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does alcohol cure a hangover or will it make you feel worse?

it will guve u another hangover but if u drink enough it might work.

Hair of the dog does help me sometimes. Depends how rough I feel!!

T.J.'s Girl
Depends on the person. Some people are able to artificially,"sober up" by drinking more. Others, it makes them sicker

Monty Stone
at first yeah, time is the only real cure but a bloody mary isnt a bad idea and make sure you eat

i don't know about the 'curing' lol but alcohol is a depressant so it helps when you feel simply stress, free the brain for a while.

♥ Embracing Optical Freedom ♥
A hangover is the result of your body being dehydrated. Water helps. If you drink whilst having a hang over, you will just get drunk and will be focusing on the buzz, and not the headache.

If you'll remember to take an asprin before you go to bed after drinking , it will make you feel much better the next morning.

Vitamin B and tomato juice
Great hangover cure for me!

All you're actually doing is topping up the alcohol level in your bloodstream if you drink again. So it can help but you'll just need to deal with the crap feeling all over again. Water, vit C and fresh air seem to help the best.

i drink alot of water then i drink again and again

Hair of the dog.
It usually makes you feel better. When you drink after a night out you're rehydrating until you start weeing it out again.

But you also trick your body into getting ready to break down alcohol again so the focus is turned away from your headache and sicky stomach to the enzymes in your liver to break down the alcohol. Thus, you usually notice after a few drinks you feel better if not a bit tipsy. lol. :)

yh makes u feel worse and hangover

It is just a quick fix that makes you feel much worse... rather drink lots of water and have a multivitamin

Hair of the dog, but I wouldn't recomened it every day!!

To begin with you will feel better, but in the long run you will feel much worse. If you've been drinking vodka, get something to eat before you drink anything. It crystalises in the stomache and when you drink something the crystals dissolve and start letting more alchohol into your system.

Banana's are good for a hangover, and a nice long walk on a windy day.

It'll make you feel worse. You need water to rehydrate.

Two milk thistle capsules can support you poor overworked liver.

Eat something hearty if you can face it...if not, maybe you could try some soup which will also help rehydrate.


It would be better to eat a candy bar and hit the oxygen tank it burns the residual impurities left from the consumption of the alcohol. The consumption of alcohol the next day just adds the fuel to help burn up the impurities but leaves you with the same situation later so you drink more and perpetuate the situation and your alcoholic tendencies. Make better life choices..

Both. A bit of the hair of the dog that bit you will make you feel better, but when that wears off you will feel 10 times worse than you did to begin with. At least that was my experience. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, ya know... It's an awful lot of fun to be the one watching everybody else make idiots of themselves and who remembers EVERYTHING the next day!!

Matthew B
hahaha...yeah for the time being like but you risk having the worst hangover of your life

Hangovers are caused by dehydration within your body,alcohol causes this big time hence the hangover. The best remedy is to drink small amounts of bottled spring water to rehydrate your body frequently when you are suffering. lol Been there too often,sunglasses and rest really help too!

paul b
I dont understand how people can do that really,i always feel really rough and the thought of alcohol the next day makes me feel worse.Somtimes i feel good the next day from alcohol i feel energetic and other times i dont want to get out of bed

Both. Ethanol, the major alcoholic chemical in most drinks, only plays a minor part in producing the thirst, headache, fatigue, nausea, and sweating which are typical of a hangover. Methanol is the real villain because it is metabolised into formaldehyde and formic acid, and these chemicals are severe metabolic toxins. The liver is pretty good at breaking down both ethanol and methanol but when suffering damage due to cirrhosis or fatty degeneration, both the results of along term alcohol abuse, it will slow down, metablolising ethanol first while allowing methanol to build up in the bloodstream.Thus adding ethanol (i.e. drinking more) will prevent a hangover by stopping the liver from processing methanol into the chemicals which make us sick as pigs in the morning. Unfortunately the price we pay for this temporary respite is the whole roll call of physical, mental and social problems caused by excessive drinking. The hair of the dog that bit you will temporarily cure your hangover but at a terrible and permenant price.

hair of the dog that bit me

take an over the counter pain reliever, drink a big glass of water, go to bed and you'll feel okay by evening

now you know what is too much alcohol for you. cut down. find your limit and don't exceed it.

learn from experience

Alcohol only cures an infection.

trust me im irish!!it will make you feel much better for a while but then you just get even a worse hangover later,and depression,coz of the alcohol!!horrible feeling,so just get loads of fruit juice,and water!!fresh juice will have lots of antioxidants and water will rehydrate you!!

joe m
nope that's how people become alcoholics!! soz babe

Santa claus
its working 4 me :D

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