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Peter G
Is weed good for you?
Is it healthy for you? What are the benefits of smoking it. I really need to know. I just bought some, ftw.

No bro it kills your brain cells

Mom of 5
No it is not good for you.

not at all, it can treat certain things, but has horrible side effects such as lung cancer risk, motor skills decrease, and most of all stupidity, you will lose a lot of cells.

No, it kills brain cells.

you are not intelligent, try to get your money back. weed is worst for your lungs than smoking cigarettes.

it inhibits your physical groth, and it get you in trouble. you shold be reading not weeding. trust me dude, you don't need to smoke it at all. t is not going to give you super human strength or make you feel good. you do all of theat. weed is like a placebo. people put all this hype on it and then your senses become hightenned becauuse you are ding something illegal, dangerous, or new and enticing. ask alot of people for which weed was never a big deal... it is not anything to set firework off for. why don't you become a mountain biker or some kind of great athlete and then realize that weed would have only kept you from being such ting. felps was a fluke, besides swimmiong isnt as difficult mentaly as mountain bikking at 12000 feet. it's just back and forth, these athletes arent brain surgeons you know?

weed will only keep you down dude, you wanna fly? master math and physics, master your body through martial arts. then you will really fly, none of this i'm there in my mind crap.

no man

Nope, not good for you.

Weed is not good nor bad for you. Weed is not needed by your body on a daily basis. Vitamins are good for you weed isn't. However studies show if you do use weed it is not harmful. If your going to do a recreational drug, weed is the substance of choice. Unlike popular belief it is non-habit forming. It will calm your nerves and you won't get eye cataracts. Keep in mind weed is illegal so it may be harmful in the sense you will end up in jail if you are caught with it.

Compared to synthetic medicine, it is indeed a very good thing. Big companies make medication based on profit, doctors give you diagnoses so you can be "fixed" with that same medication- it's all a vicious cycle.
Pot can be grown the same way, for profit, but it is natural and if you go out west where people tend to care more, pot is definitely a cherished thing and there are a lot of good people that would be more willing to give in the time of need.
You'd have to constantly smoke every second for years on end to form any sort of lung infection, or cancer. You can't overdose either, you'd have to eat or smoke you're own weight, but the chances of someone being able to do that are unlikely.
Eating it is also good, like cooking with it. It's not unhealthy, it's a plant just like every other piece of green outside.

Go green :)

It's not good for you, but it's pretty close to harmless. Just don't smoke all the time, it will make you stupid if you do.

although it does kill your brain cells it is known to actually be good for you, only if a tiny bit each year is consumed.

No known health benefits except for glaucoma. Apparently, alleviates adverse symptoms of chemotherapy.

Does not increase longevity, reduce blood sugar, cure ED, etc.

Is it good for me. No.

Smoking? Much better to consume in cookies. Less chance for lung damage.

How about some facts?





it solves ALL your problems dont listen to the negative comments to follow everyone smokes it except loserszzz

doctor puppy
Everything has its ups and downs. I have a terrible appetite, and I only take a few bites of food when I start to dry heave from an empty stomach for so long and it really helps me to get as much food as I need. It also helps for my insomnia and doesn`t give me bad side effects like other prescription drugs. It has been determined to be less harmful in short term and long term than aspirin by a scientist at Oxford University in the UK

It does not kill brain cells. That claim is based on only ONE study supported by Nixon where they attached gas masks to rhesus monkeys and made them inhale several joints worth of cannabis smoke for hours without additional oxygen over the course of several months, their brains were then examined and brain damage was found. The study was re-examined and the brain damage was found to be from oxygen deprivation, not cannabis

It is very harmless, as drugs go, but not everyone takes away benefits from smoking it. Feels good man. I will provide a link to the study by the oxford scientist. Keep in mind you don`t need to have medical benefits on your side to justify doing something that you enjoy. Have fun.

Mighty Mouse
Nothing like that is really good for you, but to my knowledge it dosent do any long term major damage to you if you dont abuse it.

The benifits, mabye the high you get off it, but I believe theres no real health benifits to it.

Hope I could helk :)

Pho boy
smoking weed is definately not "good" for your body and this is coming for a avid smoker, as in everyday :D. but its not "that bad" for you either, just dont smoke too much and destroy your lungs!

enjoy the experience buddy!

seriously Peter G it depends on the person if you smoke and then get in a car all stoned and drive, it can be bad for you.medically cigarettes are worse I wouldn't recommend you go out and start smoking but obviously you are gonna since you went And spent your money on it.

My prescription is on my medicine shelf right next to my supplements.
Yes. It is a good thing.

Inglourious Basterd
In the long run it has no effects, other than the potential to damage the lungs in the same way that cigarretes do. In the short run, it varies according to user and how much you've been using it. It can make your mind foggy, can make you lazy, hungry, and a hermit. Others laugh uncontrollably or become paranoid and isolate themselves. Frequent users might become normal and productive with it. It can be used as a painkiller in some cases, but can also make some people nauseous.

the potential benefits
# Because smoked marijuana contains a variety of combustion compounds, it can damage the lungs and possibly the immune system. Several health committees recommended the development of an inhalation device that delivers pure THC -- the active ingredient in marijuana -- to the lungs. Such a device has not yet been created.

# There is some evidence -- but no scientifically valid studies -- that marijuana is useful in treating some forms of epilepsy and spasticity caused by multiple sclerosis.

# Some studies show that smoked marijuana is effective for some patients in relieving nausea caused by cancer and chemotherapy.

# There is evidence that marijuana may improve the appetite and help patients gain weight. This could be lifesaving for AIDS patients who develop wasting , a severe weight-loss condition.

# Smoking marijuana is effective in lowering pressure inside the eyeballs of some patients with glaucoma. A word of caution, however: the drug also drops blood pressure, and this could compromise blood flow to the optic nerve and damage

So there you have it. For additional information on the benefits of marijuana, I highly recommend the book The Benefits of Marijuana : Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual by Joan Bello.

Smoking pot regulates your body Temperature. It ceases most chronic body pain. It stimulates your immune system. It can even help epilepsy, and does reduce nausea. And, it lowers your blood pressure. Good if it's high pressure, but careful if yours is generally low. We need to quit thinking of weed as a "drug" and more of what it actually IS...An herbal supplement.

It's not "healthy" per se, but it's also not "unhealthy". It just makes you feel good.

Buffalo Soldier Is Ballin'
Its not healthy but its not unhealthy. Not addictive, and far less worse than cigs or alcohol

Luis J
Yeah, well if your going threw chemo, aids or cancer.. it can help them eat and sleep better but if your in good shape it kills your brain cells but brain cells grow again has we grow and weed can't stop you from growing its a medicine for the sick and a good way to chill if your not sick =] i prefer smoking that any single day i m down for it any-day xD

Some of the answers are very good answers, but I have something to add. Smoking weed is not addicting, you can just get into the habit of smoking it. Yes, it has pros, but remember that it has cons too, keep that in mind when you decide to start. If you do start smoking, make sure you don't over do it.

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