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 What do you find is the best cure for a sore throat?

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What are ways of healing a sore throat?
I've had a sore throat for like 4 days already and its really annoying cuz I've already lost my appetite because it hurts whenever I swallow.

All I do is eat a little, sleep, and take medicine but its like a waste of time cuz nothing is working!

What other stuff help heal it faster???? Help please!

there is a bad flue going around, so most likely it is nothing to worry about. if it keeps up for more than a week though, go to a doctor

take some hot water put it in your mouth and rinse.....but make sure it get way back ther,or drink tea it dosnt sound like it will work but it does

Gargle salt water, take some Halls or soothing spray, and see a doctor because you may have strep throat (I get that a lot) then you will get medicine and it will go away :).

Don't forget to get lots o' rest and drink liquids (so you don't get dehydrated, even though it hurts, it helps)

Feel better, I know I hate it, I get Strep Throat a lot, so I have sore throats all the time.

if its been for four days then you should go to the doctor cause you probably have strep.

trust me on this..you do.

they'll just give amoxiscillen. dont know how to spell it. the liquid kind is good haha cause it tastes like bubble gum but then after it gets sour so that kinda gross.

get the pills.
hope this helps.

put sugar in a bowl
and a little water on the top
and drink it.

hmm...try mixing extra honey with a hot toddy

Angel R
Get lemon and bee honey. Put the lemon and honey in a cup. And drink it.

Drink liquids, sleep and try to listen to your body.

If it's been going on 4 days now though, it's time to see a doctor.

Hot tea is good with helping to heal sore throats. Also, gargle a warm cup of water with a teaspoon of salt. Do that multiple times a day and the salt water helps kill the germs that are making your throat sore. Also try not to talk too loud that'll only irritate it worse. Cough drops and lozenges don't help heal sore throats, but they ease the bad feeling, same thing with cough syrup

Maybe gatorade. Also, try not to talk.

Chris C
salt water and goggle it and spit it out

Tylenol, gargle with warm salty water.

Brother Dave
This has been a solution to sore throats for me and believe me it works 100% of the time.... Hot liquids. as hot as you can sip and gulp down the liquid. At a minimum 1 to 2 cups. I use my coffee in the morning the day I feel the sore throat coming on. But anything like soup or broth... or plain hot water. I believe that because the organisms cannot survive the heat, they die. They like moisture and body temperatures. Just like a fever uses heat to kill off viral infections. Be sure that the liquid runs down the sore spot. Do this over and over as you can throughout the day. Believe me, the next day you may have a tender throat but one day later, the sore throat will have passed. My children grew up with this practice and it works. 100%

I have found that salt works best of all. But if your throat has been sore for some time it could indicate something more serious than just a cold, for example-tonsilitis. Joanie

who knows
ok drink lots of flueds and go to the doctor or then go 2 get spary it red or puple go to walgreens or CVS

There is a tea called "Throat Coat." Sounds terrible but has a cinnamon-apple like flavor. Very tasty and very soothing. I get it in the health food section of my grocery store.

cinnamon and honey.

gargle warm salt water

jen ol
taking antibiotics ( needs prescription) eriththromycin, eriththrocin. Beats sore throat.

do not eat sugar!!!!!!! that person has no idea what they are talking about......sugar feeds infection!!!!!APPLE CIDER VINEGAR WITH LEMON AND HONEY IN SOME HOT WATER WILL MAKE YOU feel 80% BETTER IN JUST A VERY SHORT TIME BUT YOU NEED TO O.D ON SOME GOOD OL VITAMIN C!
for real, it works, i am prone to sore throats and its theONLY thing that will deliver instant results, i would go right to the store now and get apple cider vinega, some lemons and some honey if you dont have them!
you can thank me later!....lol

If you haven't seen a dr you should.

In the meantime, gargle 1 tsp of salt to 8oz of luke warm water.

Drink hot tea with honey, especially. It has soothing and antibacterial properties.

Popsicles will numb it for awhile also.

Continue to sip some fluids, water is best, because it is easier to drink when the throat stays lubricated. It is much more painful to only drink occassionally because you are worried about the pain.

At night before you go to bed, and in the morning when you wake up, dissolve some salt in warm water. Gargle with the salt water mixture. (Don't swallow!) That's what my father would have us do. He is a microbiologist, and it usually works. If it's not working, then you might want to get your throat cultured to see if you have any illness besides just a sore throat.

Robert Downey Jr
I drink lemon tea. Clears it right up!

gargle (don't drink it) salted water for about 5 min every day until it goes away and drink lots of herbal teas with honey.

get some zinc lozenges. They are really good for a soar throat and don't only soothe but speed up the healing process. Also, heat up some water and put lemon juice in it. I like to put it into one of those bottles that you can squirt so that I can squirt it into the back of my throat. Hope you get better soon!

My mum always swore by a cup of ginger tea.

Some people have tried a spoonful of honey just to try and soothe the throat.

Try and drink plenty of water even though you won't feel like it.

Gargling with Listerine or warm salt water helps. :D Also try the sore throat lozenges like Halls Defense with Vitamin C - they're really good; they won't cure it or make it go away, but it'll give you some relief anyway.

about 2 tbs or so of salt in a glass of warm water and gargle all of it. add more water as the salt falls and collects at the bottom of the glass. it really works well. repeat as needed.

warm water, honey, and lemon....mix it up and have gargle

things that make it feel better would include warm salt water.

Consider that you might have Strep throat, and antibotics might be needed.

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