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Mr. Kizzle
If more people die from alcohol than marijuana....?
Statistics show that alcohol is the #1 leading cause of death from any drug, second on the list is Meth and a list of other hard narcotics....then wow.. last on the list with 0 known deaths due to overdose or indirect relations.
It's my understanding that many non-smokers are quick to judge anyone that smokes marijuana is instantly labeled "pot-head" and this ill-image of a low-life individual is concieved.
Comming from a list of family and friends that have always been responsible with the drug (most of which prefer it since alcohol ...yano.. the "legal" one..has lead to abuse and problems in my family).
My question is this... why is the leading killer drug in america legal (alcohol), along with ciggarettes that are filled with non-tobacco chemicals such as arsenic (spelling?) which is rat-poison and it's perfectly fine to use and/or abuse them in most cases.. but weed is frowned upon and made out to be the big no-no?...
Opinions? Reasons? Comments?.. please share...

Alchohol was only legalized because of the humongous problems with organized crime in the past. Also, a person can have a 2 beers, and be legal to drive and fine to do whatever 15 minutes later. If a person smokes 2 joints, they aren't going to be fine to do anything for about 12 hours except sleep and eat a pie or a whole bag of red hots.

The problem is that most people are stupid and can't be responsible with the legal drugs (alchohol, cigarettes, prescriptions) that we have now. They would be even more stupid and irresponsible with a more powerful commercially available drug. Think about it. If it was legal, don't you think Phillip Morris would grow the best, most powerful, genetically modified marijuana on earth with their billions of dollars available? You'd smoke one marijuana cigarette they make and blackout for 2 days. LOL.

Also, I've seen people where I live rolling down the street smoking a bowl and they can barely stay in their lane and are about to wreck the car.

I would personally love to see an end to alcohol and cigarettes or at least a HUMONGOUS increase in taxation on said products. The only problem is that with this, there is still a demand there and then organized crime gets involved. This taxes the local and national law enforcement even more, costing the average person even more in taxes, etc.

I've heard an opinion that it is because the govt. wouldn't be able to tax it or make any profit from it.

Art The Wise
Alcohol and tobacco may be the leading causes of physical death but mariguana would be the leading cause of mental suicide. I've seen pot-zombies left and right.

I think alcohol should be against the law as well, but thats just me.

monitoâ„¢ / sixxx - The reason alcohol is number one is because is legal. If Marijuana was legalized, more death would occur from its use.

^That may have been the funniest thing Ive read all day. You should read more books.

People are dumb that's why, we should choose the lesser of 2 evils!

(Canada has a political party of Matijuana lol)

Because the goverment makes money on cigarettes and alcohol...

When the Constitutional Amendment repealing Prohibition was being debated, it was considered to include marijuana in that repeal. To that end, the Federal government even printed up tax stamps for marijuana that are still being stored in a government warehouse. The political reality at the time, though, was that in the 1920's and 1930's the vast majority of marijuana users were black and they were effectively disenfranchised from most states. Thus there wasn't the popular push for legalization as there was from middle-class white voters who drank alcohol that resulted in the repeal of Prohibition.

Arguably, marijuana is one of the least harmful of the mind-altering substances out there. Certainly habitual daily use of marijuana can have deleterious effects (as can daily habitual use of alcohol), but there is no evidence that occasional use of marijuana is particularly harmful other than the respiratory consequences of smoking. For now, the most harmful aspect of marijuana use is being arrested for possession and being stuck with a criminal conviction that could follow one for the rest of ones life.

I have always wondered the same question! I think that weed should be legalized. the goverment could tax us on it and they would love it. Alchol is bad, Its man made and it does cause alot of deaths. I have never heard of any weed related accidents have you? There are other crimes out there that police should be worrieing about other than busting people for weed! We live in a twisted world!

Retarded Dave
The government wants you to die! Alcohol is there way of population control! Marijuana just destroys your brain cells. Make it lethal and they will make it legal!

alcohol's effects are over and out of your system sooner than marijuana

I believe that marijuana is frowned upon because a lot of the people (usually younger) that smoke it are fairly umkempt and out of shape. The general idea is that if you smoke pot, you're going to be lazy and your life isn't going anywhere. Most people can't smoke everyday and function. They stop showering so often, they don't want to go to work, and it's almost as bad for your lungs as cigaratte smoke, so you're not as active, and you're out of shape (plus, getting "the munchies" can add to your out-of-shapeness). That is the stereotypical pot head. I have a friend though, who smokes about a quarter of KB everyday and is a successful businessman. He has three houses and a family and he's happy. He's almost always stoned, but his life is going in such a good direction. I don't believe smoking weed will ruin your life, as long as you know how to control yourself. I do, however, refrain from smoking it myself, only because it is illegal. It's just not worth it to me to get arrested for having it on me.

I agree ! I know a lot more drunks that abuse their families than potheads do. It's really just rediculous !

Grin Reeper
Dude weed is totally like good for you man.... wow i love you all...wooooooooo lol that looks funnny

just me
Exactly, I don't toke anymore but I used to. I seemed to be more in control of myself doing that than I did drinking. Some of the reasons they won't legalize pot is because they don't know how to tax it, they feel it leads to stronger drugs and they don't know how to really stop people from growing their own. Believe me once the government figures out how to make as much money off it they do booze, they will be quick to legalize it.

Beer Advocate
Because Marijuana is considered a gateway drug that creates an addictive personality, users often switch to harder drugs (such as meth) to try to get a better high as the body gets used to marijuana.

great question-u have an excellent point.i'd see if there's a web-site where u can ask a doctor or ex-cop that.i wish i knew.

alcohol is the biggest killer becuase of drunk driving, not as much as actually consuming too much. alcohol eventually goes away, unless you drink way too much.

marijuana should be legalized. it is healthy, as it was used way back when, and also in hospitals. im not sure if its still used today. also, it is statistically proven to be better than cigarettes as it does not contain poisons like you said.

alcohol is legal, easy to get and socially acceptable so its abused more, therefore incidences with alcohol are higher
they should all be illegal but alcohol and tobacco industries have the money to fill the pockets of polititions
and with so many ppl addicted to alcohol and tobacco who would vote to make them illegal anyway

since we already know what having these substances legal has led to then why legalize another

it takes longer to die by drinking but more ppl drink so more ppl die
marijuana is strong but less ppl do it so less ppl die

Good Luck!!

i hope u chose neither one though

I do consume alcoholic beverages but do not use Mary-jane. However, i do know a lot of people that use both. Deaths due to an illegal substance are gong to be less due to the fact of being a illegal substance and not as easily accessible to all. I would like to know though, how many deaths due to alcohol were also marijuana related. Hmmmm interesting.....

I would like to add there are casual drinkers vs over drinkers as well as casual smokers vs pot heads. I have seen many pot smokers act way worse than any of the drinkers that i have been with. As all bad habits smaller quantities of consumption should wisely the best be practised by all.....but what are those chances....

Wow never knew so much till now, but I do agree with you. Smoking weed can't give you lung cancer but cigarettes can, and alcohol I don't even mess with b/c I grew up with a drunk in my family. SO why not make weed legal(Bush should really push this issue) because it seems to be the only illegal drug out there that doesn't kill anybody.

Jane S
Because the government hates us. There would be WAY too many happy people walking around.

Well, one has ot be mor edeadly then the other, they cant both be the same. i say dont do any of it. alchohol its self doesnt kill people as much as people drinking and driving.

Very good point...I used to smoke till I started a family but If it wasn't so frowned upon I would defiantly still be doing it. It was relaxing.
I hate the commercials you see on t.v. that make pot out to be on the same level as alcohol abuse!
If everyone stopped all alcohol and all narcotics and switched to pot...the world would be a better place.

Private Account
The reason alcohol is number one is because is legal. If Marijuana was legalized, more death would occur from its use.

OK here's the deal the only bad thing i c with weed is it doesn't get me anywhere in life takes my money and time! But my biggest issue with it, is the way people treat me when they find out i smoke! so i keep it on the low only with my close friends!

ps. I dont drink...go firgure!

If the government could control the sales of marijuana then it would be legalized, however they cannot so that is why it is illegal, You Pot head. LOL

gypsy g
Its called acceptable population control.

I would much rather be driving on the highway with the person who smoked than the one who had just come out of a bar. Here is why:

A. The person coming out the bar drunk gets into their car, starts driving erraticly, weaving in and out of traffic, speeding between cars, putting everyones life at risk.

B. The person leaving their friends house after smoking pot gets in his car, starts driving reallly slow, like 5 miles per hour, looking for an open Krispy Kreme or Dennys, endangering only their stomaches.

People who get drunk get into fights and kill people.

People who smoke pot just laugh at each other till they pee themselves.

Many men who get drunk beat their wives

Most men who smoke pot just beg their wives to bake cookies.

Tax revenues from alcahol sales help pay for roads, schools, libraries & more. Oh, and to fund anti-DUI awareness campaigns.

The US government spends billions on a combination of inmate housing, erradication campaigns & anti marijuanna campaigns, all without the benefit of taxation.

Just legalize it.... Tax it.... Enjoy it....

I feel it's only looked down upon because it is illegal. No other reason. It rarely turns a person into a non-caring adict like alcohol and other drugs can do. It's not near as addictive as any of the one's you named. I believe it should be legal personally.

Campbell Gramma
no one...NOT ONE PERSON......has ever died from ingesting Marijuana.......( in any form )...in order to ingest a toxic amount....you would have to eat/smoke upwards of 5 or more POUNDS of it......which is impossible...

no one can say that about alcohol, cigarettes...and pharmaceuticals

and, since tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceutical companies fund our government....and thus, our economy....if marijuana were made legal on a federal level....these companies would lose billions and billions of dollars...and so would our economy...

it's all about $$$$$$$$$

tell your reps in Congress to vote yes! for legalization, at least for medical patients who are suffering both with their illnesses AND with the horrible side-effects of conventional medicines...

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