don't want to wear glasses like me, I HATED WEARING GLASSES. The best solution that's perfect for me is using contact lenses, you don't fell them your vision is perfect as can be as if your vision was always like that.

There are so many contributing factors to diminished eyesight that it's impossible to give a one-size-fits-all answer. The following may or may not be beneficial in your situation, but I'll throw it out there anyway.

For some people, diminished eyesight is related to clogging in the tiny capillaries in and around the eyes. It doesn’t take much to restrict blood flow and can cause blurred vision. There are supplements called 'proteolytic enzymes' that are used to remove built-up organic matter throughout the body (veins, arteries, colon, any place where there is stationary, deposited matter). One of the most readily available is called serrapeptase, though there are others, too. One really good one is called 'blockbuster allclear'. Mannatech also has a good one. It would take a few - maybe several months - of diligent use to notice a difference and figure out whether this relates to your diminished vision.

One thing to consider before you try these enzymes. If this is in fact related you your situation, you would want to figure out what you might be doing that would be causing organic matter to restrict blood flow.

Do you smoke? Known to cause sticky cholesterol (organic matter) issues and very acidic.

Do you eat processed or fast foods often? Minimally nutritious, poorly digestible, acidic, chemicals, etc.

Could you be diabetic? Poor sugar utilization can create tiny sugar crystals in your blood. These are sharp and can block small capillaries or nick the insides of veins, causing a buildup of platelets.

Is your body's pH balance consistently off to the acidic side? Much of what we do and eat causes the pH to lean to the acidic side. This can cause numerous small changes in our blood stream that can add up to noticeable issues (like diminished eyesight). Do a google search on alkalizing foods to learn what you can that fits your lifestyle and temperament.

Taking proteolytics without making any other adjustments in your life would be tantamount to taking a diet pill while continuing to eat daily candy bars - your results will be limited at best!

I hope this gives you a viable avenue to research.

Stan Treivus
Carrots and blueberries!

I suggest you get a laser surgery, Its not expensive and you will have a perfect eye vision forever... its just like 1500 dollars. IF U DO NOT WANT a surgery drink a lot of carrot juice.... reduce the time you spend in the computer..

1. glasses / contacts (thats a given)
2. lazer eye surgery (my mom had it... and it helped)
3. eat carrots/sunflower seeds

Contacts, or laser treatment is your only option. Eating carrots, reading in natural light etc. will help to stop your sight declining even more, but won't restore it at all.

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