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Why do so many people dislike Chiropractors?
Some people think Chiropracters are "quacks" and they would never go to one. What are the reasons for this?

Steven I
Schooling for a Chiropractor is way less then a "real doctor", however they also get the Dr. status. I've been a few times and they have been beneficial for the most part. Some people say Chiropractor's can "fix" anything"....not true. Alignment mostly but if you ever have a pain that wont go away and a doctor says you have no major problem, then I'd recommend trying one out.

Herman S
The reason people think chiropractors are quacks is because chiropractors ARE quacks. They are NOT doctors. They did not go to medical school. They cannot cure or treat illnesses. They are business people who prey on people in pain and take their money. If you have a pain in your back you should see a doctor.

Because chiropracters get paid by your visits so they tell you more B.S. than truth to keep you coming.

The term "Quack" pretty much refers to anyone pretending to be a medical doctor. And Chiropractors are not doctors.

They perform services that are more beneficial to themselves then the client. Once an individual has been "adjusted" it will only be a matter of time until his/her back has slipped back into the same pain and needs to be "adjusted" again...

If a person is having real pain, he/she should see a medical professional for diagnosis, a chiropractor can't do that. There's a reason for the pain and should be treated not temporarily relieved.

Jody L
i just don't like to hear the bones cracking.

Bored at work
because it is a massage with medical undertones, they just give you an awesome massage and yeah you feel good, but it has nothing to do with the problem you might have in your back, then you have to keep coming back again and again, and it is just a massage. Also, some people report their condition worsening because of a chiropractor, they are not doctors, they are masuses.

Dani girl
I don't know maybe because after they go they are feeling worse after they leave.

i guess because they are not patient enough to wait for results.

Because if you have a problem, you should see a doctor, and he will refer you to a physio therapist. Or recommend another form of treatment. Chiropractors, need and want your business, so it's in their best interest to keep you coming back.

I would think some of it would be from personal bad experience, or un-reasonalble expectations. Also, how they were raised by their parents is a factor.

Joe S
Some just dont feel any immediate change, or not a change at all
Many just flat out don't like the place and have it associated with bad things
With everyones daily schedule, fitting in a visit to your good ol friend the chiropractor really isnt going to make anyone like them anymore

Chiros are not quacks. I have been going off and on for the last 15 years and I can tell you, it works. Where I started going 4 times a week ended in once a month, and today, once a year or 2.
People dislike them because they mistrust themself. When you trust your chiro and you are positive about the treatments, then the outcome will be positive.

Well, the main reason is there is no scientific basis for what chiropractors do. Also there have been a number of cases where people have gone to chiropractors and come back in more pain than before they went. That said chiropractors have helped a lot more people than they have damaged, people are always afraid of the unknown. It's human nature.

I know one in particular that got busted for Workman's Comp. fraud. And his practices weren't that much different than some others I have known

i dont like how most of them tell me that if they fix my back i will never have ANY problems anymore like anxiety or anything like that...they cant fix everythign

Because many holistic beleivers think that the body will align itself naturally over time. They beleive that the source of the problem is in the nerves and muscles which puts the bones in the wrong postitions. Whereas massage therapy will soothe muscles and relax the body.

I dunno
they think they do more harm then good

I dont think they are quacks but there has to be a better way to treat people than flipping them around and scaring the bejesus out of them.

because lots of people dont think for theirselves...if great aunt mitilda says they are bad then they are bad forever and dont confuse them with the facts.

As a Nurse I think they over step their bounds. They are great for aches and pains, but thats about it. They discredit themselves when they claim they can cure Diabetes or Cancer by manipulating your spine. Thats ridiculous.

I love going

There are unfortunately more than a few rotten eggs in my profession, but the best way to get a good Chiropractor is to check out a Blue Cross/Shield or other insurance website and choose one from there. Even if you arent insured they will have had an extensive background check, and they will use only approved and scientific methods to treat your conditions. They may also offer a good discount plan if you pay out of pocket on the day of service - doesn't have to be a bzillion times - 8 to 12 is almost always enough (i.e., no "quacks" doing things that have nothing to do with real chiropractic.)
Hope this helps.

Laura J
The majority of the answers you have received so far are from people who have had no first hand experience beeing treated by a chiropractor.

Only two of your answerers did have experience, one worked in a chiro clinic and one was treated after an accident and both of them have nothing but positive feed back. What does that tell you?

The following old wives tales are, "Because people get injured by them" "Because someone suffered a stroke from one" "Because there is no scientific basis." or the Cut and Paste answer from Kalos Orisate who found it from a web site that is part of Quack Watche's campaign to bash anything natural.

That cut and paste was more cut and pastes from old info during a campaign for doctors to stop chiropractic care when there was an underground war to monopolize health care in the 1930s.

Very out dated info Kalos, you are making yourself look an absolute fool.

I can refute every single one of these rumors.. Chiropractors do not consider themselves an "alternative" to medical care, they are actually valued by Loma Linda Hospital, Kaiser Hospital, UCLA Medical Center has a chiropractic wing ect as an adjunct to pain management and recovery.

I think this old dianasaur way of thinking about Chiropractors from laymen is on its way out and the new understanding that adjustments to bones and ligamaments has been proven time and time again to create proper alignment resulting in overall better scope of mobility for the patient.

In fact, my daughter's X Ray was mandatory by my chiropractor after her diagnosis of scoliosis.

After the treatments, my daughter no longer has scoliosis symptoms.

Remember, doctors work for you, not the other way around. If you don't like your doctor, you get a second opinion.

What I mean is, if my family doctor didn't cooperate with the chiropractor, then I'd simply hire one that did. Needless to say, our family doctor see's his own chiropractor as well. Doctors get sick, too.

In the mean time, accepting what is considered different is always met with ridicule as the first stage of acceptance, then the next stage is to violently appose it, and the third is to finally accept it as self evident.

Anyone with a bullying answer or name calling are the violently apposed people who are way behind the times. They just parrot the authors who are not qualified because they have no critical thinking skills.

Here's a web site from a chiropractor that pioneered chiropractics in childbirthing and pregnancies. She and her staff have helped women avoid unecessary C Sections through adjusting the pelvis to open up the cavity that allows the babies head to drop. Huge service compared to the fact that unecessary C sections in strictly medical care has jumped to 47% which adds an extra 1,700 dollars through insurance, which is one more reason insurance is flying through the roof and becoming unnafordable in the US.

Lowering insurance costs through chiropractic care also makes sense, doesn't it? http://www.healthyanswersonline.com

Thank you,


♥New Mommy♥
I am not sure. I used to work at a chiropractic office and I thought it was great. I love getting adjusted. I think maybe people are just scared of "unconventional medicine". And there are those horror stories of people having strokes after having their neck's adjusted, but people don't know that it isn't the chiropractor's fault, it is because the patient had a preexisting undetectable condition!

Chiropractic care has been proven to aid people with many conditions and diseases. I wouldn't go so far as to say they cure them, but they help with the negative symptons.

people in general badmouth anything not understood

for the quack commentators

1972..Medicare defined Chiropractors as physicians under medicare rules
The Veterans Administration Hospitals have been adding Chiropractors to the staffs as budget permits

Many state statues define Chiropractors as primary care physicians

A chiropractor was the head of the State Board of Health in Mississippi 5 or 6 years ago..Ray Foxworth, DC is you care to check the data.

I know many Chiropractors ( MD's and DO's also) who freely refer to each other. I know no DC who treats cancer. I know many who discover life threatening illnesses, cancer included, who quickly refer to the appropriate specialty.

If you check the faculty at the 15 or so Chiropractic Colleges you will find that many of the instructors are MD's, PhD's.
If you want to know the training
http://www.nccam.nih.gov and follow the links to education
More than ample research supports the profession and is easy to find on the internet. Try American Chiropractic Association

Ad G
I love Chiropractors they have saved me more money and time then I would care to think about. They have helped me through some tough car accidents and gotten me through alot of pain!

Because legit Chiropractors and Snake-Oil Chiropractors are all lumped into the same category. Its the same logic as why do people consider all contractors crooks.

Its not that many people dislike chiropractors, its the problem that many people truly do not understand what it is that we do exactly. Chiropractors are specialists in treating disorders that involve the musculoskeletal system, a fancy medical term for muscles and bones. We treat pain conditions and injuries whether it be from sports injuries, car accidents, or just plain wear and tear over the years. A majority of the profession specialize in nutrition, radiology, or pain management. An overwhelming majority do business with medical doctors and orthopedic surgeons to handle complex cases outside of our scope that requires drugs or surgery. But Almost always, any person that sustains injury will benefit from manual medicine and rehab that chiropractors provide. Now, that you know this, won't you be more willing to come see a chiropractor because many people don't know the services that we provide. Chiropractors have at least a Bachelors Degree prior to being accepted into a 4 year chiropractic program, and we hold the degree of Doctor of Chiropractic and we are regulated by strict board requirements similar to the medical board. Times are changing, many people are more accepting of us, many still don't know what we do, but none of that matters to me personally. As a doctor, the only thing that matters is treating my patients with the best manual medicine and getting them well. If I can't help them, I will most definitely find someone who can. You win some, you lose some, but at the end of the day, I know I gave every patient my BEST shot and it feels great to take just an ounce of their pain away and give them some relief. I just wish, that in my lifetime if not the next, chiropractors would get that respect and dignity we truly deserve, we work too hard to go through school and then practice twice as hard as any doctor to be ridiculed, oppressed, and downright disrespected.

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