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What is the most potent kind of marijuana?

the most potent kind is.... ALL OF THEM! all of them are made the same.. found the same, and all have the same effects! DO NOT TAKE IT!

how about you get a natural high and just work out, or do a headstand. if you can't do a headstand, lay on your bed with your feet on the wall with your head dangling off the edge....(blood rushes to your head) wooh! what a rush! dont get high...people who get high are weak minded people who can't cope with real life, and nothing is more unattractive than someone who can't deal with everyday life like the rest of us.

L☮ve One Another
sticky icky green w/ white hairs i would say

presidential kush, purple kush

what???!!!! it is all how it is grown... um duh.. growing it in your backyard will not be the same as a climate controled room

yeh bruh gonna buy a tent!

There is no one most potent type of marijuana but there are a few strains which are considered to be the stronger then others these are:

White Widow
Northern Lights
White Rhino
Hash Plant

depends on what the dealer puts in it

akfe:aeifaj ?™
it depends on how you smoke it,..not just the marijuana.

pineapple express

pineapple express.

Lisa F
i think there all the same


Purple Haze. Period.

Richard B
If whatever you're blowing gets you "there" then it's plenty potent.

pineapple express duh

the all natural kind grown in my backyard

The most potent for getting high is not the most potent for chronic pain, or it is different still for cancer, or anger management or whatever need.


sourD or purple haze.

People are constantly cultivating more potent strains. Check out last year's Cannabis Cup winners for the most current info.

it depends how the plant is grown. Among the best are pure white strains of afghani, white widow, AK, pres. kush, good cali weed, purple haze, pineapple express, etc.... but one can be better than another if the plant is grown better. Honestly some of the best weed I've ever seen is just homegrown unnamed strains

Well, I've heard that hashish is a drug similar to marijuana. For instance, the main ingredient found in marijuana, which is THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, also exists in hashish. However, the THC is more concentrated in hashish than in marijuana, and so the effects are more pronounced.

Anthony C
the ones with the most crystals of course!

gotta agree wit david on this one...purple haze is crazy

it's not what you smoke (okay so it is) but it's also how you smoke it. go with the gravity bong.


its genetically made to have more THC in it.

it got its name because of its potent aroma.

White Widow is said to be the most potent.

whoever said purple kush or any kind of kush is a novice...

white widow is proven to be the most potent marijuana on the planet currently and contains the most thc... skunk is a close second... i love white widow, however compared to 20dollars a dub... its 30-35 a dub... so... smoke and enjoy!

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