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didnt drink as much as i usually do coz im at work today
but im more hungover than ever 2day
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i forgot about my drug screening.
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my drug screening is on tuesday.
ive drank 2 gallons of water today
am i going to pass...
and does water ...

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What's the best remedy for a bad hang over!?
i heard drinking water is bad

vitiman b6 is the best

Very fresh air. Try going to an oxygen chamber if you have time

Carol S
Something really greasy - like McDonald's and lots of water. A Quarter Pounder Extra Value Meal with a Diet Coke works for me every time!!! The hang over is due to lack of water.

Hope you're feeling better!!!

Icyelene R
Take aspirin before bed or a chaser to avoid hangovers.Then have you learned your lesson?I hope so.Avoid drinking.

It's easy, don't drink.

Susan Yarrawonga
In the Search for questions slot type in "hangover cures" and you will get at least 270 results.

Prove god, then we'll talk.
a lot of food. milk. eggs. dairy+protein really helps. i wouldn't know but i saw it on Brainiac. and just STOP DRINKING.

By far the best remedy for a hangover is a hair of the dog that bit you. Meaning that you should have another drink of the same likker that got you drunk in the first place. Be careful not to get drunk again, just one drink will relieve the alcohol withdrawal.

32. oz gatorade and B vitamins and Ibeuprofin and sleep

Pedialyte. Pedialyte replaces electolytes in the body. It hydrates, preventing dehydration and vomiting.

Ann M
Lots of water, sleep, and a McDonalds cheeseburger and fries always works for me.

Chris H
Drinking lots of water should be good - you're dehydrated.

Try headache powders (like Goodys or BC), shaken up in a gatorade, and drink it all.

A big breakfast. Bacon and eggs go down a treat.

And if it's really bad... Then a beer.

Lots‚ô•of Luv‚ô•
Eat Spicy Foods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To the contrary.....

first of all, the best cure is not to get one......cut off your drinking at a sensible point and allow one hour for each drink you have to wear off before bed and you will be much happier in the morning.

If you're gonna have a hangover there are ways to minimize it. First, many of the effects come from dehydration and from a by-product of alcohol in the body (think about how much water you pee out when you drink).

If you hydrate before hand and have about one glass of water per drink or two you will be much better prepared to deal with it. This also helps to flush the byproduct of the alcohol out of your system through your kidneys. Have another glass or two before you fall asleep and take a vitamin to repalce what is lost.

sleeping, sunglasses, advil, and food....is water ever bad for you?

guzzeling waters bad ,sipping good , but try apple slices and shitaki mushrooms with lime juce

Resolve Extra and water and a chinese takeaway and pepsi max

lots of water and a nice cheese's burger from MacDonald's with about 6 hours sleep work's for me

Look Away, I'm Hideous
Lots of water, lots of sleep. Maybe an alka-seltzer for the pain in your stomach.

vitamin water

Don't drink! lol

stay drunk is the best remedy.

Large glass of juice and a couple of aspirin.

no, drinking water is NOT bad. part of a hangover is that you're dehydrated.
so drink water, take aspirin and/or pepto bismol, eat

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