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 Anti Antiabiotics!! HELP?
This question is for people who don't use antibiodics but rather natural treatments on themselves and their kids.....

I have heard that Antibiotics don't work on any viruses.........

 My knees hurt me constantly! What can I do?
My knees are killing me lately. I run a lot and about 3 years ago I was playing basketball and I tripped and dislocated my left knee. I went to the docter and found that I had torn my miniscus(...

 smoke weed????? help???m?
so a group of my friends that go to church with me are smoking weed, i just found out last night from my brother. ANd idk if i should tell my like this lady that i trust and she's like a really ...

 What is a good natural laxative?
I don't want to take the real ones, I just want something natural and healthy. Thanks for your help!...

 Do you ever wonder how modern humans survived for at least 130,000 of BEFORE Orthodox medicine using only Alt'?

Then didn't man-made variables such like over-crowded dirty conditions and nasty habits inevitably cause uncontrollable disease?
Was it then not a lucrative ...

i forgot about my drug screening.
i did lik 5 vicodin on friday.
my drug screening is on tuesday.
ive drank 2 gallons of water today
am i going to pass...
and does water ...

 If a person mixes herbs to make medicines what are they referred to as?

 home remedies for ear ache/ infection?
im pretty sure i have an ear infection and I DONT HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE so i cant see a doctor.any ideas of home remedies that will work?...

 How should i crush vicodin?
to get the effects faster, so the pain will wear off? can anyone tell me the best method to do this?
Additional Details
ok for people who are giving me really stupid answers, i know how ...

 I'm 23 and I smoke a lot of pot and I'm on Zoloft....when will my head explode?
Or will my brain just start oozing out of my ears one day?
Seriously, is this a dangerous combo? I'm concerned about any long term affects...if you know plz share!! Cuz I feel great right ...

 is there any herbal remedies for depression?
i heard that you could get herbal remedies for depression is there any that you can buy at a chemist that don't involve taking pills cos i cant take ...

 HELP! i can't go to sleep any tips that can help me get to sleep faster without medicine?
i'm always up till 3:00 and then have to get ready for school araound 6:00 i need some help! in fact it is 1:30 right now and i'm still up!...

 What's the best trick to battle a sore throat & runny nose?
I hate being sick.

I've been drinking lots of water, taking my vitamins, drinking smoothies & eating hot soup. I still feel like somebody rubbed sandpaper all around my ...

 Why is it that, despite the fact that homeopathy has been shown to be totally worthless,?
......that in this so called age of enlightenment in the 21st century, so many still cling so vehemently what is basically pseudo-scientific witchcraft?

It is becoming almost impossible ...

 After the New Years celebration, anyone have a good remedy for the next day's hangover.?

 I get headaches so regularly I'm getting worried....?
I almost always have a headache. I have one almost everyday. Sometimes worse then others. Plus I get migraines at least once a month and I'm only 14. Whenever I have a headache I usually take ...

 what's the best way to stop smoking?

 I took advil and then drank alcohol , very little alcohol though... is it safe?
i took like 3 little sips of a inch of ...

 Alternate methods to swallowing pills?
Are any of these other methods acceptable in place of swallowing pills:
1) Dissolving the pill in water, then drinking the mixture
2) Crushing up the pill and putting it in some sort of ...

 im 13 and ive taken 8 paracetamols, will it cause any serious damage? im worried sick... :(?
i don't know what to do.. there's nothing wrong with me at the moment but i've just done it can you tell me wether theres going to be any serious damage?...

What's a good way to get my adrenaline up?
Right before a football game? Any minerals or vitamins or something?

walk 2 minutes run 3 minutes. Do this back and forth a few times.

get on the net and read about how cops get away with police brutality all the time in this country. if you're a decent person, that should get ya pretty riled up.

Johnny S
I do it natural, I get the help of fans on home field and help of opposing fans that are in awe, boo's from away games pump me up 2

listen to welcome to the jungle by Guns N' Roses

Watch a scary movie!!!!!! hmmmmm like return to house on haunted hill

Dropkick-me Elmo
watch a horror movie (make sure not to wet yourself though)

God bless!

Oh Crap

have your friends call u meen things. or if u werent playing football go on a rollercoaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

D.O.T ~ El Borriqueño Blatino
Jump rope!!! JK IDK!!!

listen to really hardcore music that takes over your mind and makes you feel the need to dance violently, or invite a little kid over to your house who will jump out of small places and scare the crap out of you every five minutes.

make out
sky dive
speed on a race track
play football
MMA fighting

there are so many things out there, I can't name them all...

Good luck and God Bless!

This is a good trick. Tell a girl who you don't know hott. or hit on her whatever.

Get a like "Yes she talk to me" thing going. right?

go sky diving

Take a Breath <3
drink some energy drink, they hype you up and give you energy.
Red bull- revitilizes body AND mind ;)

Avoid the supplements, eat something rich in carbs the night before, (like spaghetti ), before the game, listen to music that amps you. Supplements always make you crash before the end of the game.

...edit... I have to agree with treefrog, Metallica got me more sacks than I could count :P

Hell yea!

Michelle B
Not sure if you are looking for an adrenaline rush or more energy. if you want adrenaline then do anything that excites you. Something risky or semi-dangerous or go flirt with a hot girl/boy, based on preference. If it is just more energy then your diet and light excercise are key. Eat 6 small, healthy meals a day and work out 4 times a week. Not only will you get a killer body and be healthy but your metabolism will increase which will give you a burst of extended energy.

It's all mental for adrenaline...get psyched up!

Work out for a few minutes. Gets your testosterone pumping which pumps you up or just go to a bar and hit on a bunch of dude's girlfriends. Enabling your fight or flight response definitely does it!


don't do adrenaline pills...but natural things like...kiss your girl haha jk or listen to the cheering crowd, remember a touchdown, listen to some upbeat music those kids of things

not really. just go kick down someones door and yell get on the ground. then run to the game.....when you hear the sirens, your adrenaline will pump


do something your afraid of break that 'oh no i don't think i can' fear!!!

personally I like extreme mountain biking. Search for some local trails by you. p.s. make sure you use a mountain bike otherwise it hurts!!

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