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 What's the best home remedy for a sore throat?

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I was pretty sure

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 Does anyone know of any home remedies for a sore throat?


 What do you find is the best cure for a sore throat?

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boris and matilda
I have heard it is beneficial to drink urine. Should this be one's own urine, or a friend's?

Er have you had your ears tested lately?

that's just wrong!

ben b
may i mail you some of my urine to drink?
i dont know why, but it would make me feel superior, almost like an s and m thing?
Just that, as your asking.........

hows the weather in romania today?

Drink urine? What are the health benefits of that? Surely in 2006 you can get all the nutritional benefits you need from another source. Should I start selling mine on ebay? Some people will do anything if they read it in a magazine. Enjoy weirdo

rhino is the best, good luck catching it

leisa aka shazza!
ewwwwwww. ye good luck with that. ask one of your friends, but i think it may result in a slap in the face, and then b4 u know it, u have no friends and everyone down the local pub will know, and once they know, the whole world will know your dirty little secret! ha ha

i hope u are not going to drink it for real and if it was me i would not even drink my own thats just ****** up dam

hmm i have heard weirder things but no i wouldnt reccommend it pure clean water is what i would reccommend not urine we are not living in the elizebethan times

drinking it is soooooooooooo bad they had a man on "this morning" the tv show in uk, and tested him for toxins in his body he had the highest levels doctors had ever seen and he drank his own piss

In some parts of the world drinking OWN urine is considered as a remedy for cancer. I would suggest you ovoid that part of the world!

Your own. Enjoy.!

Yes, practicing Urine Therapy can be beneficial with one's own urine of course! Such therapy goes back 4,000 years ago from India and is also referred to as SHIVAMBUKALPA.

I cant see why it would be benificial, you drink water to flush out impurities from the body in urine, why would you want to put them back in again?

I think you could drink it if you where dying in the desert with no other water source available but only as a last resort.

Urine is a good antisceptic to treat jellyfish stings but you piss on the sting - you dont drink it.

Val G
I agree with Juan K. And he made me laugh!

♫poison ♥s will never change♫
it actually is...u should drink ur own urine if ur gonna do that. but u should let it rest in the fridge for like 2 days

poetrygirl on line
are you taking the p***? seriously I think it disgusting.

it has been said that it is good for you too drink,but i wouldn't want to drink mine let alone drink my mates lolol

mrs joyphil
I heard that too but never tried it. I guess drinking your own is safer. Did it ever occur to anybody that a fart is always nasty-smelling when ventilated by someone else, and that you don't notice a malodorous smell when it comes from you?

You can drink your own urine , NOT anybodies !
It should be early morning urin mid-flow caught in a glass and drank straight away while still warm !
Indian holy men used to do it and lived a very long and healthy life !

Playing Nice
Hi it should be yours. You are the best judge of nutritional value of the product

it is suppose to be your own

Deirdre H
The subject is called urinotherapy, and was prompted by a book entitled "The Water of Life". It has been touted as a remedy for cancer and AIDS. It's efficacy is not proven, and in some parts of the world, it is illegal, with possible jail time.

The process involves ingestion of one's OWN urine. While urine is relatively germ-free, I would avoid drinking another person's (as well as my own) urine. Maybe you can look up the book. Below is one website discussing (among others) the subject.

Juan Kassoff
are you takin the piss?

Know it sounds ludicrous, but yes, it is beneficial, and no, not a friends.This is known as urine therapy.I personally know someone(I trust) and they swear by it.
Did you know, urea, which is in urine, is used widely by the cosmetics industry.Check any face cream, you'll probably see it!Also, a guy who owns a port-a-loo company in the states is now making more from selling urine to pharmaceuticals than from renting the toilets.
Fortunately, I've had no need to try this, but if I needed to, I would.
My advice:if you feel the problem is serious, give it a try, it's free.And so you know, urine is completely sterile.It does not have to be ingested, apparently applying it directly to a problem area can help.Best of luck

royce r
You need to seek the advice of sane practitioner

it has to be your own but it sounds gross

u should always drink ur own urine tht is if ur gonna drink urine??

Ewwwwww it just makes me shudder to even consider it but if I had to drink it I would opt for my own cos you don;t know whats in your mates

[email protected]
it's not dangerous but there is proof as to it's beneficial effect, I'd give it a miss.

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