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 Does anyone know of any home remedies for a sore throat?


 What do you find is the best cure for a sore throat?

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 does garggling salt and water really help a sore throat?
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What helps a scratchy throat?
Does hot chocolate help?
Additional Details
also, how long does it take?
is there any way it could get better by tomorrow morning?

gargle with salt.

Oh chocolate sounds good, but no. salt.

Jack B
Lemon juice with sugar mixed with tea!

Gargle with salt water. Put warm water into a cup and put salt into it - stir. Make sure that it tastes good and salty and gargle with it - don't drink it!

Also, warm tea with honey can help.

Also, something oily and salty, like Hungarian salami (if you like that sort of thing) can be soothing.

If you gargle with the salt water every hour or two, I bet it will be better within 24 hrs.

uhh whenever i have one i put water in the microwave for thirty seconds and drink it in one gulp. it helps me.

This may sound sorta strange but try mixing together lemon juice, salt, hot tea and sugar. This will probably help.

Lexi K
honey cough drops and night time meds
it depends on how bad it is

Erik L
dont know...

Something warm will make it feel better. And if you sleep in a very dry room, then it probably won't get better over night. Try getting a humidifier or closing your windows if its cold outside.


Have warm tea (no milk), and a spoonful of honey help too!

not hot chocolate.

hot water or tea with honey and lemon will help by the morning and try not to strain your voice or talk extra.

☮selina☮ [vegan] [OBAMA<3]
The things that help me most is
hot tea (usually green tea)
halls fruit breasers (work instantly)
and nyquil

if you are feeling ill and want to be better tomorrow I guarantee that this will help

ugh,same thing happening to me right now :( sukkss.

i think HONEY helps:)

earl grey tea
gargle with salt water
no hot choclate makes it worse

salt water or warm tea always did it for me

~Secular Atheist~
... ... ... isn't it obvious?
Have an ice block.
Or get some pills.

Kiana S
peppermint tea

Remy S
get warm water and put salt in it gargle for 10 sec each till the glass is done it should be better in the next hour and if it wares of do it again in the morning

J. Steere #40
A big black Pen↨s

Oh No! Oh My!

lemon with tea & honey. the tea will taste really good and it's good for the thrat. maybe drink it today and tomorrow morning?

well my mom use to get a tee spoon of honey any kind an squeeze lemon juice in it an make me drink it an it works like a charm!

Angel Ann ♥
hmmmm tea helps!
it depends on what you have...if you are sick, then it may take a day or two. but if you just have a scratchy throat, cough drops help A lot.
hot chocolate might work....but don't assume it will..
good luck :D

I would try something cold.
Like ice cream or something.
If its like a cough or something try lemon and honey.

Im the boss
Ice Cream

Good reason to have some ice cream

it does

you should drink tea and gargle with salt water.

Also, look at this website: http://health.howstuffworks.com/home-remedies-for-sore-throat1.htm

Best wishes! I hope you feel much better tomorrow!

lemon in tea. should take about 3 days

Denise H
gargle with salt water


i had that do just like yesterday, but i don't know.
but don't eat sweet stuff, it not good.

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