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What do you think about smoking weed ?

Additional Details
i don't smoke and don't plan on it, but we had a debate on this in class today so i just want to see what people outside my school think.

Don't like it. Stupid, over rated, and illegal for a reason.

Just my OPINION.

alex c
it is the best ting god put on this beautifull GREEN earth oh ya GREEN is the sam colour as WEED go god for inventing it i think every one needs to try it before you hate it if it was leagel we wouldnt be in a war wed be haveing the munchies wed make tacos not war we wouldnt care who screwd who wed be like dude im sorry here lets hit the peace pipe its some dro so you know its good talk about puff puff pass

It's illegal and will always be illegal.

I think it's harmful.

Smoking weed stinks. I prefer to be myself and not be manipulated by a drug like this. I don't even like to take prescription drugs unless I really have to. I'd rather inhale oxygen or do some breathing techniques. It's just as relaxing.

T Leeves
it's better than drinking alcohol

Its same as burning your money and getting brain damagge. I just cant understand the ones that smoke that thing.

Not a lot . I think it's a mugs game, any one who wishes to live in a dream world ,who cant face reality, continue to smoke it , i for one would never touch it even with a barge pole

Whoever said its an addiction does not know what they are talking about. How many people have died from alcohol and cigarettes while they are legal? How many from smoking weed when that is illegal? I think we all know the answer to that one. Also, I really can't come up with any reason why it's illegal. Someone help me out with this.

smoke it if you got it!!!!!!!

It lets people question what there parents and governments taught them instead of just going with things, it makes them more creative, you have better understanding about things and are more at peace, in my opinion its great, government and media have lied before

Patrick oldie
Most of these debates are used to talk non users into being users. my advice to my children who are grown up now and have not tried it, because they have seen how it affects other teenagers who have been their friends.
Is that you need an answer to the the pushers catch phrase 'but have you tried it' and the answer is 'I have not tried jumping off the harbour bridge or jumping in front of a bus or committing suicide.' The pushers then realise that you are not stupid enough to try it, and then go and try to hook someone else.
It takes a a strong and smart person to say no to smoking cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol.
Question why are these things in a plentiful supply? Because someone usually big companies legal and illegally are making a lots of money at your expense with little regard to your welfare.

mary k

I have never smoked it and I never will.

It's an addiction , I have many friends and family members that smoke and are happy. I have seen family members that were on meth and crack and I would perfer them smoking pot then that other junk.

its badass, but keep it under control!!

I think it's great, especially at 5:00AM =D

Most of the things they say in school and in the commercials about it is BS. Your "stoner" stereotype is really just a lazy person that wants an excuse to be that way, so they blame it on the weed. I make honor roll or distinguished honor roll every quarter, so no one can tell me it makes you dumb or anything like that.

Healthwise, no one has ever died from weed alone, it's impossible to OD, it's not physically addictive, and there has been no proof that it causes any type of cancer.

So the only thing that's bad about smoking weed is that it's illegal.

It's not NEARLY as bad as people make it out to be. It's only illegal because the gov't can't tax it or something.

randy m
why not?

It's dumb. Using any kind of recreational drug is a gamble with your life.

I see nothing wrong with it. It doesnt harm you. They only reason people dont like it is because you have to smoke it and people think smoking is bad.

i love it, it got me off alot harder drugs i was addicted to. dont see any problem with it, other than nasty hippies who dont shower.

There has never been a record of any lasting damage from smoking pot.
That said, for a mature adult who wishes to smoke (and not drive) in their own home, enjoy.
For the younger crowd, why would you want to interject ANY substance into your growing body and/or brain while the maturing process is going on. Wait until you are adult enough to make your decision.

we aren't your parents...do what you want

NickynJessie H
Don't personally use it, I don't encourage it's use, but I don't judge people that choose to smoke it. Oh, I don't think it should be illegal either, cigarrettes kill more people each day and those cancer sticks are legal.

First off the people who answer to the negative about MJ are basing their opinion on false information the majority of the time. I do not live in the US but in Spain where personal consumption is not an illegal activity so the idea of being bad because Richard Nixon put it on a schedule one narcotic scale is not a valid argument. Two there are some negative health aspects with any smoked products you can vaporize or eat it if you are trying to limit the effects to your health.I vaporize daily and have for many years and by the way I am an engineering Manager for a large company, i don't drink on the job so why would i smoke on the job? I limit my use to after work on the weekends, just like my friends do with their alcohol, I prefer a natural alternative to man made medications for stress.I just don't get people who have such negative opinion ions about weed and actually know nothing about IT.. Sorry you live in the US, they are a bunch of paranoid nit wits as far as i can see.

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