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how can i stop my kids from getting lice?
I have washed, treated everything, checked head if they stay & they still get it !! HELP

lisa p
health stores sale a product you can spray on ur childs hair that repel lice..not sure what its called though..but it is all natural and ive heard it works great...

i dont think there is away for you to get rid of it for good. find out where their getting it if you can, its hard or maybe someone is coming to your house that dont treat their head, this year my kids went all year without getting them . thank god. i know this sounds crazy but what i did is dipped a brush in alocohol then brushed hair real good let it dry on there,then put the medicine on their hair. this knocks them out first. it seems easier to get rid of . havethem cover their face with a towel and also do this outside . many people i know have been doing this it wont hurt them .

You say they still get it. Does that mean that you've gotten rid of it for over a month and it re-appears or that it just continues and you can't get rid of it?

My dd caught it from trying on a hat in a store as did my neice just last week.

One thing I found when my dd got it was that almost nothing works. I tried the chemicals (bad move), I tried the combs - big joke.

The only thing that worked was hair conditioner. Cheap, dollar store conditioner. Glob it on their hair when their hair is dry. It drown the adults and makes the hair very slick so that the eggs come off easier.

Leave it on for 20 minutes (I used a bathing cap over their head so it didnt' drip). Then rinse it off. Comb every small section very carefully, picking off everything you can see. Do this 2x a day and they should be gone in less then a week.

Once we tried this method we were finally free after fighting the little bugs for 2 months!!

Good luck.

A nurse 4 u
Kids can do a few things to avoid lice: don't share combs, brushes, clothing, etc. If they do get it, use a commercially sold preparation for the hair and use a nit comb to remove any eggs that may still be attached to the scalp. Lice can live in carpeting, furniture, bedding, stuffed animals etc. so full treatment is important for the child and the environment. Good luck!

I had the same problem before.
lice eggs hatch from heat... so avoid heat. What my mom did before, is she combed my hair with shampoo in the shower with a thin comb that had plenty of teeth in it sort of the Men comb for shaving. after take conditioner and comb the hair again for a 2nd time to get rid of more, make sure you shower with cold water.. or warm but dont put as much hot.
try taking your kids a bath 2 times daily...
if this doesn't work.. there is a special comb for lice... im not sure if its in states haven't seen one in States...
bu i've seen alot in the phillipines.

I too have this problem with my daughter. The best way to get rid of them is to comb out the hair either daily or every other day with the lice comb (metal ones are best). There is also a new product out called "Lice Ice". It is all natural, you leave it on for 8 hours plus and you can also dilute it to spray bedding, toys, pillows, and even the hair again to help prevent reinfestation. When I was growing up, it was green alcohol which choked me every time, but choked them as well, I guess. My mom swore by it.

Also, I hate to admit it, but single mom=broke mom, I have used flea shampoo on her as well. It isn't that healthy for humans, but kinda knocks the lice out so they don't hold on for long. I apply the flea shampoo to dry hair, wet it enough to comb it out, comb, then rinse.

The most important thing is to comb, comb, comb.

Good luck!

Shave their heads

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