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 Fenugreek benefits/side effects?
I've been researching natural breast enhancement (sad, yes, but I'm desperate!) and have come across fenugreek. I'm skeptical that it is effective but I figure I might as well try it ...

 can anybody here tell me do laser lyposis of the stomach really benefits?
Question Details: or that surgery cause any side-effects. plz guide me if anybody here has experienced that. does age matters in this. actually my relative wants to make out of this and his age is 45 ...

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 Are there any Homepathic remedies for Clostrophobia?

Additional Details
When an attack of claustrophobia comes on, it happens almost instantly.

Suddenly, in about 20 seconds, all I can think of is "I gotta get out of ...

 help cure hangover?
hangover remedies!!...

 I Can Grow with L-Arginine?
GNC L-Arginine 5000...

 Homeopathic recommendation for tonsillitos?
My friend's 6 year old is about to get surgery for chronic tonsillitos, but I was told homeopathy could fix it. Does anybody know about this?...

 Is it bad for your health to drink aloe vera?

 Looking for alternative treatment options.?
I am posting this in ALTERNATIVE medicine. She is getting plenty of medical help at the hospital. She may be getting an overdose of drugs there and is suffering severe complications from a brain ...

 What kinda technique is "Flowdreaming"?

 Can you get Viagra on line with out a prescription?
I heard you can purchase viagra on line with out a prescription if you answer some questions. If so where can you get it?...

 what kind of medicine should i take?
i have always an headache what kind of medicine should i take??...

any homeopathic/Chinese herbal medicine for pituitary gland reactivation, especially after the age of fifty?

Wow that cowgirl is smart I wonder if she"s hot!!!

Pituitary gland is the "mother" gland to the so many other glands I would see if you could narrow down the problem the person is having...maybe thyroid...adrenal...or whatever and I would start from there...or massage the tips of the toes or fingers ( reflexology) and are the places to stimulate

Interesting question! After all, the Chinese live to be very old don't they? Well according to the FDA its the drugs that have added years to people's lives! I don't think they would have the balls to tell that to the Chinese. Anyways, to answer your question, I'm not sure about pituitary gland function. I do know you can buy supplements which contain a substance that is supposed to improve the health of your pituitary gland. But sense I never had that problem or known anyone who has, I haven't researched it much. But there has to be something! I would ask someone who is an expert in natural medicines.

sOuL dOcToR
Homeopathy can help for sure. But for a Homeopathiuc prescriptions you need to give your complete details from head to toes. Homeopathy treats the person i.e the whole being not the disorder or the disease. Please post your symptoms in detail for a Homeopathic Prescription.
Take Care and God Bless you !

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