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P. D.
Looking for alternative treatment options.?
I am posting this in ALTERNATIVE medicine. She is getting plenty of medical help at the hospital. She may be getting an overdose of drugs there and is suffering severe complications from a brain trauma. She may be able to start digesting something soon, and I would like to bring her (my 19 year old) some herbal remedies to help speed up her healing. She is very weak, lethargic, has no memory of who she is, still in pain, and I want to pick up some teas/supplements/herbs for her to start on. And yes, I'm listening to the doctors and nurses, however, they seem to be getting mad at her not responding to them after they've been pumping her with sedatives for the past 3 days. I'm pursuing legal assistance, but I would like some advice on alternative therapies to help get her mind in good shape. I don't think morphine and propofol are helping her regain consciousness. The staff could not find any physical complications so they keep sedating her to keep her from agitating everyone.

i spent 9 years working the OR, Darnell Army Hospital, FT Hood, Brook Army Medical Center, San Antonio, and 3 civilian hospitals.

In that time, we had very few deaths in the OR. Some were expected from trauma and such, others from bad health. But we had a few very healthy ASA 1 patients that died, no explaination, no reason, but they just died.

It took about 20 months to solve these and other deaths around the nation. The cause of the deaths were incompatibilities with herbs or things bought at health food stores that interacted with the drugs in the patients.

this is one of the reasons they are trying to keep people from getting things at health stores. there is big money in it and the drug companies want that money, using the deaths as leverage.

I am not telling you not to seek health alternatives, but do keep your doctor in the loop. If she is on drug x and you give her herbal tea y, you might get compound z forming and that would harm your daughter.

Also, I have a good friend who survived a TBI and if you email me, I will see if she wants to talk to you. She was not expected to live, and is currently finishing college.

I think she would, but she could help you to understand what your daughter is going through, as she still has problems to this day as a result of it, sleeping being on the problems as well as some stress over the years she lost recovering.

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