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Gary R
I'm looking for "natural" sleep aid's, any suggestions aside from tea?


White wine...yummy


jenn h
Make sure you know what you are drinking. If you are drinking any ting with aspartame in it stop drinking it. It is in Splenda, Crystal Light. Diet Sodas and sweeteners. I was drinking so much crystal light i was getting two hours of sleep some nights and that's it. No caffine after about 5 p.m.
Also. Melatonin. Make sure you take it at the same time every night!

needs help
i read somewhere that when it's dark around you, your eyes send a signal to ur brain that it's time to sleep. then your brain makes you sleepy. so u can wash ur covers, turn out the lights, and maybe even use an eye patch. it probably will make you sleepier. hope this helps! :)

Tryptophan -500mg. with juice, but away from food
theanine-amino acid for relaxation
Valarian-in a tincture
homeopathic rescue remedy for insomina
caffeine, tv and computer lights before bed, alcohol
Good sleep hygiene includes:
go to bed at the same time everynight-even on weekends
the best sleep state occurs before midnight
sleep in complete darkness-any light will trigger the excitatory neurotransmitters in the brain to start rousing you awake....even a digital clock!
sleep in a cool room- as part of the sleep process, your body temperature will drop. Some claim a hot shower helps them sleep, but a rise in body temperature can signal the brain to wakefulness.
Hope this helps!

Well, look at the type of tea you're possibly drinking. All tea has natural caffeine in it. Also, yes, lavender is wonderful for relaxing (which is why so many "night time" children's bath contains it). Lavender is also a very gentle oil and great for a lot of things. Chamomile is another one that's gentle and soothing to your body.
Other options, take a bath at night. Look at the foods you're eating. Do you do other things in your bed other than sleep (like read, watch tv, any work, etc.). Remember that your bed is a place for sleep and when you do work or read in your bed as well, your mind knows this. Your mind should know that when you go to bed that it's time for you to sleep. Start a pattern of always going to bed at the same time.
Take a look at why you're not sleeping and maybe we can come up with better suggestions. I'm a bit of an insomniac myself sometimes. My problem is that at night is when I go over all my worries. lol That keeps me up. :)

Go into a natural foods store like Wild Oats and you can buy a homeopathic little bottle. There's a calmes forte one

zzz therapy sleep well the healing gardens, spray on pillow it's like the field of poppies in the wizard of oz.

melatonin, but make sure you take it at the same time each night & go to bed the same time each night or it will mess up your sleep schedule. truckers & people who work odd shifts use this & it works for some of them.
otherwise try magnesium, when our bodies get low on it we dont rest as well or digest our foos as well. try listening to calming tapes at nigth or a tape where someone is reading a book to you. It works wonders. keep your room very dark. Most teas are stimulants so be careful. also limit your caffiene during day & no eating after 6pm. (makes energy.) Warm hot cocoa & a book in bed can also work to set up a sleepy haven. Good night!

melatonin is a very good sleep aid.Take an hour before bedtime.Not a good idea to take it to late in the evening.It`s a natural hormone made by the body.Many of us need to supplement with this.

concerned citizen
tea is not a sleeping aid. it is a stimulant. it contain caffeine. same to chocolate, and coffee.
suggestions: take a bath, warm milk, reading, watching a boring movie, lying down on your bed with open eyes staring at someting, and exercise

snippi f
i hear ganoderma extract could do that along with lots of great things

<3 FLYERS <3
melatonin and valerian root. valerian root makes you a little drowsy in the morning so i would try melatonin first. you can the 1mg or 3mg tablets.

I personally use melatonin pills but i first discussed it with my doctor

work out
sit ups push ups
treadmil and hot shower would be the best

I've had a lot of luck with Nikken's sleep system (mattress pad, comforter, and pillow). It helps you get to sleep faster, stay asleep better, and get into deeper sleep. My fiance, mom, and boss have also tried my system and loved it. My boss tried it and immediately said "Where do I get one", because he slept through the night instead of getting up 2-3 times.

Let me know if you'd like more info. Good luck!

Melatonin, found at your local health food store.

Melatonin is something you can buy in the vitamin aisle.

Listen to relaxation cds before bed. Get enough exercise and don't sit at the computer at night because it stimulates the brain.

Even though melatonin can help, do not take it consistently. It is addictive and your body will stop making it by itself. Shaklee has a natural gentle sleep complex that really helps and is not addictive.

First step is to make sure you are practicing good sleep hygeine. Just like you brush your teeth before bed (hopefully :]) you should have a healthy sleep routine setup....
This means:
1) No caffeine within 12 hours of bedtime. It sticks around a bit and can keep you up.
2) No eating within one to two hours before.
3) Sleep in bed only, no TV, reading or video games. Associating the bed in your mind with only sleep will help. If you can't sleep, give it fifteen to twenty minutes. If you are still up, get up, do something in another room for ten minutes, then come back to the bedroom. Again, only sleeping in the bed.
4) Sometimes people find that a regular exercise schedule including aerobics can help them regulate their sleep better as it tires them out.

One last natural thing that can help is trying some turkey for dinner. Turkey is high in the amino acid "tryptophan" which is noted to make people sleepy.

Valerian root or Melatonin. I have tried both, and find melatonin works better for me.

I like valarian root.

Melatonin can make one sleepy. Same with valerian, and kava kava can make one mellow. Lavender is supposed to be restful to smell.

Mr. G
A really boring book!! LOL

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