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 Hello I'm slightly deranged!!?

I need some remedies for sore throats that don't involve alcohol (no crude suggestions please!)?
I'm in the really rubbish position that my husband has been losing his voice on and off for the last 5 weeks, so I have been running his recruitment agency waiting for him to see a specialist. I've managed to come down with a really sore throat and am having to do everything vocally with work and our two small children. I'm writing a lot of notes when I'm not on the phone and we have got an amplifying phone so I'm not having to speak any louder than if I was talking to someone in the same room.
Help - I can't lose my voice - any ideas?????

try eating a lockett

pepzi_bandit 2
gargle with listerene
it kills the germs

Alfred E. Newman
My doc always told me to gargle with soluble aspirin or salt water.Breathing steam is a good way to help your voice and also raw honey helps.

Honey has a soothing and anti bacterial effect. Try and get some local honey rather than the cheap imported stuff.

Bee ha
Hi, Gargling with soluble aspirin is wonderful.

Honey and lemon is yummy, add some ginger for a bit of tang.

Stay away from sore throat sweets unless they are sugar free as the sugar feeds the bug!

Also known for bug feeding are milk and cream so stay away from them too and try a herbal tea instead.

ive got a sore throat and a throat infection atm i was told by my doctor to drink 8 glasses of water a day n eat lots of vitaman c

it will go in the end

why not try honey lemon and hot water obviously you could put in a tot of whisky but as you don't want any alcohol you can leave it out.

Honey and Lemon the real stuff

You should disinfect your vicinity,it can't be normal that both of you have the same complaint ! Crush lots of garlic and put it in a jar of honey let it marinate overnight and start taking it one tablespoon every 4 hrs . ! You can give that to your children too so that they don't get it !

Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) is the best remedy I have found for sore throat. 10 drops in juice (well stirred and quickly consumed) several times daily seems to do the trick real fast.

+MiSs MuRdEr+
basically if you want these symtoms to go away go to the doctors...but drink and eat alot of vitamin c foods and drinks to...

hot honey and lemon, works for me when ive got sore throats.

jennifer c

This works great for me...try drinking boiled water with some honey and lemon. Hope this helps

slice a lemon add a tablespoon of honey and pour boiling water over it leave to cool them add sugar to taste

Definitely try honey and lemon. Also any kind of tea.

If that doesn't work, my grandmother used to do this:

Score an onion (make shallow cuts all the way around)
Put it in a glass jar
Fill the jar with honey and cover it
Put the jar in a pan of boiling water and let it boil for a few hours
Remove the onion from the jar but leave the honey in it

Use this honey in tea or water, on food, with lemon, or by itself. It's supposed to help better than just plain honey.

Read here:



Lemon tea,
It really helps, and anything minty to sooth the pain.
I have the throat thing right now,

Anything with Zinc in it is REALLY good, it's like super boost for your imune system, with the zinc he should be able to kick it by tomarrow or the next day, at a drug store, look for cough medicine, called "ColdEaz. not sure how it's spelled, but it is PACKED with Zinc. Tell your hubby I'm srry, him and me are suffering together. Good Luck.

If it is because of overuse of your voice, try honey lozengers during the day and try a spoonful of honey at night or hot tea with honey and lemon. If you are developing a sorethroat related to a cold or other germ, gargling with colloidial silver and then swallowing the silver about 3 times a day will stop a sore throat in 24 hours and usually keep you from getting any other cold or flu symtoms. If you keep your throat lubricated during times of lots of talking, you should have no problem with losing or straining your voice. You can get colloidial silver at the health food store.

Gargle TCP mixed with water it does work.

Lynn S
Glycerine pastilles from Boots. They coat the throat and are very soothing, no alcohol or drugs in them but they do a good job and come in blackcurrant or strawberry flavour.

gargle with warm salt water

Hot tea with a honey does the trick.
Ricola is another remedy that works well since its herbal.


1. gargle with salty water. Not nice, but sooths.
2. gargle with water with a few drops of tea trea oil. don't swallow
3. gargle with with with a few drops of tcp. nasty, but also works.

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