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What's the best home remedy for a sore throat?

gargling warm salt water should do the trick


gargle with salt water

lemon, and honey in chamomeal tea

gargle with warm, very salty water. you can also eat honey. it coats your throat and kills all of the organisms in your throat causing the pain.

i know it isnt nice but i suggest salt water or some really sticky and bad tasring honey (cnt remember name)

Tea with lemon and honey

Giordano D
I hate sore throats so much!! What usually works for me is drinking anything hot, lozenges such as hauls will work to keep soothed for periods when not drinking hot liquids. Also gargling salt water does the trick.


Chicken noodle soup.

salt water.

Make yourself a hot toddy:
brew a strong cup of tea
add a shot of bourbon
add a generous spoonful of honey
mix together
Sip slowly/repeat

my grandfather used to make me gargle yellow root. it tastes completely horrible, but helps tremendously

Well there are no cures but to sooth it just good old Milk will do the trick. Milk will solve lots, sore throats, headaches, indigestion... And im not just saying drink a gallon of milk a day. Just when you get the ilnesses jsut have a drink of cold milk :)

Warm lemonade

Chicken soup trust your grandmother or your can just use some tissue and throat cough drops.
drink warm, not hot, not cold thing, like soup. i hope you feel better =]

oranges with salt on them

Gargle warm salt water several times a day.

gargle warm water mixed with salt, listerine to numb the pain. Rest your voice, don't talk too much.

nikkol z
I herd salt water

Teddy's Mom
I second chicken noodle soup. I got sick yesterday and still have it today and eating the soup is helping. It is called "Polish Penicillin" by my Mom who is Polish.

R Dub
gargle warm salt water. taste like crap, but works. also try warm tea and honey! so good. also theres nothing like a citrus cough drop. mmmm.... =)

a tea made of honey and lemon juice. Drink a lot!

try hot tea and honey...always does the trick for me!
hope you feel better. :)

PanicJack C
gargle salt water and lots of spezle soup (idk bout spelling spezel but its an old german soup)

cherry lozanges.
i have a horrible cold/ cough
with a bad sore throat and they helped ALOT
i strongly reccomend them

Bo Sschneider
salt water


Brenno I
Gurgle warm salt water. It actually cleans your throat to stop the infection. Doesn't taste good but better than a sore throat.

1. Gargle with salt water
2. Drink a hot toddy.....strong tea, honey and a shot of wiskey

James Neufeld
ice cream does the trick for me.

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