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i forgot about my drug screening.
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my drug screening is on tuesday.
ive drank 2 gallons of water today
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I've got 'the trots'!..Whats a good natural remedy?

A cork

dry toast and soft boiled egg
tomato soup is a good one as well!

Sinead G
bananas and activated charcoal tablets

Cheese, lots of cheese......

The B.R.A.T. diet:

Apple Juice

Someone told me white rice. Grated apples was another, though I am now not sure if: you eat it while its white to end or cause easy bowels.. or if you eat it when its slightly darkened for the same reasons.
I usually go light, and enjoy herbal teas, normal teas, and light soups (chicken noodle being the heaviest), crackers, and room temperature white sodas.
Somethings just have to run (no pun intended) their course!
If it continues for too long, seek medical advice from an M.D.

eggs always do it for me

Try a headstand for a day or two that should do the trick.

a cork

your body is trying to get rid of a bug so help it. drink plenty of water and eat bio yogurt to help your gut recover.

Barking mad
No food for 24 hours, this will kill the bug. You are allowed Coke, strange but true, water of course.

Herbal teas: Bistort, raspberry leaf, magnolia leaf. Coconut milk. Cheese.

good luck

Drink plenty of water
Do not get Dehydrated

The BRAT diet


sexy legs
Don`t tell me you ate your own dog curry recipe ? To dry up your trots i suggest some doggie biscuits !

Eggs and clear fluids!

If you have the trots the best remedy I have tried is plenty of fluids - believe it or not and stewed cooking apples. I know this osunds bizaar but it worked for me. I had Dehli Belly which is the worst trots ever

If your talking about having runny bowels, you have an infection in the colon caused by very bad eating habits or excessive antibiotics. The natural remedy is change your diet. The colon is the last stop before elimination. Your body is trying to get rid of the excess salt in your colon thats being flushed out with fluids. Do you know what an enema is? If you are in this condition seek help from a hydortherapist.

hayley m
dont eat dog curry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

♣ My Brainhurts ♣
Natural I think not, but a few stiff shots of Pernod fixes me.

Loads of water! And try to keep baby wipes by the toilet-you're going to appreciate them after a day of the trots!

There is a remedy by Bioforce called Tormentil (not sure of spelling) which is very good for this condition.

dances with unicorns

David H
one word, acidophilus
it is a natual bacteria found in the gut. acidophilus is found in small quantities in probiotic drinks. you can get it in tablet for or chewable form (like bassett refreshers) keep these in the fridge to keep the bacteria active. 3 a day should clear you up in no time

You must try and get some of the good stuff back in. A sports drink containing elctolytes is good or flat ginger beer are both good for putting the good stuff back in.

A little anthrax puppy, don't cure it but it's good to wipe your **** on.

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