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donna c
What's the best hangover fix?

Brian D
after you've finish drinking for the night n right before u go to sleep drink 2 aspirins or Tylenol or whatever and when you wake up drink 2 more

I can't help you with a hangover cure but I have found through experience that the best way to prevent a hangover (other than not drinking too much) is to drink a lot of water. For every beverage with alcohol that you drink, have a glass of water. It works every time for me!

geno g
8 Ounces of Sunny D
1 Can of Red bull
Mix contents together in a big cup
Heat it up and put a green tea bag in it.
Drink it up.

going [[nowhere]] fast

Jakie S
Sleeping and drinking a glass of raw eggs.

Joe M
Simple, simply add the hypotenuse of the cosby postulate and inturn get your dioxi ribo neuclaic acid. Then you square this from pie and ask your local professor to kiss your pencil (tell him it's for science). Then take the dead carcass of a squirrel recently run over by a hummer no larger than 450 lb, preferably yellow (red is gay). Add this into an industrial beaker over high heat and watch. It'll take about 12 hours for the desired effect to occur. Don't keep you eye off it, believe me, all the paper work and the mutant zombies aren't worth it. If the color of the bubbling goo is green the answer is the number of passengers in said hummer. If product is yellow ingest immediately before the squirrel wakes up again.
-Mr. Wiggins

Pete V
A hair of the dog that bit you really is best if you can face it - it reduces the shock to the system caused by "coming down" suddenly.

Best prevention [after not drinking but that's boring!] is to have as much water as possible between drinks and before bed.

I drink several glasses of water during the "drinking", pop a multi-vitamin (vit B is the ones you're looking for) and a couple of aspirin before bed. I usually feel awesome the next morning. I used to have terrible hangovers-I quite drinking for a couple of years because of it until I discovered the method I mentioned. I swear by it 100% (it also works perfectly on my husband). Of all of them, the water is the most vital.

Young fire
Lots and lots of sleep, lots of water, orange juice, oh and definately more sleep! Potassium {bananas} helps too!

water, a headache pill and rest.

Sleep, water, a little o.j., and maybe even just ONE alcoholic drink in the morning...sounds crazy but it's true...look up more info on it online. An even BETTER fix is to be responsible and don't get drunk. It's NEVER worth it.

On that same night, before I go to sleep, I usually take an aspirin before I knock out. And the next day i drink tons of Gatorade, the electrolytes to miracles.

water and magnesium. and maybe some vitamin c and a

Evil Alien Sheltie
Water and aspirin.

1. Water (preferably right after or during drinking alcohol)
2. Advil
3. Next morning: V8 mixed with the alcohol you had the night before.

Gringo Loco

fully alive?
Fresh air, slap in the face and a cold, cold shower.

Anything hot (heated rooms, coffee) only makes me feel nastier.

Do your best to drink as much water as you can tolerate to rid your body of the toxins. It takes 2 hours to get rid of 1 oz of booze-either one beer or one shot. There is no real fix except time.

i always drink alot of very cold milk the next morning ,it makes me feel so much better

a big glass of water and 2 asprin before you go to bed if you know your going to be paying big time in the morning and 2 asprin with gatorade (sports drink) as soon as you get up .

Really, the best hangover fix is more drinking, sad as it sounds...otherwise its just advil and time.
I suggest a bloody mary.

"Kh a a a a a n n" ! !
I find you can avoid it altogether if you stay awake and drink as much water as you can.

But if you wake up, again, plenty of water, and eat some carbs.

Drink: Pedialyte

Actually made for children to rehydrate them when they are ill - excellent for hangover!!! Buy in the baby section at the grocery store. Best thing in the world I've ever found to help!!!!


Lou D
Hangovers are caused by dehydration and low blood-sugar levels. Water and sugar will do the job, in almost any form. It's best to have the cure before you go to bed, though.

Tomato juice and 1 raw egg,blended together and drank real fast .

John M
water and sleep, in that order. you will be dry from the boozes and the water will help you to pass it thu your system and flush your body faster.

My cures:
1. 2 Bananas - Great vitamin balance that pulls you out of anything.

2. Breakfast burritos- Hot chili works wonders but it's the eggs that really absorb a lot of alcohol. If you eat one before you start drinking then you will probably never get a hangover again.

3. Odwalla Superfood- Again, lots of vitamins and minerals

4. Vitamin water (Formula 50)- Yes 50 cent's vitamin water is a great cure with 50% of most of the vitamins and minerals you need.

5. EmergenC packets- for about 10 bucks for 30 you can dissolve one in water, great cure, and really cheap if you buy them in singles you can get them for like 30 cents a pop.

6. Water- a glass between each beer will save your life. If you forget you can guzzle a bunch b/f bed.

Soul Doctor
NUX VOMICA in 30 or 200 potency at an hours interval, nothing and absolutely nothing compares to it. Its a specific Homoeopathic remedy you can get it from most Health and Herb Stores all over USA and EU. Best of health and get well real soon.

Take care and God Bless.

John C
hair of the dog... meaning another drink... your body produces chemicals in the brain that over load and cause you to "hangover" when taking another drink the chemicals equal themselfs out...the only other thing is rest...water...food...

Seeker of Truth
Drop two alkaseltzers into a glass of 7up, or sprite, or sierra mist, or any other brand of lemon lime soda. it'll fix you right up.

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