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Red Death 266
What's a natural,safe way to clear plaque from your artries?
The DR. has me on tricor,vytorin for cholestrol after heart attack

there is no way to remove plaque from your arteries besides a bypass. and that's dangerous as it is because if a piece of that plaque gets dislodged, it can travel through your bloodstream to your heart or brain and give you a heart attack or stroke.

the best thing you can do is try to change your diet to minimize the addition of more plaque.


It frustrates me to no end how snowed some people are...'there is no way to remove plaque'.... There are remedies for everything...you just have to look for them. :)

My ND does a radio show every day...and I heard him talking about this a few months ago. My jaw dropped...what? You can clean your arteries naturally? My mother had a heart attack last year. There was a man that called in and said he's been using the mix and his tests showed no build up in there whatsoever. The response from his customers was overwhleming so he made a mix of the 3 products...now...I am not going to pay what he charges for it...http://www.physicianspreference.com/prodinfo.asp?number=CPOW

I will happily take my capsules of the (6000mg each!) 3 ingredients listed. Vitamin C, L-Lysine and L-Proline. I get mine for 1/3 the price from www.thecatalog.com...NOW Brand. I am getting ready to buy it and start taking it in August...

Good luck! :) Here's my doc's site if you ever want to listen in via a computer to his radio show...that's how I do it... www.drhotze.com and at the top is a radio link...with the schedule of topics too!

im not a doctor but to my knowledge the first poster is right, there really isnt any good way to do it. once its there its there. i heard there was a study that suggested some statins at high doses can reduce it in meager amounts but thats about all ive heard. best thing to do is to keep it from getting worse by excercising (if you are cleared to do so by your doctor, may want to consult on that first as a heart attack survivor) and eating a healthy low fat low cholesterol diet.

Stay with your doctor or get another one.

I have read red wine vinegar and garlic help clean plaque. I have also read light excesses helps too. In your case I wouldn't stop any drugs I am taking now, just add a tablespoon of vinegar to a vegetable during a meal and take a garlic capsule. I am sure your doctor has recommended the exercise program for you already. By your questions today you must be having a bad day. Need a friend?

tcmrose l
Try the ancient Chinese way:

If you don't care the way your breath smells I can suggest head of garlic per day (you read that right). It's the way Siberian Russians do it seems to work.
P.S. For full disclosure I'd suggest you read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garlic to see claimed/proven benefits of garlic.

Red Yeast Rice Extract

Kelley E
Several grams a day of cinnamon will lower cholesterol and trigycerides.

Also, there is a no odor garlic with lecithin product made by Kyolic that lowers cholesterol as well. Lecithin emulsifies cholesterol. (By the way, eggs yokes contain lecithin, making them safe to eat.)

Arginine also lowers bad cholesterol while increasing the artery scrubbing good cholesterol.

So does policosinol.

You need cholesterol for thinking and for making tesosterone.

By the way, Vytorin is simvastatin, and Tricor should only be taken with simvastatin as a last resort, otherwise that combo should be avoided according to the PDR Health website. It can cause a dangerous, and deadly reaction:

"The chances of this problem rise dramatically when Tricor is combined with another type of cholesterol-lowering drug called statins, such as SIMVASTATIN, pravastatin, and atorvastatin. Avoid combining Tricor with any of them unless your doctor feels it's absolutely necessary. Inform the doctor immediately if you develop muscle pain or weakness, especially if these symptoms are accompanied by fatigue or fever:"

I know a doctor who shops at my store who says statins cause heart attacks. He has told me the "statins are the worst class of drugs out there."

Good luck and be well.


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