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i forgot about my drug screening.
i did lik 5 vicodin on friday.
my drug screening is on tuesday.
ive drank 2 gallons of water today
am i going to pass...
and does water ...

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I can't swallow pills?
I'm really worried, because I have a really bad infection which hurts like hell (ingrown finger) but I've never swallowed a pill before?
I seem to gag and I can't put it down far enough down my throat, I get panic attacks at the thought.

I haven't tried much, I admit, but the panic attacks put me off trying.

Any advice appreciated :) thank you xxx
Additional Details
lololol no thanks ;)
and i can't break them up either, smells like sihte :S

ummmmm i got it eat it with jello

$Gina aka Geezy$
eww but u should crush them and swallow with water

i don't know whether it's a good idea to crush them up, just jeep trying, get them right to the back of your mouth and try and swallow!

good luck

Dawn Celeste
Try holding some water in the back of your throat and then tipping your head back and dropping the pill in. Convince yourself it's just a gulp of water and get it down.

Ask your doctor for a liquid medication. Do not break up the pill and put it in a drink or food, it will lose it effect. But you can chew it up and drink something quickly to get the taste out of your mouth.

i had the same fear until i got an infection and HAD to take them, at first i tried to dissolve them in water worked ok, but slowly i made the pieces bigger until now i can swallow the stupid thing whole, it takes some effort but at least my brother stops teasing me now lol

1: get a glass of water
2: smash the pill with the glass
3: put the pill dust in the water
4: drink up

my mom always said "if you can swallow a BIG chunk of meat, then you can swallow this pill"

so, when you take your pill think of it as a big chunk of chicken or beef
gets it down gooood.

Gotta Lose 2 Win
snort the pill

put it in a piece of food and swollow it

i have the same problem i cant help and they can be very little and i still cant because i dont know it just feels like im killing myself by choking myself

TRy to put it in some applesauce- it should go right down .Also- you put a pill at the back of your tongue and you put a capsule on the front of your tongue.

Ashalena Lynn
try putting the liquid in your mouth first, then putting the pill in, then taking another drink to swallow

Jackie Draper
I'm gonna agree with the jell-o suggestion

I had a lot of trouble swallowing pills! I would gag. And after gagging time and again it hurts like mad! I never had panic attacks though.

I can swallow pills now. The only thing I can say is drop the pill in your mouth without your fingers or the pill touching your mouth and take a big mouthful of water as fast as you can. It hurts when it goes down (for me it hurt) but if you do it fast enough you won't gag at all. It's just the discomfort of the pill and water.

Good luck.

♥GaGa♫Fan♫ 4♥Life♥
I can't swallow pills either =P What I usually do is I either cut it in half or I crush it up. And I have panic attacks to =p I am always scared I will choke on them or something Lol. Try taking your mind off of the bad things that might happen hehe. I usually practice with smarties or m&m's or some kind of food. Try it!

Put the pill in applesauce or pudding and than wash down with milk. It really works.

Crush them up and either snort them or smoke them in a pipe.

Your pharmacist can provide antibiotics in liquid form that you can drink. Not all antibiotics come in liquid form, but your doctor and the pharmacist can consult to pick one that will serve your need. Talk to either one of them about it.

Lord Lordington the Lordly.
crush them up and put them in the water.

Lauren B
i have the save problem my sister just tells me to relax and to remember its just like swallowing regular food the the pill is actully smaller than the amount of food u usully swallow at one time so there is no possible way to choke or anything

im a lady
dont crush them its not nice, i had the same problem, what i did was eat some food and have your water and tablet ready, as your eating your pipes will be more open as soon as your ready swallow the last bit then quickly put the tablet at the back of your tongue and with the water swallow, dont think about it, just do it,
this is what my counselor taught me i find it really helps, hope this helps you.. good luck

Wait Until You See The Prize!
I have trouble with pills they make me gag and my throat closes! I hold my nose while swallowing and it seems to help a little

Crushing only makes this worse as I can swallow thing just not medicine Even crushed my throat closes. I think its because they taste nasty.

hide the pill in a teaspoon of ice cream or pudding...it will slide down easily

In Love
Okay, I take pills for my anxiety, which cause panic attacks. Don't crush up the pills and put them in water, it tastes terrible! What you need to do is fill up your cup all the way with water or what ever you want, EXCEPT FOR SODA, i'll explain why later. Then, put the pills on the back on your tongue. Drink some water, lean your head forward, then tilt your head back and swallow. Here is why you shouldn't use soda...okay, soda has some kind of interaction with pills, and if you use soda, you might throw up, trust me, my brother did. Also, if my answer doesn't work, ask your mom to find out if they have a liquid medicine. I've had infected toes and I think I know your medicine, and it's disgusting! I hope you feel better!

I used to have problems swallowing pills - even with water, as i'd just swallow the water and have the pill sticking in my throat.

My mum heard someone on the radio saying that she pressed her fingers against her left ear as she took the pill and swallowed, and that stopped the gag reflex... I tried it, and it's worked every time for me!

Hope it works for you x

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