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What are the best sleeping pills?
Good afternoon, morning or good night, whatever time is over there =) I am a teenager, under 18, and i've taken sleeping pills such as tylenol and advil. I only take 2 at night, but i tend to sleep so little. I was wondering what are some good sleeping pills that knock you out asleep for a while. I have a very strong immune system. Thanks :)

U might be able to get ruffies from some black guy

ambien is really good. i took my dads and they mesd me up. ha i was like tripin felt a lil drunk and in a lil while i was asleep and felt reseted when i woke up

Jacey J
Tylenol works the best. Trust me I have used this to make me sleep 4 hours. :) I hope it works 4 u also

Mr Chanman
Cyanide tablet. Rest easy...

Ambien works really well. So do magnesium tablets.

immune system has nothing to do with how effective the drugs are.
you should not take advil or tylenol for falling asleep; they can mess up your liver. you could ask your doctor about some sleep aids such as lunesta or ambien, but be aware that they are VERY addictive and can make you do weird things (sleepwalking and such).

i'd suggest trying alternative medicines first. get some Valerian pills (or make Valerian tea if you don't mind the taste), and get some melatonin and take it every day.

None. Use a natural method otherwise you'll get addicted.

Some of the best known sleeping pills are
Ambien. (zolpidem tartrate)
Ambien is the most popular sleep medication in America. If used short term there are little or no side effects. One major plus of using ambien is that it does not cause drowsiness the next day like some other over the counter sleep aids do.

Rozerem. (ramelteon)
This drug is a prescription sleep aid. If you find it difficult falling asleep you should try this one. It is not addictive and can be used in the long term. Please note that rozerem is the only sleeping pill that is not a controlled substance. It works by balancing your sleep through the chemicals in the brain that control sleep.

This new sleeping pill is gaining popularity in the US. Also known as eszopiclone, it is now available in most stores in the US. Lunesta is available in 1 mg, 2 mg, and 3 mg tablet and is for people aged 18 years and above.
Personal preference comes to the forefront when it comes to sleeping pills but these 3 have come to be trusted by many insomniacs over the years.
Do not forget that you need a doctors prescription before you purchase any sleeping pill.

But making it a habit of taking pills continuously is not good so better visit
this will give you certain tips if problem still continuous then take pills or visit physician.

Sleepytime tea. It works for me.

Advil and tylenol are not sleeping pills and will not help you sleep if you suffer from poor sleep. They are pain killers. Stop taking them as you are using them for the wrong reason.

Sleeping pills are not over-the-counter medications - you need a prescription from a doctor to get them.

Sleeping pills are addictive if taken over long periods of time so a doctor is unlikely to prescribe you any unless you are temporarily finding it difficult to sleep (eg due to anxiety over something that has happened in your life). Even then, you will only be given about 2 nights worth of sleeping pills and no more.

If you can't sleep you should address the cause of this. Why can't you sleep? Is it your environment (eg noisy, too much light, bed not comfortable)? Is it that you are anxious? Is it that you have a poor routine (eg drinking coffee/caffeine before bed, going to bed at a different time every day)?

Fix the cause and you should have a better night's sleep wihout needing to take drugs.

Thora Duvall
about it you can get information from here http://webmd9.notlong.com/AAMbKiO

advil or excedrine pm

420 girl
y do u want to

You need a Rx to get these, first off Restoril is really great, I don't like Ambien or Ambien CR, I don't like them 'cause it makes me fall asleep but is so short acting I'm up in a few hours and that just doesn't work for me. There are other hypnotics like Restoril but I forget. As a last ditch, desperate attempt I took Chlorohydrate, very strong stuff, the strongest you can get w/ out going into a hospital. It worked very well, but by that time my insomnia was so out of control even chlorohydrate only gave me a little relief.
Note: there are a lot of new sleepers(sleeping pills) now that reduce the risk of addiction, never tried them, in fact I feel very well at the time. be well

nyquil geltabs

Hey. I would suggest trying something else other then a sleeping pill. Something that could also work as an alternative but still help you get a great sleep. I would suggest trying out a meditative yoga that has a focus on breathing and relaxation so you can practice it at night.

Good luck! :)

Rose's sweetheart
Diphenhydramine, it should knock you out within 30 minutes or less, if I'm not mistaken.

Both herbal and homeopathic remedies are commonly used alternatives to sleeping tablets in reducing insomnia, and can be very effective in helping to assist an individual in the transition to peaceful slumber without strong sedatives or any concerning side effects.

Certain herbs such as Hypericum perforatum, Scuttelaria laterifolia, Passiflora incarnata can be used to maintain healthy sleep patterns and promote optimal balance of sleep-related hormones involved in the sleep cycle.

Homeopathic remedies such as Coffea C30 and Nux Vom. C30 are also used to reduce insomnia and maintain restful, satisfying, and healthy sleep. Other natural supplements that are widely used to address the underlying causes of chronic insomnia are calcium lactate, magnesium lactate and vitamin B6.

You may get more info on all of these from this article http://www.healthherbsandnutrition.com/remedies/i/insomnia.htm

Hope all this helps

Good Luck

X. marK.
Probably Pills that are specifically for sleeping,

dont you think if your having trouble sleeping you should consult it with your doctor b4 taking any pills, that your probably already addicted to?

I would not recommend you to con't looking for stronger one.
At this age if you start with this, You can imagine if you take it at the wrong place With wrong companies you can imagine what your life will be.
You may learnt meditation, it help you to relax and make you calm. find some book and read
how it can help.
Dun smoke, do exercise or jog 4 hrs before yougo to bed. dun take too meaty meal or oily food.
Drink a glass of hot milk.
All the above are natural. good luck!

Melatonin is the best.

-It is a natural substance produced in your brain.
-It is impossible to overdose on, since your body cycles out what it doesn't need.
-It is 100% guaranteed to work.


I used to take prescription sleeping pills every night but about a year ago I stopped and haven't had to take one since. The secret? I have a collection of Obama speeches and I watch them before I go to bed. Ten minutes of watching him read insincere promises and lies from a telepropmter, and I can barely keep my eyes open.

Eric S
Take benadryl, it'll make you drowsy

melatonin is very good. It's natural...works for me!

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