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What's a natural way to treat insomnia?
I stay up too late! What can I do that doesn't involve anything chemical or pharmaceutical?

Some people treat insomnia by sipping a warm cup of tea made with an herb such as chamomile, hops, passionflower, or St. John's wort.

You could learn to meditate even few minutes a day and take some drops of passionflower extract that you can by in a herbal shop. You could also practise yoga and Thai-chi.
Let me know if it works! If you'd like more info send me an e-mail.

noreen b
I suffered with insomnia for years, but was told about Valerian and using it changed it all for me. Take it for 2 weeks to make sure you break that cycle, but after just a few days you should find your sleeping more soundly. You may find that you will still wake up during the night for a while but you will find that you will drift off to sleep again very quickly, till you will find that you wake less and less.

I also found that avoiding Coffeine and fizzy drinks of all types, not eating heavy meals in the evening and not having any fluids after 6pm assists.

I also found that if for some reason you start to have any broken sleep again, just one nights dose solves the problem.

You can get Valerian at your Grocery Store or Chemist, it comes in Capsule form, its a natural Herb that relaxes you.


janet s
Try some Viva La Body Lavender Pillow Mist works for me.
Just spray on both sides of your pillow and relax.
Have a good sleep

pot cookies

Lavender oil on pillow or in a bath and always sleep with an eye mask on - any tiny light will wake you including your clock radio. Also if you have things on your mind it is good idea to have a note book and pen beside your bed - if any thoughts are stopping you sleeping just write them down and tell yourself you will deal with them in the morning.

Try waking up extra early, that way you will be tired earlier than usual. I'd also try warm milk before bed and no caffeine, sugar, stimulants after 3pm.


Go to the doctor and ask them for a drug or stay up late till you cant stay awake

1. Rescue remedy- it helps my 10 yr old when he's feeling too uptight to sleep
2. There's a sleep balm I got yrs ago from a health food store with lavender in it.Rubs into your temples and seriously works-cant remember name but i'm sure something with lavender will help.
3. My favourite is an acupuncture point. About an inch down your wrist(on the inside) from the hand/wrist joint there's a point there. If you use one thumb to massage as you fall to sleep its amazing.I also use it at the dentist whilst in the chair.Very calming.Hope this helps!

workout and stop thinking when you are asleep also warm mik helps.

Alot of ppl these days have stressy office jobs and complain how they can't sleep... and by the look of ppl on the metro train in the morning.. this is true! saying that I work on building sites and not once has a bricklayer ,concreter or laboured mentioned that they can't sleep. Work hard or work-out hard and u'll find u'll be in noddy land b4 you know it... that simple.. were not designed to sit a at computer all day and cop greif from bosses.

If you're feeling irritable/hot and figity in bed, have a cold shower. it's like it washes it all away and even though it's horrible you're so happy to get back in your warm bed and fall asleep easily.

I have had to work on it and this is what I have found to help...
1) No caffeine - that is coffee, chocolate, cola drinks after lunch.
2) Drink camomile tea or this neat Indian tea I found -Organic India Tulsi Gotu Kola tea before bedtime. Warm milk is also good.
3) No really exciting activities after dinner that is action movies, going out and socializing.
4) Work out sometime in some way during the day. Night time workout may be OK but it could come into the exciting activity category. I find swimming really good for sleep enhancement.
5) Keep the bedroom just for sleep and make it a relaxing place.
6) Minimize noise in the bedroom as much as possible. White noise to drown out other noises that is a fan or white noise machine (sound of surf etc) could be helpful.
7) No alcohol before bed either. That can make you pass out but does not make for a really good natural long sleep.
8) No food after dinner, as this upsets the digestion and therefor sleep patterns.
9) Stay cool in the bedroom - if you are too hot it does not help.
10) Reading a boring kind of book before sleep is good - don't get into a page turner.
11) Reduce stress in your life through yoga or learn relaxation techniques and practice those all the time until you get really good at them.
12) Use every suggestion from all the other helpful people. They all look worth a try.

I never go to sleep without firstly loving my wife...sleep comes soon after. Forget magazines, books, counting sheep, herbal teas or drugs, white noise machines, wind chimes, radio etc etc etc and make love to your partner....

Exercise in the evening so that your tired and will fall asleep immediately, take a warm shower about an hour before bedtime, make sure your bedroom is cool but not too cool and silent.

Miss D
Chamomile tea or warm milk with honey


Have a glass of warm milk with a couple of drops of vanilla in it ,I always find this helps, or get yourself some of those cd`s with soothing sounds of the sea,hope this can help, you can also do some relaxing routines while lying on your bed just think of somewhere peaceful and harmonious.

Kevin P
Are you getting regular exercise? Trying walking and a workout several times week.
More importantly , think about what you eat after midday and up to dinner.
Avoid caffeine (coffee and cola drinks), sugar, heavy protein meals.
Turn the lights down when you are preparing to sleep it gets your brain into a more relaxed state.

My Gran who's 102 was told by her Doc to try a nip of scotch before bed and no tele.

budda m
camomile tea?

I like a hot milky water with sugar.

A good workout during the day, with at least 30 min of cardio. Physical work, or hanging out of doors, will energize you in the moment so you can sleep at night.

Drink plenty of water during the day. You might have to pee alot, but water helps the body do alot that we don't realize.

Eat food with garlic in it. It will help purify your body too!

Listen to New Age music as you sleep. Most new age music has 50 beats per minute and causes alpha brain states. Drink warm milk an hour before you sleep.

Good luck to you.


Robert P
Take a walk
Drink some chamomile tea (not black tea)
Take a Valerian or a St. John's Wort (if you have them)
Have a hot bath with bath salts and lavender oil.
Sit on the floor and do stretches - try things to relax
Lay in bed, think about something you enjoy and breath deeply - llisten to your breaths

Long term:
Get exercise every day. (a short run in the afternoon)
Don't do anything in your bedroom but sleep
Start taking a herbal supplement like Valerian.
Try to relax and relieve stress and worry.

~ hi there i know you said no pharm. but Simply S;eep by the makers of Tylenol helped my 70 year old mom/ w no side effects... Good luck..

Get a night watchman's job. You can earn while dealing with insomnia.

jokes apart I agree with arun and allya. sweat out in the evening, work out helps. n ya for just a good note, try to follow a routined sleep pattern.

Take care.

da flomas
its 2:41 in the morning....let me know when you find out

john m
We are creatures of habit it takes about 28 days to create a habit good or bad. Bad habits sneak up on us and good habits have to be taught, We create habits through repartition or repeating. So to make changes in our lives all we have to do is stop doing what we are doing. noise is the one thing that will stop us getting to sleep, there are 3 types of noise,Internal noise comes from that voice inside our head, external noise comes from when we are having a conversation in the physical and semantic noise which may come from a truck or car going down the road. All of these noises can affect sleep. The noise inside our head is the hardest to turn of. our subconscious mind is the nosiest of all when it comes to sleeping problems because it is coming from within. Try some of the other suggestions to help your prepare for sleep and create a routine and stick with it for at least 28 days. Once you fell relaxed start telling yourself how tired you feel and it is hard to keep my eyes open I need to go to bed an go to sleep, This is called self programing. Be careful what you say to yourself before sleep, If you see sleep as a problem then guess what it will be a problem. Once in bed if you are having trouble stopping that internal noise then distract yourself by boring yourself to sleep by counting but don't go past one, I mean just say to yourself one one one over and over if you start thinking just pull yourself back to one one again at first it may take a bit to fall asleep but rember creating habits takes time so persist and you will be rewarded with sleep. I hope this helps good night ONE ONE ONE ONE

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