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Shreedhar K
gout. Can any one give Siddha/Ayurvedic/Homeopathic medicines for Gout?
A swelling occurs frequently in my left leg, mainly on the toe joints and in the left leg ankles. My uric acid level exceeds 7. I am a strict Vegetarian, aged 47, Male. No other problems like Blood Pressure/Diabetis. I dont have trust in Allopathy. Therefore, I request the readers to kindly suggest me some herbal medicines(Siddha/Ayurvedic/Naturopathy) or Homeopathic remedies.

Gout is a type of arthritis characterized by an excess of uric acid salts that crystallize in the tissue around the joints, especially in the fingers and the toes. Gout results when certain crystals are formed as an end product of improper protein metabolism. These crystals are deposited in a joint, forming a bump or growth that irritates, causing the joint to become inflamed: thus an attack of gout. Since this is a protein related problem you might ask how a vegetarian can get gout? It's difficult to get the proper mixture of amino acids from purely plant sources. An imbalance of amino acids is like mixing concrete with the wrong mixture. It doesn't work. Amino acids are the building blocks of the body. Everything in your body is made from amino acids. So if your not getting all the amino acids, your body can't make the digestive fluids necessary to assimulate protein. When this happens you get whole protein into the blood stream. Your body counter acts this invasion with histamines, which are very harsh to the body. Also if you can't digest protein it's a sure fire bet that your not absorbing oils well either. We need oils to form the lubricant in the joints. The lubricant is made by the ligaments around the joint. No oils, no lubricant.
Sounds like you have a digestive problem that has caused the gout. Kick start your digestive tract with enzymes, acidophiles, and hydrochloric acid. Concentrate on getting more B complex in your diet. Fruits, vegetables and joices aid uric acid excretion. Foods that neutralize uric acid are strawberries, and celery juice. Seeds, nuts, vegetable juices and grains are good.

Black Cherry capsules or juice.
Shop at GNC.

True Patriots!
Royal Jelly has a very low ph level which may lower your acid levels. It is made by the bees and should be OK for vegetarians. You can get it from beeroyalproducts.com it shipped frozen. It tastes really bad because it is alkaline (bitter).

Gout is a condition with painful joints of the toes, fingers or other areas along with elevated blood uric acid. Sharp crystals cause physical damage to the cartilage. Once known as a "rich man's disease", gout affects those who are usually overweight and consume alcohol, large quantities of red meat, and rich oods. It is frequently characterized by a sudden onset of extreme pain with the big toe swelling and becoming highly inflamed. While there is sometimes headache and other times a fever that accompanies it, the most pronounced symptom is that huge, painful swollen big toe. Have a thorough physical examination and begin following the recommendations of a health care provider.

Start a low-stress diet consisting of more vegetables (a "greens and beans" diet) and fewer animal products. Take Replenex Joint Replenishing Complex to help rebuild damaged cartilage. Drink 2-4 cups of G'Day Melaleuca tea each day an apply Pain-A-Trate to any afected joint 2 to 4 times each day at irst, then each morning and evening until painless mobility is achieved. Take a hot soak with 1 capful of Sol-U-Mel in 1 quart of water 30 minutes
each morning to minimize damage to cartilage.

It has been suggested that someone with gout take the Vitality Pack, CellWise, Replenex and ProVex-Plus. It is important to decrease uric acid levels in the blood. When the body is deficient in certain vitamins (such as B5, A and E) excessive amounts of uric acid may be produced. The Vitality Pack will help to prevent these deficiencies. Candida (or yeast) infection wil also increase a uric acid blood level, which is why adding
G'Day Melaleuca Tea to your diet may help.

All of the products listed above can be found at www.Melaleuca.com (Melaleuca is the botanical name for Tea
Tree" from Australia, it is a natural antiseptic, anti-fungal, kills staph, strep, e.coli, bacteria, viruses and Candida. My husband suffered from Gout about 2 years ago, and we found all of this very effective. The supplements are natural and are made by
a patented process called Fructose compounding which will let your body absorb the vitamins and minerals at the cellular level when ingested. If you visit the www.Melaleuca.com website
you will see (example: sku 7775 $29.00 (19.99pc 15 pts). The price you pay as a Preferred Customer is the $19.99, the 15 pts is the international currency so its the same country to country.

I would be happy to share any other information I have regarding what worked for my husband as we are very aware of the dangers of toxins that are in the environment and our foods.
I realize you are a strict vegetarian, but some areas of the country are being treated with chemicals without having to say so, and "organic" has become over-used, as you probably already know. Not everything is "organic" in the sense that it is untreated and completely without chemical treatments to the soil.

This is a sad state for our entire world health, and especially for those with chemical sensitivities, of which I am one.

Good Luck and Be Well!

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