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htx_281 (T0luca) (_8(I)
Is it bad for your health to drink aloe vera?

judy w
I used to buy a gallon at a time and drink it faithfully (1 cup daily). Didn't do anything for me not even the poops. Use it for burns or sun tan lotion. Makes you turn brown, not burn.

I would say it's very good for you if it's pure and natural, not pasteurized

The effect of Aloe Vera depends on the metabolism of each individual and on the purpose he/she uses it for.
Once I used A.V. on my skin because it is said to moisten it. Actually on my skin it had the opposite effect. My friend in Mexico in contrast always uses it with good results.
There is a huge publicity campaign going on especially in Europe because A.V. has to be imported and is very expensive for the customers so the marketing machine always attributes healthy effect to the use of A.V.
In fact supposedly the plants always meet the needs of the people who live in the regions where they are growing.
Give it a try!

I don't know how much you should have of it, but I think it would be good for you. Aloe vera has the ability to heal wounds. I do remember it has the ability to heal internal problems. It was decades ago, I learned this. Sorry I can't remember details.

Aloe Vera is very good for your intestines/stomach. It has been known to reverse colon cancer.

Too much can make you nauseated or have diarrhea.

A 'shot' (shot glass) or two per day is sufficient.

This website backs me up:

Not at all.... unless you drink too much, then you might get diarrhea.

Used in moderation, it is very safe and healthy. It can specifically help soothe an upset stomach and your overall digestive tract. The only thing "bad" about it (assuming it's from a good quality company) is that it doesn't always taste very good.... I think it tastes like bitter water, personally.

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