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Vapor Trails
What's the best way to boost my energy naturally?
I have to be careful with pills, energy drinks, etc, because they make my heart race.

Any suggestions? Thanks :)

do something u love cause i'm not a loud person but when i get into a computation or an outdoor activite i'm the loudest person

someone s
First of all if those things make your heart race .. then you need to quit them ...
and probably you need to see a doctor ...

if you want my opinion .. you should stop those things .. (at first) you will feel like you are very lazy because your body used to get sugar from those drinks and bill ... so you'll feel like your body is down .. but it takes about a week - 10 days to recover from that ...

what you can do and that would really help you is to make some spiritual sports .. like yoga .. or take a massage once every week ... and do some light exercises (according to your heart state) ...

and any way .. I still prefer that you ask a doctor first
good luck

I Hope u visit my blog:

Azalynn R
the best way to boost your energy naturally is to get enough sleep eat breakfast and healthy snack along with dinner and join sports

best way to boost energy is by the exercise.
energy drinks fit in good too. but don't drink energy drinks with high in sugar, mostly use the protein ones

Try Diaphragmatic Breathing.This is when you are breathing deep into your lungs by flexing your diaphragm

exersise regulary and take multi vitamins and eat healthly

i have problems with my hears so i cant take enery pills or anythign myself. i developed AFL after i had my daughter.

Clayton K The Ace Of Spades!!!
That is my back up account,in case your wondering,VT.

Walk. One hour. Everyday. Do it outside and not on a treadmill. You have to get your breath going nice and deep.

Do it for two weeks and see it change your life.

Ð4MÃN!™ (End the Fed!)


do more cardio and drink natural green tee. If you work out more you will have more energy...

Daniel John
The best way to boost your energy naturally
is through a couple of different things
1.Exercise-That's a No Brainer
2.Eat the right kind of foods before heavy activity-Carb heavy things like pastas and breads, also a no brainer
3.Supplements-The best natural supplement for energy is B12 vitamins, also ginseng and ginko will help with this too
4.Sleep Aids-I know this sounds unconventional, but nothing gives you more energy than a good nights sleep, and for a lot of people taking a sleep aid when there's no diagnosed sleep disorder(ambien)is to risky because there is a chance of dependance, but dependance or not boy do you feel awake and rested after 8 hours with one of those things. It's certainly not necessary though, a natural supplement to help you sleep better and feel more rested is melatonin, those work pretty well and are non-habit forming


and eat foods like peanuts, raisins, almonds ect, you know...energy foods

yes there is but im not suppposed to say publiclay its natural its fruit juice reaaly strong boosts energy ,and also gives you your fruit servings for the day if you want to know more email me at [email protected] say your from yahoo answers thank you!!!


The best way is just simply to eat!! Just make sure to choose the right foods. The best thing to eat for instant energy is something that is high in carbohydrates, because carbs are what gives you quick energy. I would suggest having a fresh fruit smoothie or freshly juiced fruit and vegetable juice. You also might want to try taking a ginseng supplement to further boost your energy levels. Good luck!

Susan Yarrawonga
Taking liquid chlorophyll or the green superfood spirulina (rich in chlorophyll and stacks of other nutrients) every day will boost your energy levels. They both have lots of other health benefits as well.

jumping jacks! :)


read robin sharma's book... your mental energy will increase automatically..
book name is "who will cry when you die"

There is a shake that i make everyday, it consists of a combination of banana, blueberries, spinach leaves, orange juice, spirulina, chlorella and maca. i add a touch of vanilla extract. If you want you can add strawberries, sometimes i do this. this is my version of a green goddess drink. If you drink this i promise you that you will have lot's of energy, it will suppress your appetite, and believe it or not you will not have the crash that you get from drinking energy drinks that are loaded with sugar and caffeine.

I drink this in the morning and sometimes for lunch. Acetyl l 'carnitine and b complex is good too.

As far as energy when I eat a lot of sugar, or simple carbs I always get tired. when i eat a lot of fiber I feel better. Fruits, vegetables, lean protein and water. don't take shortcuts with your health. Energy drinks and pills help in the short term but in the long run you will pay for it dearly. there are simple things that you can do to increase you energy and improve your health. Change your diet and lifestyle. Detoxification is important too. Make sure that you are taking a good multi-vitamin and getting adequate rest.

You can sleep like everybody else. That always works for me.
Or you can excercise - not too much that'll get you tired afterwards.

Keep small healthy snacks mainly nuts and trail mix with you at all times. Packing in a handful of almonds between meals will definitely boost your energy.
Also, drink plenty of water. Most people feel down because they are dehydrated. Whenever you feel a need for energy, just down a glass of water and it will instantly make you feel refreshed.
hope it helps!

big puffy shoes
Exercise and eat fruits and veggies.............. not hard.

exercise, get a good amount of sleep at night, drink tea, make sure your body has enough nutrients to function

☠iDifferent *Dir En Grey*☠
Chase a squirrel!
I do it all the time.. Hehe.. =3

jackie omg! blah blah blah
protein drinks?
starbucks now have their new vivano drinks. they have 16 grams of protein and fiber powder, a whole banana, milk, and bittersweer mocah, Or mango juice (the mango stuff ends up tasteing like banana peels)
go to your local starbucks and pick up our new chcolate banana, or banana mango belnded beverage today! :O

or you know you could eat healthier
fruits and vegtables that are really bright are really healthy for you.


it seems weird but it works. what melts faster, a pound of crushed ice or a pound ice cube? the crushed ice does because it has a higher surface area (more of it is exposed). digestion works the same way. the first part is chewing which reduces the surface area which allows the acids in your stomach to finish it off. the more you chew, the more you decrease the surface area, the less hard your digestive system has to work, the more energy you will have. think about it, all the energy you expend in digestion you won't need to anymore.

Clayton K (new avatar)
You could exercise,that always boost my energy.
btw,this is my back up account ,can you add me please Vapor Trails?

Do as all the others are saying, and instead of eating big meals in the day, have smaller meals more often. This allows you to get energy from your food throughout the day.

Running, and other exercises

honey sweet
Hi dear, first of all you"ve to know that when you're talking about energy,3 things must be considered:
bed time, food and controlling mood.
- sleeping early and importantly reaching the deep sleeping zone at night is very important in recharging your energy after a hard working day.
- start your day with a sweet low fat breakfast during the first hour after waking up, eat other meals regularly at the same time everyday and try to stay away from fast food.(replace it with high fibers containig food like beas).
- always try to think happy thoughts, try to ignore small problems and do some aerobics with enjoying it.

Surely you'll feel the difference because basicly it's a life style problem!

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