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Stephanie L.
YOUR OPINION: Is marijuana addictive?


Sharon H
yes. it also often leads to use of other drugs.

of course it is.

Yes, it is addictive. There are many healthy vitamins and herbs out there that can correct the causes of pain, depression etc. Marijuana is an escapism that is harmful and irresponsible. If most people that have illness would get off of sugar, white flour, carbinated drinks, alcolhol, black trees and chocolate. They would get rid of most, if not all of the discomforts their body may be having. Junk food is just that, JUNK! Learn to eat real food and leave the junk for the trash man. This way you can stay healthy and feel good, and wake up fresh of a morning and have energy and ambition and get your life going positive with you in control of your body and your life instead of an addition having control of you. Good Luck! Kenona

Probaly. I wouldn't know, I've never done drugs.

I tend to agree with the facts. Marijuana is addictive. I don't imagine it matters if you're mentally physically or socially addicted to a drug if you can't stop taking it.

only about as much as ice cream is

Depends what's in it - you never know what you're getting when you buy from a drug dealer.

Schnurrbart, P.I.
Anything that takes your mind off your troubles is addictive. Going on vacation is addictive. Custard Chocolate eclairs are addictive. And, yes, marijuana is addictive. The real question is, is marijuana bad for your health, and do the effects cause you to become a danger to yourself or others? When compared with alcohol, the answer is: about the same, or maybe less. I advocate the legalization of small quantities for personal use in order to eliminate huge numbers of non-violent criminals, and some sort of regulations for growers to get it out of the hands of foreign countries and criminals.

It's psychologically addictive, not physically. Cigarettes as an example are physically & psychologically addictive.

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On some level, I suppose. I smoked everyday for five years. Never missed a day. So -- somehow I must've been addicted to something.
No regrets, that's for sure - I loved being high.

But, I'm an olde phart now -- I don't do it anymore ..er .. often ..I mean, well ... you know.

Yes it is. It was for me. It happens very subtly and over a period of time but okay, after a few years you dont get "high" anymore, you get stoned and stupid, you get sketchy, your memory starts going, it zaps your energy and alot of people get in a depressed rut and yet they still keep smoking the sutff that gets them there. Hmmm?

I think it is sort of like any habit that forms after years of use. Overeating can be addicitive to. I had to abondon my entire social group when I decided to get pot out of my life. It was hard enough to not go and get a joint on my own, let alone watching people smoke and smell it.

It isnt like meth of course, where you are severely addicted right away. It took me a few years to get addicted. It isnt as bad as smoking. I dont think there is much of a physical addiction but I think almost anything that is a stimulant or at least gives you an altered state can be addicting to someone who likes to leave the "world" as they know it for a bit.

Mike M
Physically no.Mentally, it can be, depending on the person. When I used to.I'd stop every now and then for a couple of weeks just so I'd know I wasn't.

NO, it is not PHYSICALLY addictive, though many people form a MENTAL dependency on it, there is no true physical withdrawal if you quit smoking it. Also, contrary to uninformed opinion, marijuana does NOT lead to drugs. I've known numerous people that have smoked - responsibly - for many years without ever considering using drugs. The people that form drug dependencies would tend to do so with or without help from marijuana, in fact I consider prescription drugs more of a hazard in that regard.

~♥ L ♥~
I think it is phsycologly addictive more than physically.

NO and its not an opinion, its a fact.....

i do it occasionally because i enjoy it... reciently i decided i needed to get a job and most places in indiana, where i live, require drug tests for employment... so i went cold turkey and its been 40 days today and i mean sure i miss it because i enjoyed it but i didnt have withdraw or crave ir or anything like that i just kinda miss it thats all so to me its not addictive... i can also pick up and drop smoking cigarettes when i want to.. sure sometimes i want one but i dont die with out one.. so nope not to me its not addictive.... also didnt lead to any other drug use..... hate when people say that it does.. just b/c you smoke pot occasionally doesnt mean you will deffenetly do other drugs....


If you have an addictive personality, you can make anything seem addictive. But scientifically it is not physically addictive like many other drugs both legal and illegal. It can even have some positive properties for some illnesses. Tobacco and alcohol are both physically addictive and legal. Hmmmm, who is in charge here? You'd think someone in the Big White House would have fixed that by now????

Ashley Y
i don't think it's addictive, but i think it can become a habit

willow oak
No, it is not physically addictive. But people can still want to do it because of the high--but it's a mental thing, not physical.

Anything can be addictive if you have an addictive personality even water.

god nose
It doesn't matter what my opinion is, the scientific truth IS that marijuana is not physically addictive. Now that's not to say that weak minded people won't get mentally strung out. And that's not to say their addicted.

Judy S
I don't think marijuana is addictive. I think there are a lot of myths out there about it.

I feel the main problem with marijuana is that most people are simply not satisfied with the level of the high derived from using it. They then move on to stronger drugs. That is where the addiction starts.

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