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Whats the best medcattion to get rid of an awful headache that keeps coming back?

No not marajuana!!!!!!

Try Excedrin Migrane. you get it at wal mart and other stores.

is your email sweet emotion cuz you like Aerosmith?
...just wondering
but i would have to go with advil

i think tylenol

For me, the best thing to get rid of severe headaches is a prescription called Fioricet. Works wonders.

Ellis D

your doctor

The headaches are trying to tell you something. Try to find out whats causing your headache before you cover it up with medicines, especially if it keeps coming back. Next time you get a headache, drink a full glass of water. Sometimes its very simple, you could be dehydrated, or it could be other things like not eating enough, eating too much sugar, it could be blood pressure, blood sugar problems, kidney problems, liver problems, oh goodness....it could be hormones too, the list goes on. Even cheese causes headaches, caffeine, chocolate....but if you do have any of these problems, it would be good to have it checked first.

proper healthy foods and exercise and antioxidant multivitamin , elminate the junk.

[email protected]
I am an alternative medicinal therapist and an ex nurse but without more information i can't help you so if you want to chat about it e mail me with your full e mail address


[email protected]

advil migrane. its magic

maybe you need to go to the dr.

get yourself to the doc. my headaches are caused by a brain tumor. i t could be many things. but see you doctor soon.

see a doctor you could have a migraine headache..they can give you something if regular meds don't work....if you have tried, excedrine,alive,tylanol headache, or any store brand made for headache's.....i would get cheched though to be safe......

Bayer is great, unless you suffer from migraines. Then you need prescription stuff. Imitrex is great, but am not sure if its over the counter yet.

If the headache keeps coming back, it could be more than just a headache.

If tend to get the pounding on one side of your head with sensitivity to light and sound, it's a migraine. You can try ice packs or an over the counter "migraine" medication. If they remain severe, you might need prescription medication for it.

If you feel like you have a tight band around your head (forehead around to the back of your head), those are generally tension headaches. Excedrin Tension works well or you could try meditation.

If you feel it more in your forehead, around the eyes and cheeks, then it's probably a sinus headache. Try taking sinus medication to help relieve the pressure. Drinking water throughout the day will almost help.

If the headache don't seem to go away, make an appointment with your doctor. It could be a sign of a more serious problem.

Well its true if u ever beilive in home remidies... go out indian grocery store n but out mustard oil.. please put 2 drops in your nose each side once a day for 7 days in a row its very bitter if runs through the troath but its not harmful... when u do it fisrt time u wll feel like giving up but trust n do it its matter of just 7 days n bitterness may last for just few minutes but it will be much better than any tablets ... this is with experince if u do it non stop for just 7 days u chance r u will never get headache all through out your lfe but on safer sife would advice u to follow the same course after 3 months... please please do it n get rid of ur headache whoever follows it i will also be happy that someone got rid of it,,, and please repond to this when u get over with it... all the best

I would try Motrin or Advil. They are anti-inflammatory drugs and often work pretty well. You probably need to find out what kind of headaches you have though. If they are caused by sinus, you probably need something different. If they are migraines, there are better prescription meds you could use. Check with your doctor or clinic...

advil or excedrin migraine works for me

Imitrex or Bextra (spelling .. not sure) for migranes. however, a prescription is necessary and someone in one of the answers adivsed that (good idea). Your headaches may be sinus related??. Tylenol Sinus is great. They make it in daytime formula in case you need to be alert... if not, go for the PM... Good luck

show to the doctor cause i dont know your weight physical condition and do u regulary excercise?

Well if Advil doesn't do it, see your doctor. You may be experiencing a migraine and you may need a prescription. There are many new prescription migraine medications out now.


Restricted blood flow is the primary cause of a headache. ******* and having about six orgasms should cure it. If you are over 18 and want to "take the cure" you can email me at [email protected]

Aleve works best for me. Other than that, have a loved one gently massage the head where it aches the worst. Massage really helps.

i was once told drink lots of water to get rid of a headache...i think it works if you wait long enough. I find 2 advil, and 2 tynol works best for me.

First off that might be an underlying medical problem and you should consider going to the doctor and getting checked out, you never know it could be a blot clot or something coming on and you could have an aneurysm. Ok now that I have scared you, if it's just tension headaches, or sinus or something you could get one of those special headache medicines, I have found that Tylenol PM kills most pains and helps me to sleep at night.

Taffy Saltwater
Excedrin is the best headache med ever.

A doctor! I have had the same problem and luckily it turned out to be "tension headaches", stress related. I was put on a medication called Furinol and it's the best thing that has ever happened to me. When I felt a headache comin on, I would take a Furinol and go to bed and wake up the next day, headache gone! I did go through brain scans and all kinds of tests, but one simple medication fixed it for me without any side effects.

aleve is good if they keep coming back i would see a doc

thc is the total headache cure

Tina of Lymphland.com
Well you have to know what's causing it. Is it a lack of sleep headache? A cluster headache? Food allergy headache? Migraine? hormonal headache? Stress or tension headache? or posture headaache? or maybe even illness headache like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

I'd try to find out what the cause is. Ibuprofen is one of the better pain relievers that helps some of the above. If you have a migraine you might need Imitrex prescription. Caffeine withdrawal can cause headaches too so drinking coffee or pepsi might help.

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