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Is it disturbing that a certain AltMed member on this board is recruiting people from other websites...?
...to join in their campaign against mainstream medicine on Y!A? Is this akin to cult activity?

I'll keep this short. A recent question was posted on this board regarding cancer, the usual AltMed members answered and disturbingly other people seem to have been recruited from outside websites to join this forum with the sole intention of answering the question to support a specific AltMed member on this board.
Does anyone else feel this is a misuse of Y!A? Does this behavior amount to spamming?

Additional Details
This is the question I am referring to

And this is an example of the behaviour I am referring to:

not much different than your gang traveling together and discouraging folk with misleading and false comments re: AltMed methods. I looked at the site and saw it as information, not an invitation. one or your group has already posted the same question.

No, it is not a misuse of Y!A

So you can dish it out but you can't take it? Please, Rhianna, if you do not agree with the alternative methods mentioned here go to the other forum that deals with "traditional" medicine and contribute there. This has become a battleground between alternative medicine and "traditional" medicine with name calling and insults being hurled. The end result is a disservice to people who come on to this forum to get ANSWERS about their chosen form of therapy. It is not up to YOU, Rhianna, to try to dissuade these people from getting the information they have asked for.

Since you obviously are not a fan of alternative methods, I have to wonder why you continually come into this forum. A majority of your answers are aimed at discrediting alternative medicine; I don't know if you do that to try to "prove" that "traditional" medicine is superior or if you just want to prove your own credibility in your own mind.

What I find disturbing is your continued closed minded attitude towards the whole art of healing. A GOOD physician considers all methods of treatment whether they be derived from drug therapy or from an alternate source. Since you are a very recent graduate from medical school, please tell me that you have not already forgotten the critical phrase in the Hippocratic Oath: "Do NO harm".

It is very disturbing as this could cause patients to ignore their doctor and try out these idiotic and ridiculous "treatments". Furthermore the whole pseudoscience of alternative or complementary medicine isn't endorsed or even used by the majority of physicians due to its ineffectiveness and is a waste of time and money.


Education is the key, I used to beleive in the medical establishment too but over 2 years ago(NOV2007) my stepfather was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and given a couple of months at most (he was 78 yrs old at the time). Well due to alternative medicine (Oleander to be specific) he has spent the last 3 Christmas's with us. He has great quality of life and plays golf every week at 80 yrs old! I have learned so much and now know what I will do if ever faced with cancer or any other illness!. On the other hand my uncle who was so close minded to alt medicine survived two weeks from the time he was diagnosed with cancer (we just buried him) all the medical establishment did was knock him out with pain medication and he starved to death.... My choice is clearly made, no doubt about it! Take care & best wishes.

IrishPrincess <3 my BC shep
oh yes i think that this is spamming and it should be stopped. This is happening a lot of late and it is taking the enjoyment out of using ya.

William T
I've said it before and I'll say it again, AltMed is like a dangerous religion. It's a group of people bound by completely unsubstantiated beliefs that create a philosophy and a way of life. Science based medicine can be used by anyone but you have to be a certain kind of person to buy into AltMed. I came here on my own while answering questions relating to science (which includes medicine) and was disgusted by what I saw. People recommending vinegar for infections, ear candling, homeopathy, reiki, reflexology, drinking your own urine, and so on. Even worse are the cancer claims. They are disturbing and vile and I sincerely hope that each person here who claims to be able to cure cancer ends up with cancer.

I don't feel that in general this behavior is a misuse of Y!A. It's not spamming, at least not yet. However if they promote their own website or make obviously false claims, such as being able to cure all forms of cancer through nutrition, then they individual answers should be reported as fraud and a danger to other users.

Also, not surprisingly, your evidence from curezone has been deleted. That site is a joke.

well, I suppose how I would interpret/perceive that personally might depend on what side of the fence I was on.

If I was in a minority on here, I might get upset; however, certainly this is not a violation of ya answer rules.

I think this member seems to be insulted or attacked more than most of those sharing his viewpoint from what I have seen lately and sometimes this can be upsetting to a person as noone likes to feel ganged up on or misunderstood..

I think it is only natural to want to defend oneself when one feels attacked or singled out maybe and to have people who know them on a personal level support them with a more balanced viewpoint or that they have helped come to their defense to show a different point of view/side of the person as a healer and helper that I personally feel he is from reading some of his answers.

I think that maybe people on both sides when they feel insulted or that a questions interesting or that advice/post given makes them upset might email their friends and ask them for support or to weigh in on the question. I find it hard to believe that none of the skeptics have never done that,,the only difference is that tony went to a different site to email people in his corner or sharing his beliefs than just emailing people on here like some of you all might have done.

Really what is the harm in that as this is an open forum for all, not just for the regulars.

If a person for example knew something would help someone, they might get others who shared in their research or whatever, to also weigh in to give their opinions on it to show the person it had some validity or whatever. I think this is kind of similar.

I do think many of the members on curezone are very knowledgeable of alternative health and since that is what this forum is for..people asking and answering questions on alternative health, more people into that would only benefit the side although it might shift the balance and upset those who have an opposing point of view.

I think the important thing to remember is that everyone on here try to help others to the best of their ability and beliefs. The person then will need to make their own choice based on what they have heard/read/believe or if the advise resonates with them. What they ultimately do is really not under our control. although our words can influence them as can our tone and demeanor.

I think with the person asking about cancer, the more answers they get, the more thought they might put into thinking what is the best course for them.

Likely people in both camps will eventually find themselves to this forum as this is one of the most popular forums of its type and heavily indexed for searching engines.

Someone looking for help with a health problem and searching the internet is likely to eventually find this site and once they do find that it is quite addictive and stay so if he recruited others to come here, it is likely they may have eventually found their way here anyway. Even if they would not have, it is not really that important is it?

When the people on curezone who feel they have gotten to know Tony came on here and looked at the question, it is likely they personally got upset at seeing him talked about badly as they saw him differently and this caused them to want to defend him and present their view of him..some of them may have gotten to know him over years and they also may have strong views on cancer they wish to express once they read the question and answers.

I don't think this is a violation and wonder what is the intention of posting all this..is it really cause you feel it is wrong or to try to embarrass him for feelings you may have on him?

Either way, I can see both sides but more so, that he felt ganged up on and that he was being slandered and wanted to reverse that perception and that is why he asked others to take a look.

Hopefully, you will cut the guy a break. And maybe we can all try to follow the golden rule and forgive one another. But that is up to each person what course they will try to set.

One thing I do find upsetting is the trend on here to keep referring to people who believe in alternative health as cultists.

A cultist usually has little mind of their own. Alternative health comprising a big umbrella of things..about 100 different things or more. Even allopaths believe some of it.

Nearly everyone has used some kind of home remedy or folk-cure in their lives. Nearly everyone has taken a pill in their lives. People have many different experiences and read many different things. When people learn and participate in things, it is natural to form opinions on those things.

One fact throughout history is that people will and do disagree on a myriad of things. Try to get ten people in a room to agree on say 10 topics and it will likely be impossible. But taking disagreements to the level of hate and war is one thing man has not learned form his mistakes on.

I personally am in the habit of making my decisions based on my reading and personal experiences and tend to think divergently a lot. I am pre

☼▬Jessi Ann▬☼
Just an FYI for the Alt meds and Science people, when your answer takes up more than 6 inches of the page, your wasting time. Just let it go.

PS: I also find it interesting that 75% of the answers have equal numbers of thumbs up and thumbs down,lol.

fred hall
Alternative answers and methods abound in many subjects. They challenge the mainstream and accepted practices and even results. You can see the problem in our accepted so called Christian country.
It is open and up to people with knowledge and experience to meet the challanges and persuade by example and results.
You will never rid the people of foolishness.

Tony I
Since your question is directed at me, the same as you have directed multiple insults and personal attacks at me, I will point out the following:

First of all, I rather imagine that Yahoo would love to have people recruited to join in the discussion here. One of the places where I invited others to come join in the discussion and share their experience and opinions is a Yahoo Health group about alternative medicine. The other was the second largest website devoted to natural and alternative healing in the world, where there are many, many people who actually have knowledge and experience with alternative medicine. How inappropriate is that?

Secondly, it is no violation no matter how much you and your group may wish it to be one.

Thirdly, after seeing the usual mainstream denial information and people taking shots at me and about using diet, lifestyle and natural herbs to beat and prevent cancer, and even suggesting that I was lying, I thought it would also be beneficial to have people who are familiar with using such items and who actually are familiar with me weigh in on the issue. If people who don't know me are going to take shots at me, then it is entirely fair to have people who do know me weigh in.

And finally, when it comes to hijacking questions, voting and thumbsing up or down in blocks, anyone who follows certain members here will see right through any attempt of the pot calling the kettle black. In my opinion, it is high time that the rest of us put an end to having questions in Alternative Medicine hijacked by a group dedicated to opposing alternative medicine.

Eight times now I have had questions or answers reported for no apparent reason other than people not wanting to see information here that did not agree with their bias (and perhaps their agenda). Seven times the initial deletions from the false reports were reinstated. I would say that is pretty clear evidence that there are those here who wish to force their will and anti-alternative bias on the entire section and on those who come here seeking alternative information. So tell who is really trying to hijack questions and this section?

My suggestion: get over it. I would opine that only someone with an agenda and bias against natural and alternative medicine would have a problem with people recruited here who favor alternative medicine. This IS the alternative medicine question and bringing people here to comment on their experiences and knowledge is entirely appropriate no matter how much it may rub against those who naysay it (and in one notable instance you may recall, have gone so far as calling nature itself "woo").

EDIT - Fitz, As I said before, though you and I disagree often, you do not resort to insults and personal shots.

I'm no martyr, but I daresay that no one has had so many reports, deletions and then resinstatements and apologies from YA as I have in only the past couple of months. Coincidence? I think not.

If you have not seen those kind of things, (such as repeatedly saying I am wasted space) or calling me a "flaccid member" then you have not been following the others answers - or else they have been edited or deleted before you saw them.

I find it amazing to see this question being here when the negative votes against me increased by 16 in the past several hours on an old question. Who is trying to hijack here?

Gee, thanks, Tink. I thought you were more reasoned than that. For the record, I have never once said that I can cure cancer. I don't treat cancer nor do I diagnose cancer. I simply give my advice and opinions on what I think a person can do to beat and avoid cancer. I will say with no hesitation that my advice has helped a great many people beat cancer, many of whom had been given up on by mainstream medicine. And there are hundreds who can tell you so.

Where have I ever told anyone to buy my book or provided a link to buy it? In all the time I have been here, maybe 5 people might have bought my book that are on this site. Five people for 800 answers? And I have given the book away to far more than that.

How is it not sporting to have people who know me come here to offer their opinions to counter the insults and falsehoods posted by those who don't know me? They can't give thumbs up or thumbs down, just tell you what their experience and opinions are. Sheesh.

Warning people away from the "best" ways to treat cancer? If trying to cut out, poison out or burn out the mere symptoms of cancer is the best mainstream medicine has to offer it is not good enough by a long shot.

One more time Tink, where have I ever said I could cure cancer? In over 800 answers how many times do you find a reference to my book? I used to use it to establish credibility, but have largely not used it in quite a long time. When I take my time to answer questions here my book sales don't increase, they decline. CureZone has a lot more credible and knowledgeable people when it comes to alternative medicine than what you find here. Sorry, but there is no sparing you for that unwarranted shot.

Weaver The Beaver
I cannot underestimate to you my loathing for the alternative med group cult. They are responsible for so much of the trash and false hope that we meet on a daily basis. I recently met a patient dying in hospital who was suffering from late stage pancreatic cancer who was guaranteed a cure from a quack.

The altmed group are a cult of ignorant uneducated people who attempt to justify their existence through colossal amounts of deceit and dishonesty. They pick on the most vulnerable people of society, instilling them with lies, more lies, false hope and expectations. These altmeds are normally people who have a need to feel self important, and they don’t usually have the aptitude to become something like a real doctor, instead they choose to become quacks and fill people with lies, so they can feel good about themselves, and actually deceive themselves thinking that they are some expert in a particular field. In reality quacks are one of the most complicated con artists you can come across. Most con artist's know that they are scamming people, whereas quacks sincerely believe that they know what they are talking about, even though they have never had any training, or have any scientific proof. This is due to their psychological need to feel important and significant. I don't think people like Tony have any idea on how small and petty they look to the observer.

Note this: The fact that they deleted the links you gave in your question points to their guilt and underhandedness.

Nevertheless, although the alternative med group (who don’t even deserve the word medical in their description) have somewhat hijacked the forums, I don’t think it is against yahoo rules, and technically they are well within their rights to get other people to join in the discussion, whatever their views may be.

However, I don’t think you should let it trouble you. Your job as a health professional is to give expert medical advice; it is up to the patient if they want to take it. The fact that some quacks want to take control of the forum by asking help from outsiders should prove to you their insecurity about their pseudo science. Don’t less yourself get concerned with their petty small-minded games.

As one response said, Just let it go You have better things to do!

You should carry on giving your expert medical advice regardless. Know that there are plenty of people on here who take you seriously and welcome your medical advice. Your contribution to these forms is exceptional and embraced by many.

First I am not a writer so bare with me in my writting and spelling: I don't think it should be disturbing to anyone, if you have not walked the walk of cancer, or if you have not walked by the side of someone that has. I didn't join this group just for Tony, as a matter of fact I joined this group and others because mom's nutritionist asked me to, so that we could share what we have learned and have first hand experience. I have been a yahoo member for a while now but not in this particular group.

I will say this, mom was told she had inflamatory breast cancer in march of 2007, she was 76 at the time she is now 78, and by her choice she said no surgery, I want to be put on prayer lists, and get me some herbs and natural stuff for this. Try and find me a dr that knows about nutrition and herbs and anything else out there. I did jus that, the nutritionist put her on a different diet a way of eating and supplements, herbs, etc. for 9 months, he then sent her to Cancer Treatment Center, where she was given taxol and herceptin. On December 19, through April 25 of 2008 she was in remission only thing was that we didnt know how to maintain it and keep it off, which we have learned since then on how to keep it from coming back. Like I told the Cancer treatment director in a conversation we had. He said, that accupunture had been proven scientifialy to help cancer patients, and prayer had been proven by scientist to help the patients. I then said this to him, "with all due respect sir, I don't need a scientist to prove to me that herbs, supplements and good nutrition works for the cancer patient and will get them to what you all call remission. We call it healing of the body through God's given herbs, and all natural things that we can eat and keep our bodies in good health. In April of 2009 the cancer came back, but this time we had more information on other alternatives we could use to fight it again, we did it the first time with less information. Mom is doing well, and the new treatment as painful as it might be, is working.

So why not let others know that there is a cure, a different one that works, depending on what you go for and who you see.Mom's oncologist works with alternative medicine, or is not spooked off if you use it along with the posion of chemo or rad given to the patients and if we can do it this way, why not? If you have not tired the alternative way or have not found the one that will work for you, then how can anyone say anything different?

This is all based on persoal experience, and about cancer hitting mainly older people, well I would agree with that. What I saw at the cancer treatment center was mainly people over 60 mainly women, who ofcourse get more stress from their men folk and not too many men folk in there, how can there be, they are the stressers! Well, most of the time, I did also see some young men and some very young women, because we all have cancer cells in our bodies nothing to do with it being passed down the line from family. When stress hits hard those cancer cells are ready to do their thing, doesn't matter who you are, or what you have or don't have in life. The point is to share what has worked and maybe it will work for someone else too, nothing to loose here but the cancer, in my humble opinion, I am not here to argue, just to share our personal experience for the fight against cancer. Perhaps some of the nay sayers will one day run to the herbs, and supplements for a cure from cancer, you never know.
One dr mom used to go, and internal dr, did not like her taking herbs, etc., yet one day his own wife through

Those who regularly oppose alt med tend to gravitate here under their own steam, (I spent my time on other answer boards and had little interest in alt med until I stumbled over this branch and was shocked by the insane answers on here). Cherry picking people to frequent this board is no different to the cherry picking alties use for proof of evidence: take the proof that agrees with your philosophy and ignore any indicators to the opposite.

Curezone is pretty sinister with its strange, totalitarian control and zero hope of democracy (but then given its only purpose is to generate cash its not surprising).

Tony, "For the record, I have never once said that I can cure cancer."

Is followed by:

"I will say with no hesitation that my advice has helped a great many people beat cancer,".

If there's a difference here between "beat" and "cure" then I think a lot of people would like to hear it.

(After lo_mcg's post, anyone else think Truthseeker is about as low a piece of excrement as you can get?)

Edit: Yep, looks like lo_mcg's emails are true, look what I just got:

From: Truthseeker

Subject: You low-life Facker.

Message: You just crossed the line you motherfuging son of Jackal.

Treat the Cause
No! I don't think so at all. I welcome anything that improves the lives of many people! and mainstream meds fall short. I use to think that Medical doctors were like GODS, Yep! I fell into this hook line and sinker. Then I watched family members being culled into taking more and more medicines, one to counteract the side effects of the one before. They wouldn't even leave the house without their zip lock bag full of medicines. I myself was on 3 prescriptions at the time. And seen I was heading down the same road as they. I started reading and learning more about my ailments and gradually got off these meds with diet change. YEP! diet change! But the older people in my family thought I was crazy for doing this because they were programmed to believe "doctor knows best!" By the media and the doctors. Another example of "big Pharma Money" Now my mo-to has changed dramatically. (diet first), (Alternative second) and as a last resort (meds). If you live by the first 2 with God in mind. You will never need the third. It's all a money making scam anyway, that is out of control here in th US and many other countries. The "big Pharma" pay for doctors educations and contribute campaign money to politicians. They make sure they get what they need in the way of bribes from the top to the botton. But call it different things like Campaign contributions and such. Thank God! That enough people are coming around with this new generation and doing something about it. I'm really glad you brought this question up, so that the truth can get out there.
Thanks Rhianna! Good Job!

EDIT: "Hey angry doc" This is an inteligent conversation! Is it not?

Luella M I've been saying the same thing for as long as I care to remember! But they don't listen! Why are they here, when their cult following is in the other sections!

Nah, not really, he can recruit as much as he wants, it still doesn't change the fact that alt med is bunk. Bring 'em on.

Are people being recruited to support a member or a point of view? Either way why would it matter? If they support the person and person after person are saying he's a great guy. Ok what's the harm?

If instead they're being recruited to voice their opinion because they happen to agree with the poster - as long as their opinions are genuinely theirs, why should we care about hearing more sincere opinions? This isn't a game and there isn't a prize, we're talking about life and death decisions so why narrow participation?

Certainly at least four of the people who answered the question had joined specifically to do so; without a doubt they were recruited from elsewhere on the internet by someone wanting support for their position.

There was very little if any knowledge about cancer in the answers concerned; whether strictly speaking it's spam as YA defines it I don't know - but it was shoddy behaviour, it hijacked the question asked and turned it into a promotion of alternative cancer 'treatments', few of the answeres concerned even attempted to answer the question, and if it isn't technically a misuse of YA and a violation, it should be


EDIT: Just to keep the facts straight - the question referred to was in no way about cancer treatment, alternative or otherwise. The asker wanted to know whether cancer was hereditary, and if so by how much her personal risk was increased given her family history.

The question was shamefully hijacked to promote alternative cancer 'treatments'; it was inappropriate, and it was insulting to the asker to ignore her question in that way.

And a number of people doing the hijacking joined YA specifically to answer that particular question - a call to arms had definitely taken place.
EDIT @ truthseeker - I HAVE had chemo, and radiotherapy, for stage 3 grade 3 cancer. I am fit and well over 5 years later.

Nobody claims they are guaranteed cures; if you think cancer doctors do then you have never been diagnosed with cancer and discussed possible treatments with any. They are not perfect, far from it; and I hope and believe that one day they will be looked back on in horror. But fo now they are what we have and we KNOW, because they have been tested in double blind clinical trials, that they save many lives and prolong many, many more.


EDIT @ 'Truthseeker'

''Edit: O really lo_mcg.
Show me the proof.''

What proof would you like? A picture of my scarred one-breasted chest, complete with radiotherapy tattoos, plus a 'before' picture to show that I did indeed once have a matching pair?

In addition to his silly remarks here, I have today received this email from 'Truthseeker':

''From: Truthseeker

Subject: Why you lying?

Message: You never got a real cancer healed by the radio and chemo.
Stop it please, I am losing the respect I had for you.
And don't worry how I know!
Maybe the little bird did tell me. ''

It's almost endearingly childlike, don't you think folks? 'Telling me something that doesn't fit in with my simplistic beliefs? Liar! Never mind how I know, I just know! AND I don't like you any more!!'



More 'Truthseeker' fun, folks! And this one reveals a level of bonkersness and delusion hitherto unsuspected:

''From: Truthseeker

Subject: I am sorry.

Message: It is an unpleasant and unsatisfying deed to advise you that the operation performed on you was uncalled for and unneeded. You are just one of thousands involved in this whirl.

And stop publishing the private e-mails.

I am giving this information to you, not to the whole world.

You should be embarrassed.

There are three organisations who have information on all denizens of this planet.

Guess to which one I do belong to.

Dr.Vlado B ''

Not even commenting on that PS, I let it speak for itself.

@Truthseeker - once you have sent an email, it is the property of the recipient to do with as they see fit. I neither asked for nor answered your emails; when I fight, I do it in the open.

@Paddy. You make a good point; anything anyone says on the internet may be a complete invention. But Truthseeker (like yourself) believes those claims that tally with his preconceived ideas, and dismisses those that do not. The very definition of a closed mind.

And for the record, I have NEVER claimed to have been 'cured' of cancer.

I have never said more than that I was diagnosed six years ago with stage 3, grade 3 cancer; that I had surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy; that I have now been in remission for over 5 years, that I am fit and well and that my most recent check-up revealed no sign of cancer.

Breast cancer is never considered cured and no doctor will tell a breast cancer patient they are cured or 'all clear'; breast cancer can recur or metastasise many years after initial diagnosis and treatment.

You have NEVER read a question or answer of mine where I have made any other claim.


EDIT @ Paddy - you seem quite happy to change your version of what I've said when you're challenged. I was responding specifically to this: 'your claim that you had a cancer that was cured by chemotherapy'

Actually, I would not say 'successfully treated', I would say 'treated, and now in remission with no sign of cancer', which is what I have said.

I have never warned anyone that the alternative is death, you are confusing my posts with those of other contributors. I have said 'alternative' treatments are untested and unproven, whereas conventional treatments have been tesed and proven in clinical trials. I stand by that.

Some types of cancer are undoubtably cured by conventional treatments (though, as I also always say, there is no guaranteed cure for any type of cancer); it is just not possible to claim that the particular cancer I had is one of them. If you knew anything about cancer you would know that.

It was clear from your edit that you don't believe me ,on the same childlike basis as Truthseeker claims not to - doesn't fit in with your narrow preconceptions, must be a lie. Neither TS nor you has any reason to disbelieve me other than the fact that I say I'm fit and well following conventional cancer treatment, and you two don't think that happens. But sorry if you feel your ego hasn't been sufficiently stroked, I'll mention you by name wherever relevant if that will make you feel better.

I am only aware of one other person who has called me a liar (in a roundabout sort of way) - the contributor to this board who claims he had cancer for six years and then cured it himself with a little dab of an essential oil (I forget which one). Though you will, of course, believe his claims (both of his cancer and his cure) without question, there are not many other people, even among Alt Med believers and contributors to this board, who did/would.

Hey, are you a member of the organisation that has 'information on all denizens of this planet' too? Know what - I'm pleased and proud to be disbelieved by people living in that particular fantasy world.

Wow, between that cancer question posted and this one, this crowd is an awful lot like my uncles at Thanksgiving dinner once the first bottle of whisky is gone. Usually by the second one someone is being chased through the snow half naked with a buck knife...

Bunch of savages...


All is fair and love and war...so sure, Tony is "allowed" to go do that sort of thing. Is it "good sportsmanship?" No, not really. I think that alone speaks volumes. Do I care? Eh, I think its kind of weird...rather weird. And it oddly feels an awful lot like trying to market a book....And I have to wonder about the motivation of anyone claiming to cure cancer...

I've known a whole bunch of "alternative doctors*" (M.D. D.O. N.D) and none would go so far to claim that....

I have read the questions you starred Rhianna, and I'm disturbed as you are. We can always drop a message about this on the Yahoo!Answers Suggestion Board :


Just to get some opinions from knowledgeable people and even perhaps from the Staff itself.


I received an answer from the Staff :

" If you are certain that the information presented is misleading and has a commercial intention, please do report it "


Gary Y
The question you are referring to was going along just fine, with intelligent answers, until our friend came in with a anti-medicine rant.

This is some of the advice he gave:

"I am convinced that cancer is over 90% preventable and also that it is over 90% curable, especially if it is caught soon enough and the person does not treat it exclusively (if at all) with surgery, chemo or radiation"

He is effectively advising cancer sufferers not to use surgery, chemo or radiation - our best methods of fighting cancer. That advice is vile, disgusting, appalling and the height of quackery.

It's no wonder an argument ensued.

Rhianna, I don't think his underhanded tactic of recruiting his deluded cult followers to support him is as yet a misuse of YA, though it is cheating - what if he gets 50 people to thumbs up his answer and thumbs down everyone elses? And if he does this repeatably? Yes this should be taken up with YA and I'll support you.

Why do the cancer quacks need to resort to such tactics? Ask these guys for evidence and this is what you get.

Anyone who goes out there and tells people to ignore proper sound medical advice, the best evidence based advice of the day, especially for life threatening diseases, should be taken to task.

Cancer quacks cannot clinically support their claims with any kind of evidence, they only have the effect of stealing precious time, and money, from the sick and grieving.

EDIT: Truthseeker - I don't have any burden of proof that chemo cures cancer. I said it is one of our best evidence based methods of FIGHTING cancer. Don't throw red herrings into the discussion. (and fancy you of all people asking for evidence)

And yes I absolutely would use chemo if I was advised to.

Where do you get the "three mistakes" from - do you somehow have better knowledge or qualifications than all of medical science? Sounds just a little pretentious to me.

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