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M Curious
My boogers stink...is this natural?
Could it have something to do with my diet, or maybe with getting older?

p.s. they still taste good though

Mr.Raven A.K.A. the wizard
i bet ur popular with the ladies lol

Beautiful{R.I.P MJ}
no and ewwww

Whats her face
Stupid question.
But if your serious, then...go ask someone other than the internet.

wtf? honey u need medical attention right away. i dont believe thats natural.

OMG your sick

Nicholas M
Ok your weird.

Dana T
what kind of a person smells their boogers?

That kid
I don't smell boogers, but I think they may stink because you might be smelling something bad, which stink attaches to the boogers

uh thats gross!

John K
Your question is disgusting, but am going to address it, in case you are being serious. Firstly, can you smell them in your nose, or are your picking your boogers out and then smelling them? Probably the latter. I think we have all picked our noses whether we admit it or not, and I personally have found no odor to my boogers nor ever heard of such a thing. I wouldn't eat them either. They were not meant to be eaten. Grow up.

no not your diet .

idk ...... sweatheart i think i can help its k 2 have mental issues

Yummy, I'd quite enjoy a taste.

Mr Bingo
It is natural you should see my lamas

sometimes boogers will start to smell if they have been in your nose for a really long time without drying out, or if you have an infection, if they are colored than you might need to get antibiotics.

wow, strange. Really...actually disturbing. I's assume its not natural. Help me?http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090722195006AAZP6bl

its not natural to smell your boogers

probably not, but that last part is disgusting

It sounds disgusting, but if you like the taste its better then wiping them somewhere.

Why the heck would you even post that up here? I'm glad I wasn't eating ~_~.

One Love
Stop snorting poop = problem fixed

Uhm no?
ask your doctor.

my dear juliet
im sure they smell and taste great.

it's probably because you stink. try showering once in awhile.

THATS GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brutal Dreamer
uhmmm, errrrrrrrrrr, yeah, WOW! Your diet consists of boogies and you're concerned they stink? Personally, I'm more concerned you're eating them!? Food low in your house? ewwwie. *hysterical laughter* You're too funny and gross. hahaha

Can you fling them very far?

Liz D
haha, nice. this one made me laugh :]

Not at all, mine have deep and delicious musky smell, almost like a delicate mushroom. The solid ones pretty much taste like mushrooms too, but the runny and gooey ones remind me of questionable raw oysters, the hairy and crunchy ones are the worst since they remind me of licorice that fell into a pile of hair and sand.

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