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Jess H
What do you find is the best cure for a sore throat?

[email protected] yahoo.com
well you sure do have a variety of answers, & good Lord, that last answer (a mini-series)was a bit much in my opinion, The idea is to not dwell on the illness too much, & get on with it.I am so surprised to not see "GOLDENSEAL" with all these answers!!!It is the real deal ANNA!!!!!!Trust & believe in what I am sharing with you, to be the most effective & not only is it a natural antibiotic but at the same time it is soothing pain reliever.You want to purchase ,alcohol-free GOLDENSEAL, & place approx. 40-60 drops in a shallow glass & tilt your head back for a glorious gargle!!! Do not spit it out,swallow with soothing results!! This I promise you!!!!!! Wishing you wealth of good health ANNA!!!! You deserve this!!!!

John M
If you want to waste no money at all, Drink Water

iNsTaNt pUdDiNhEaD
Sadly, only time. But... antibiotics if it's strep.


White Rose
Garggle with T.C.P.and get thoat lozengez.

Hot Toddy before bed always works for me.

Andi C
Gargling with aspirin (soluble), not drinking it.

eat honey

the best thing I can't find anymore, that would be french pastilles. they are licorice flavored candies with glycerin in them. if you can find anything with glycerin in them, it would be good. it coats your throat, and it will feel better in a couple of days! (smith brothers cough drops had glycerin in them, I can't find those anymore either)

fishermans friend works a treat for me

Gargle in warm salt water. Works a treat. Another is gargling in soluble disprin

gargle hot salted water, with a little tcp in it. it is disgusting but works, xx

Buy some ginger root from the supermarket. Slice it very thinly, add about 3 or 4 slices to a cup of hot water, add a little honey to sweeten. Works a treat and is a cure as well as relieving pain. If very severe take panadol as well.

Gargled salt water and ron diaz spiced rum.

Jus drink loadsa glasses of water with loads of ice cubes !!!!!!!!!!

rakesh B
just take hot water with salt in and out of the mouth 10 times
you will be relieved

speak!or write down what you want to say. pump yourself with garlic and keep a lapis lazuli with you.

Snuggle up in your oldest jumper, watch films and sip tea

fresh lemon and honey

honey-lemon cough drops without menthol (menthol hurts my throat worse)

lots of water and tea

lots of rest

Honey and lemon....but I also find a shot of whisky or brandy is just as good.!!

scrambled egg with lots of salt. ma grannies grannie says so.

Salt mouth washes and throat spray to help with the pain or you could take panadol.

Eat honey,a lots of plain water and drink a water that has mixed with lemon and ketcup.

Gargling warm salty water as well as gargling with hydrogen peroxide.

tiny Valkyrie
Gargle with warm salt water, followed by a tablespoon of cold honey or Pei Pa Koa syrup.

Northern Explorer
Hot Lemon with Honey and a shot of Whiskey in it.

Grapefruit Seed Extract from your health food store or online at http://www.iherb.com - not affiliated.

Dilute 10 drops in 6 oz of water and gargle. Swallow. It is the most effective thing we have found. We use it for viral, bacterial and unknown cause sore throats. Our son is allergic to antibiotics, so we had to find an alternative for his recurrent sore throats. Everyone uses it now, very effective and FAST! even with strep.

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