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Nisha G
how can i extract juice from fresh aloevera?

I slice the leaf open and scrape out what's inside with a spoon into a bowl or whatnot and drink it. You can add honey for taste.

lisa b
Cut your plant, apply directly to the skin for a burn. Once cut, the plant will dry out quickly. Extracting it to apply on your skin is easy at the the time you need it, extracting it to use another time, well that's a project.

I usually dont extract the juice but eat the leaf it serves the purpose

Anna P
No, there are too many impurities. Only use fresh aloe on sunburns and non-broken skin.

To Prepare Aloe

Wash leaf
peal off the skin
Dice gel into a container with 2 quarts of water and leave to soak for 4 hours or more before starting to use.

Or you may
Wash leaf
Peal Off the skin
Dice gel into a blender with about 6 cups of water (depending on the size of the leaf) and blend.

The second method might come out very thick and you might need to dilute. The first method is palatable.

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