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 Homeopathic recommendation for tonsillitos?
My friend's 6 year old is about to get surgery for chronic tonsillitos, but I was told homeopathy could fix it. Does anybody know about this?...

 Is it bad for your health to drink aloe vera?

 Looking for alternative treatment options.?
I am posting this in ALTERNATIVE medicine. She is getting plenty of medical help at the hospital. She may be getting an overdose of drugs there and is suffering severe complications from a brain ...

 What kinda technique is "Flowdreaming"?

 Can you get Viagra on line with out a prescription?
I heard you can purchase viagra on line with out a prescription if you answer some questions. If so where can you get it?...

 what kind of medicine should i take?
i have always an headache what kind of medicine should i take??...

PB n J
any kind of cold remedies?
i've been sick since sunday with a terrible cough, splitting headache, and stuffy nose... and my eyes hurt like you know what...
what are some remedies, home or medical, you know of to help me out?
a cool one i found was to rub vick's vapor rub on the bottom of your feet before going to bed and putting socks on for a cough

Naka *yes that I am ugly*
Get your mom to pull out the drugs pet. And gargle with tea for phlegm...it works like a dream.

Abbey loves Jesus

Search 4 True Knowledge
YES!!! Avoid all dairy, meat, sugar, gluten!!

ronnie m
My 'kill or cure' remedy is to have a hot curry and go to bed wearing several layers. You will sweat and get quite smelly but after a hot shower and a change of bedding, you should feel much better.

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