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i forgot about my drug screening.
i did lik 5 vicodin on friday.
my drug screening is on tuesday.
ive drank 2 gallons of water today
am i going to pass...
and does water ...

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how do you gete taller?
im 13 in im like not even 5 feet so yall how do i get taller

just give up, nobody is going to like you regardless

Carol T
swimming will do the work as well as basketball =)

youll still grow. dont worry and dont drink coffee

You need to drink pure cambodian breast milk straight from the big, bouncy, juicy, tap.

im 16 and 4"11 youll learn to love it:)

Drink milk!!

drink milk and live a healthy life let puberty do the talkn

tish tash.
ahh! yay for short people! haha, i'm 15 and just making 5feet i was 4'8 when i was 13 :D i loooove being short. people always say "awww, your so cute! how old are you?" i'll be like "15" hahahaha. you should be happy that your short! we're fun sized (= just be happy your not a midget or anything. but hopefully you'll grow as you get older :D
-happy holidays!! <3.

hey dude im also 13 and im like i dono 4 11. my frend told me that if u hang off the monkey bars for a long time u will start to grow if u did over nd over every day. swimming yea will. im startin to swim alot

theres nothing really you can do... just keep living and you will grow on ur own.

There's not a lot to be done, outside of natural growth, that is healthy or effective. I get called short **** all the time, but I don't even care. If you're still not happy, invest in some high footwear

break your legs

platform shoes, hair gel, or stilts

it's in your genes on how big you'll get. nothing you can do to grow more or less. predetermined since birth.

Eat proteins and take your vitamins (also, lay off the junk food if you eat any because it could potentially stunt your growth), but really this is also about genetics. If you aren't meant to get tall, you won't. Sad, sad thing. I'm almost 15 and I'm only 5'1. I haven't grown since I was 11 =/

Also: drink as much coffee as you please, it's a proven fact that along with coffee, soda does not stunt your growth.

i <3 vans shoes
dont drink coffee

well all i can say is dont worry about it, you'll just have to wait, but it will happen. for you it might all happen at once and and very fast, like over the summer. that's what happend to me and believe me, the growing pains do hurt...

Nutrition: eat good food. make sure you are getting enough dairy and protein every day, stay away from fast food (anything fried),

Physical: don't work out with weights. (only body weight workout; push ups, pull ups, body lifts, jogging, squats, etc.)
and most importantly get 8-10 hours of sleep EVERYDAY. do not kill yourself with an all nighter. make sure you get your full 8 hours minimum even on weekends.
good luck

omg yur still growing :P when i was 13 i was 4'9'' and now im 5'5'' and i just turned 17 :P ahah

Whacckkaa :DDD
im only 13 and i have not grown much either im 4'11 wait your body is gunna grow soon

drink milk and have a good nights sleep

It is in the genes.. Blame your parents. There is nothing you can do to become taller than you are. But stand up straight and keep your core (abdominal) group muscles strong, and you will give the impression that you are taller than you are.

You may grow a little more if you are a girl and you will grow a lot more if you are a guy.

Ahahaha im like 14 and im 5 11 (:

You'l grow trust me, you dont have to do anythink


ℓ!ℓ DOℓℓ♥♪♫☼
my mom make me drink milk every night and i got taller

drink alot of milk but also get alot of rest it excells your cell growth and also when your laying down gravity pushes down on you and you get taller
and dont blame genes it might affect your height but im taller than both my parents (my dads 5"1 and my moms 5"3) and their both 34 or 36 and im 5"9 at 12 and a half

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