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Alan B
Should I take acid or no?
I smoke weed every now and then and one of my friends is asking me to try lsd. I want to experience it but I don't want a bad trip. If I do decide to take it, what can i expect?

Um, wow. No don't do drugs.

Ughh you REALLY dont wanna go there. I knew someone who did . Who went from awesomness to som e freak in the looney bin . OMG NEVER TAKE IT . Also weed is stupid too . Take caffiene instead. Get high off LYFEE .

Get off the drugs you dummy!

well you could die...still want to try it?


NO dont listen to the people on here who say its ok. it can KILL you. also think about getting off of the weed.

I hope this is a joke and you are really not considering that ? I can not believe people still try **** that can kill them just to try something new, do you have people that loves you or that you actually love… is it worth it ? Anyways Weed is a plant but now with all the freaking **** they do to it… it is a drug so be even careful there Chronic for intense has coke !!!. Just be you, and don’t go with peer pressure…. It is not because ur friends is okay with it that you will be everyone’s body react differently why take a chance to destroy it … ( people around the world try to survive everyday while you want to try new things) Anyways if it doesn’t kill you it will make you weaker for sure.

its been known to create tempory hallucinations and a schizophrenic psychotic state - if its really acid. Why would you want to do that?

tell you now man if you like weed dont take acid, acid puts you on an high, the opp to weed, ever seen a acid freak on white out on weed, that will be you but faster lol dont do any...

Stephen K
Nothing good. That's no friend.

22 and Lovin it!!
I don't know what the hell lsd is but I would get off the weed if I were you

aciid is the bomb!! !!
watch out !!! it is super trippy:)
tell me how it goes...
[email protected]

If your going to do drugs, which you shouldnt, weed is fine cause its not that addicting, but dude, dont do drugs, itll change your life forever in bad ways, effect your future, and cuae serious relationship problems, you think your stron enough to not become addicted but...
Do NOT give in to peeer pressure, dont do drugs, itll be the worst decision of your life.
I hope You make the right decision!
Sincerely, J Bin.

heatherr s
If you decide to take it be in a comfortable environment and a familiar place. Don't think any bad thoughts and stay at home and don't go anywhere and just have fun.

Bad trips are no fun.... just make sure you're comfortable and you really want to do it.

Chelsea S
negitive, haha.

K dubbs
wow i don't think I've ever seen so many uninformed people on one question before it is ridiculous. LSD is probably the safest drug, and there are no long term side effects. It is impossible to overdose on, is extremely pure, and is not addicting, in fact, most people who do it don't do it very often at all. I'm not telling you to do it, just telling you the facts in front of all these blatant lies. any thumbs down are from complete ignorance on this one, and from people who have not researched the topic. check out erowid.org or other sites and do some research and make the decision for yourself once you are informed, not asking people online.

Be More
If you are comfortable with your own demons, you'll be fine! I wouldn't do it if you were scared. I tried it and I was stoked. Since then, done it multiple times, and have never had a bad trip. Remember that it's all in your head. Research it, be ready for it, and be excited about it, not scared of it! It's a wild ride!

NO watch the movie SLC PUNKS lol you dont want to do it

o men..This is a very difficult..nobody knows how the trip will be...it depends....from your mood at the time..from your inhibitions..from your all emotional word!!Every ones mind differs. I tried LSD once ,after a friend asked me , and i had a bad trip..while he didn't.
if finally you are so curious about it have a friend with you who 'll be "clean".

There hasn't been real lsd since 1978 don't do it it is rat poison

You can expect a good high, and a drastic downward spiral in life if you keep doing it.

Don't go there.


nick not nick
whats wrong with you?????? and why would you say that on here anyway?????

Don't touch it. If he was a true friend, he wouldn't give it to you. You already do weed. Which is not okay, but it is. Don't ever do anything else. Every drug out there leads to addiction. It is also puts you on a totally different type of high.


Physically lsd is the safest drug you can take. You can not overdose or die from ingestion. However do take caution because the psychological effects are tremendous. If you have a history of mental illness I suggest you do not take it. Generally speaking taking drugs at all is not good for you, but you already know that. If you are in a safe comfortable enviroment for 12 hours with no threat of interruption, expect to laugh at everything for a long time, you will have some A/V or even tactile hallucinations, but for the most part you will find it entertaining and be laughing. You will have energy for about 9 of the 12 hours before you start becoming tired.

I would recommend that you stay away from any kind of drug.

Most of the answers here are uneducated or just plain idiotic.

If you want to try acid, make sure you are with people that you trust (not to not turn you in to the authorities, but trust not to **** with you while you're tripping) and make sure you are in a place that is safe and familiar to you. If you can have somebody there that is sober during your trip it would help, though they'd be missing the party.

Make sure you start with a low dosage, and work your way up over time. The last thing you want on your first acid trip is to overdose.

Thomas H
Acid is definitely NOT for the weak of heart! If you must do it, make sure that you know the person you get it from, and be VERY careful as to who you do it with.

If you get really good and clean lsd, you can expect a "body rush" that will last several hours.

"dirty" acid is cut with a multitude of bad things. Most common is Strychnine (sp?) This actually makes your brain BLEED, and that is what makes you hallucinate!

Make sure that you trust the people that will be around you during your experience. Your surroundings will greatly affect you experience as well.

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