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Is it okay to take a vitamin with alcohol?
I was at the bar the other night and noticed i hadn't taken my daily multivitamin i usually take so i took it with alcohol. I've done this a few times when i realized i had forgotten to take it. Is this dangerous or okay?

probably not.... when taking medicine don't they tell you not to drink alcohol?

Ive heard that alcohol increases the potency of the vitamin your taking so i wouldnt do that anymore. Thats how some people die just cause they took the right amount just with alcohol!


Leonardo D
Yes, it is 100% safe. Be aware that not all of the multivitamin is going to be absorbed properly but that wont be dangerous.

it would be like eating a turd and flushing it down with milkshake, but a piece of the turd kind of hit inside the milkshake so it wouldn't be the same

Asiaa E.
No NO NO. NO it is not.

[email protected]
Not dangerous, but you may as well chuck your multi down the toilet as alcohol cancels the benefits of any vitamin pill.

Tony F
i dont think you should

The MC
not sure so u should start remembering and drink water with ur vitamin


Jene I
I doubt if you'll overdose

I do not know medically if it is bad or not, but i do it too. I have don't id many times throughout my life so i hope it is not bad.

mo b
that's ok. even better is taking a b12 or b complex with alcohol. it helps reduce hangover.

I love God
You should read the label they usually say it. In other words the back of it. Also there is this number that starts with 1800 that is for question about the description.

Nope, no danger at all. You may negate some of the effectiveness of the vitamin, but it will have no ill effect on you. The alcohol is worse than the alcohol/vitamin combination.

Can't see it being any different than drinking alcohol with a vitamin rich meal, some alcoholic drinks are naturally rich in vitamins anyway like a daiquiri. Shouldnt be any different.

Angela W
you will be fine drinking with vitamin ,

Most hard caplet, multi-vitamins don't break down in the intestines, no matter what you wash them down with, so it doesn't really matter if it's beer or Kool-Aid.

I wash tons of pills down with alcohol, and it has no effect on me. :D

It's not dangerous, but it won't do you any good either, unless you're eating something. Try to take it with breakfast.

Yea, its a vitamin....alcohol itself has vitamins in it, almost all drinks do.

It's about as dangerous as having a glass of wine with your salad.

Nohbdy Ahtall
I'm very sure that's okay, not that alchohol is okay lol.
GOOGLE for extra evidence =P! lol

the eyes have it!
it's fine

course it is girl! make the whole experience much more easygoing

~Moment of Weakness~
Not dangerous ..but all of your vitamin may not be absorbed, because alcohol pushes everything out of your system rather quickly.

that guy"s second account
it's fine you healthy drunk you

Trey M
its perfectly fine. actually if you drink a lot you loose more vitamins so you should do it more often.

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