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My knees hurt me constantly! What can I do?
My knees are killing me lately. I run a lot and about 3 years ago I was playing basketball and I tripped and dislocated my left knee. I went to the docter and found that I had torn my miniscus(spelling), had patella femeral(spelling)syndrome, and had a mushroom shaped bone growing out of another bone in addition to dislocating that knee. I was on crutches forever and went to physical therapy and got a brace and medicine. I wear my brace every time I run and take my pain medicine when I have to, and it hasn't hurt until lately. And now my right knee is hurting too. The last time I went to the docter he just upped the dosage! I don't want to depend on pills for the rest of my life but I don't want to give up running!! I already quit the basketball team. Is there anything I can to do to stop the pain or at least ease it some that doesn't have anything to do with pills?
Additional Details
I read about those injections today as a matter of fact but I am freaked out by needles and that stuff comes from chicken combs and I am a vegetarian and would feel weird about that.

Kevin N
run on grass instead of concrete

Get off drugs like coffee and coke and smokes. Learn to spend time on your knees for reading, TV and resting . Never never sleep on a couch. Flat beds and floors only. It takes a very long time for bones to heal themselves once they are set right but they will improve. For the rest of life you will have to adjust . Pain is the body's way of saying help. You can supply more oxygen by sponging with peroxide on the skin where it hurts.

www.puritan.com sells glucosamine supplements, and they are wonderful for joints. Its soothing as well as healing. Right now they have a buy 1 get 2 free, ( I use some of their products ) and for 30 dlls you can get 3 bottles w/ 60 tablets each.

m t
go to www.northstarsvitamin.com and read about different products they offer

Get a massage to hlep increase the circulation in that area and it will relax you as well.

Barbara B
You must stay as active as possible.Try water aerobics to help with flexibility.Sometimes it helps a great bit.It worked for me.

linetta c
I know you know about proper foot wear, so I won't go into that. I am an avid exerciser in cross-training, but I notice a particular difference in my knees when I do more strenuous exercise with them. I have started using Glucosamine/MSM/Chondroitin. This comes in a combination pill and works on the joints to keep them fluid. Of course, you should consult your physician before you start anything new, but to my knowledge, they don't negatively interact with any medication.

If you decide to start taking these joint pills, know that they don't work immediately and you need to consistently take them for at least 2 weeks. I started out taking one a day, but I am able to take them up to 3 times a day if I need. I certainly DO notice the difference when I forget to take one. They are not addictive and I have only read good things about using them.

They are advertised on TV. You may have heard of them, but there are different varieties out there, so get what works for you.

I had arthroscopic surgery with microfracture a year ago and what a relief! Also, I get Synvisc knee injections every year now to keep the pain from returning.
You didn't say how old you were, but I was given the run around until finally a doctor x-rayed my right knee while I was standing which showed degenerative arthritis, the cartilage was almost non-existent there. Get a knee x-ray WHILE STANDING. I don't think it shows up if you're laying down on an x-ray table.

You're only 15? Good lord, looks like you'll be on pain killers for awhile if you want to continue running. I would give that up for awhile...did you allow sufficient time the injury to heal? Maybe that's why you're still having pain?
I hate the needles, they are the worst part, but it only last a few seconds and the result lasts almost a year. So, for me it's worth it. Better than suffering. The substance comes from rooster combs, that little red waddly thing that hangs down over their beaks. It's not like you have to eat it or anything. It's just something that's similar to the cartilage it's replacing.

I'd say with a torn meniscus and the other symptoms (patella femoral syndrome and especially the growth from a bone) you would need surgery, at least arthroscopic surgery. I'd personally find a new doctor. I've had major surgery on both of my knees for patellar realignment and they have been fine ever since - no medicine. Please, get a second opinion. Ask around to see if anyone can recommend a good orthopaedic doctor - a sports medicine doctor would be great. (My doctor is the head doctor for the Indianapolis Colts!) Wishing you well.

look int using glyconutrients. they are used by Olympic Athletes.

Georgia Girl
Basically all I can think of to do is heat and a brace..some moderate exercise. But with your history it seems best to call your doc.

single mom
www.arthricine .com Have you tried those heated wraps while you run. I think once you have hurt your knee or back the pain never goes away! Type in Knee pain no pills on the search bar and it will give you some natural remedies!

yeah sub
i have patella ............... syndrome ( i cant spell it either) and i just use ice and that usually helps

go to the chiropractor. it might be your hips are a little misaligned.

when my joints hurt I take Alfafa tablets they are int vitamin section cost about $4.00 for 300. to start take 2-3 with each meal then in a week or so cut back tor 2 with first and last meal.

hands on healing works cause i had cebasaly palsely now i can walk. also when i had cancerit took the pain away from chemo and raction . also reki would work

you have to see a dr before you do worse damage.

Captain Feathersword
Omega 3................fish oil

Get a second opinion! You can always go to another doc if you're not happy with the results.

Good luck

it's is good that u stopped running. u should not strain ur body that too ur legs any more.

u can apply super power magnets 4500 gauss, south pole under the left [blue] sole, and north [red] pole under the right sole,

u can take magnetised water by putting two bottles of water one on the south pole, and another on the north pole, and mix this water with 4 bottles of drinking water and consue it the entire day.

u can apply ayurvedic medicine externally. if u want we can despath it by courier for instant relief, u should be free from pain killers. otherwise, . in the long run, they does more harm..

linda h
you may have to I love to walk and had very badpain in my knee after tests etc they said I have artiritis(spelling wrong) in it I am to young for knee surgery was told to swim or ride bike do like to do either one of them I still walk but not like i did really in the end you will only hurt yourself running just jars everything in your body why not try something else see we all have things we enjoy but are age willnt let us do sometimes good luck

Have a chiropractor check your feet. If your feet dont splay open when they strike the ground, then that impact has to go somewhere, and usually ends up causing knee problems.

You are running and pounding on your knees. By the way, before you see a chiropractor ask them if they work on feet. Some dont.

Eric W. M
Natural Anti-inflammatories may be a good idea. It seems many knee issue are greatly exacerbated by inflammation.

Turmeric spice is one anti-inflammatory, turmeric is the spice in mustard that gives it the yellow color.

Apparently extracts of turmeric are available for inflammations.

GO see a MASSAGE THERAPIST.The reason why your right knee is hurting now is because you used it more when the other leg was injured.You should let it heal naturally.And the meds you are taking are only letting your brain think it doesn't hurt anyore when it really does.Pain is there to let us know that we shouldn't move that area.It takes alot onger for your meniscus to heal.They are here for support for your knee Joint.They act as shock absorbers for you femur and tibia bones.Good-Luck and tell the doctor to STOP giving you pain-killer meds...that's wrong.

dr. cv. knee specialist
patellofemoral syndrome in a 15 yr old?
i would think chondromalacia patella

conservative approach for a torn meniscus?
no way!

mushroom shaped bone is probably osteochondroma- leave it alone

meniscal problems- arthroscopy- period

dislocated knee means torn ligament, probably acl. it never heals if fully torn. needs surgery.

you need a scopy. you need it now- at least an MRI.

feel free to contact me if you need

[email protected]

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