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ello gov'na!
does garggling salt and water really help a sore throat?
if it does, how long does it take for your throat to get better because i've had my sore throat for like 5 days and now its just annoying me and im trying to do anything that helps. so someone please help me!!!!

not really

Yes, and it feels better at once. I also take an aspirin and put it on the back of my tongue and let it melt down my throat. Works for me. good luck!!!

yes, if ur in real pain swallow a bit, not a lot tho

hannah xx

i know it's good when you lose a tooth. why not with sore throat. make sure it's warm tho

Austin M
Yes,but do not go to the beach and gargle that salt water or you can get an even more sore throat.


Yes it does. It makes your throat feel a little better. Additioanlly, the salt helps kill the germs/bacteria. It isn't the most pleasant tasting, but it will help you feel better as well as easy your discomfort

yes it does. ive been sick for 7 months straight and it does help. although you have to do it 3-4 times a day 4 like 3 days b4 it goes away

SAHM of 2
actually it really does help. For every 8oz water you should use about 1/4 tsp of salt. sea salt does work better. also... this is gonna sound nasty and it tastes gross but it does work.... try 8 oz. very warm water with 1/8 tsp cayenne pepper... gargle until mixture is gone. do this at least once a day. I do it at night and it soothes my throat enough to sleep. you can do it more if you choose to. if you need something to cool down your mouth use milk but only as a rinse. DO NOT SWALLOW THE MILK. It will only negate the use of the cayenne. The cayenne will help burn the infection away. Yesterday my sore throat started... I could barely talk. Today my throat is still sore but not nearly as bad as it was. I do the salt water all day and the cayenne at night. I also drink lots of juice. It works every time. And since I'm pregnant I don't have a lot of options... I hope you feel better soon.

joe s
fna right it does
warm up the water a bit and then stir in the salt. put some in your mouth and gargle away. rinse and repeat.

...ps its only a temp fix

John's mommy
yup, it definitely does. Try Sea Salt instead of table salt. you can pick that up at any grocery store with the spices. Typically your throat should start to fee better within 2-3 days if you gargle at least twice a day for a few minutes (or as long as you can stand it). Another good thing to do is drink tea with lemon and honey. That will help soothe your throat too.

yes it does, ive done it everytime that i have it, also warm liquid like tea with honey will also help alot more then salt water, i use green tea, bu i think any tea will wrk better then salt water.

good luck, i just had it a month ago.

You need it as hot as you can take it...1/2 tea sp to a cup of hot water. The heat is healing, and the salt water will take the mucus out too.

It does take time, just hang in there.

You can drink hot decaf tea with honey, or hot lemonade with honey also. Again, the heat is healing.

It does help take the pain away,But not cure it.You may need to go to the Dr and be checked for strep Throat or tonsillitis.

yes, it kills germs - but if you've had a sore throat for 5 days you might want to see a doctor.

Sarah Smile
Yes, it helps a lot. If you can drink tea with honey, that will help as well.

My favorite no fail way to get rid of a sore throat are zinc lozenges. They come in many flavors. Just be sure not to eat on an empty stomach and keep to the daily dose, it is zinc after all. You'll be all better in a day!

~loose lips~
yes....it helps me....thank god for warm water and salt

it will work for a minor problem but if you say you've had a sore throat for five days, its time to see someone for it.

yes it does Vinegar added to the mix helps sterilize too. Lemon and honey helps the lemon gives you badly needed vitamins and the honey coats and sooths.

yes, it really does help. just make sure the water is nice and warm and the salt will desolve. it tastes NASTY-- and sometimes it even makes me gag--which of course is NO GOOD for the sore throat, but the hot salt water does help within minutes.

Yes, gargling with salt water has a cleansing action. If you are suffering from postnasal drainage due to a bacterial sinus infection or allergies, the mucus which drains from your nasal cavity is full of chemicals that tend to promote an inflammatory response. As this stuff drains down the back of your throat, it leaves a trail of inflamed tissues in its wake. Frequent gargling with salt water will help minimize this problem.

Aww Yeah!
yes, it wont get rid of it but it helps a little

Lanosrep "Bo Pilgrim" Noitamrofni
Yes, it helps by killing bacteria. Do this several times a day until you are better. It may help speed your recovery. Get well!

Katie G
Yes. The salt helps kills germs. Then after that use some Listerine. Good luck!

Yes it works but how long depends. It can be up to 2-4 days before it's better all the way. Just do it 2-3 times a day and it should heal up soon.

the salt draws fluid out of swollen tissues, shrinking them so they are not as painful, but it will do nothing to heal whatever caused the problem. If the sore throat is accompanied by a fever, see a doctor, if not, then you just have to wait it out.

Yes. Definitely. Try sea salt, because it is 10 million times more effective.

yes it does

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