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How safe is to experiment with LSD, since it is not as bad a drug as the other ones!?
I mean I hear that two thirds of alchoholics who take a bit from it forget to drink for years!
Additional Details
So many great answers, I don't know now who to give ten points, though I am sure you did not answer my question in pursuit of points

Thanks for your answers, cose I really needed an insight!

I think a little bit of LSD might make the difference with me, but I am afraid of bad trips, mainly because I have a powerful imagination and it might just get me into hell , but it could also take me out of hell! if i find the courage to risk (as olng as I have some xanax or some form of support).

Thanks again!

not safe u can have a bad reaction 2 it..and get addicted

Misplaced Midwesterner
It's actually dangerous. You can perma-fry your brain if you take too much. It was developed as a psychological drug for use by psychiatrists in treating patients.

If I were you, I wouldn't experiment with it.

LSD users quickly develop a high degree of tolerance for the drug's effects: After repeated use, they need increasingly larger doses to produce similar effects.

Two long-term effects: persistent psychosis and hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD)

an LSD high can be described as a drug-induced psychosis.

HPPD refers to "flashbacks", wherein you will flashback to later highs. There are even some cases of individuals going into flashback, and never coming out.

Because LSD is so mind altering, you could actually kill or seriously disfigure yourself while high and not know it. When I was in high school there was a kid at my school who took a lot of LSD with his friends, and since he was having a bad high, he hallucinated that he had snakes for legs and he ended up cutting himself in half with a rotary saw in his dad's garage (needless to say he died).

sir galahad
it didn't do the soldiers a favour when they used it on them,what makes you think you'll be different?

i sharpen
Do not experiment with LSD.

LSD is actually extremely dangerous and not something you should just try. There are different kinds of LSD and you're putting your life at risk by taking it. You can never really know what type you're about to take.

The HIGH from taking LSD can last up to 12 hours. The first 6 hrs are supposed to put you in a euphoric state, but of course that's unpredictable, and not always the case. The next 6 hrs can be extremely destructive as you're coming down off the drug. Compare it to extreme depression times 10.

The hallucinations with LSD are very intense and occur 10 times more than any other drug. It can literally alter your personality. You can also suffer PERMANENT BRAIN DAMAGE from taking it just ONCE. That alone is reason enough NOT to take it.

Please.......don't do it.


It's much more safe to experiment with the holy crap fungi. God placed psylicobin mushrooms to felicitate our evolution, and show us the dawn of a new, higher consciousness.

forget to drink for years that's funny ....i try to tell the IRS that's why i didn't pay my taxes for years but i don't think they believed me ....hehe

very dangerous

:)) there is no inofensive drug......not even the alcohol

Flying Fid
LSD drives you mad. I had 20 years of a depressive psychosis because of that sh*t, I do believe the stuff is very evil and it is a banned drug for some very good reasons. I have seen just so many people screwed up very badly by LSD, I can safely say that I have never seen it help anyone at all. Some folk say it CAN be theraputic, but I have never seen that at all. Avoid the stuff.

Alex G
"Safe", and "not as bad as.." is surely, an oxymoron?

Experimenting with drugs that are "not as bad as the others" might prove disappointing, but safe is not a word that I would choose to use in that context.

Buzz Killington
LSD is in no way safer to use/experiment with than any other drug. In my opinion it's one of the wprse drugs to use. When you use LSD, the chemicals in it cling, in a sense, to the fat cells in your body. As you get older you will continue to gain fat and there won't be a problem, but one day you might decide to lose the weight. When the fat that the LSD "clung" to is burned off through excercise it can cause fatal problems like heart attack and stroke, in fact, this is what killed George Harrison of the Beatles.

*I'm sorry, I'm confusing George Harrison with someone else, I can't recall who.

I love to read the people who just answer basically that DRUGZ R BAD. Now looking at it from a perspective compared to other drugs it is quite safe. You will not be able to overdose on it and it has an extremely low toxicity rate. Now really the only risks of this drug really are if you come from a family with a history of mental illness its probably a good idea to stay away from psychedelics as these have brought out some of this in people. This can just bring it out LSD can not cause mental illness. LSD however is very powerful and some people cannot handle it so I my advice is to do it with someone that has done it before and have some benzos on hand like xanax or valium and possibly some anti-psychotics if the trip goes horrible. Make sure you do it in a comfortable environment too. Have fun!

Don't!!!! just don't!!!!!

NOT SAFE - I wouldnt touch it with a barge pole

The alcoholics thing: Alcoholics were given a SUPER MEGA DOSE that caused the majority of them to give up alcohol without the usual shakes and withdrawal symptoms in tests years ago.

Taking a dose that large would NOT be recommended.

Of course all drugs are potentially dangerous but it is misuse and dependency which are the main dangers. The demonisation of drugs and drug users in many places nowadays denies the benefits and potential of all these drugs.

The two VITAL things in taking any psychedelics is Mind set and setting. If you have a positive outlook are a stable and mentally healthy individual and in a setting that is safe and not confined amongst people you trust and like a lot you are a lot more likely to have a good trip.

If you have a history of mental illness or any genetic predisposition to it then stay away!

LSD is not addictive and it cannot kill you. The one person has ever died from ingesting it and they injected it in a really odd way thinking it was another drug.

BUT you will trip for around 8 but up to 12 hours. if its good you'll LOVe it and if its bad you'll hate it.

BUT remember, good and bad trip are all in your OWN mind. They are born of YOU. They come from you. and therefore you ultimately have control over them if you realise this. It can be difficult to grasp and control this on a first trip but remember LSD used to be used by psychologists to help people through their issues. So if you get stuck in a loop or have a bad experience you can work through it and overcome it. It becomes about choices. you choose not to go through bad things and this can help in life.

Pocket Protectorate
1. Never take more than 3 hits...

2. Make sure you're taking it with a group of trusted and funny friends...

3. Make sure you don't drive on it...(the "round" steering wheel has a way of becoming "square shaped..."

4. Do not have to work the next day, you'll need that day to contemplate last night's religious experience on LSD...

5. If you're a girl, watch out! It's like EX, only better in some cases...

Lexie M
it is dangerous but it wont kill you but you can start seeing things that are not there

JKiiNS (jordan)
well on the positive it's not addicting and you can't overdose on it BUT you can become schizophrenic or develop another mental illness or trip years latter randomly or if you fall on your back. and there's been incidents where people have killed themselves on the drug while having a bad trip so if you're going to do it make sure you're in a positive state of mind and with someone who's not tripping

ok, here's a legitimate answer. although there is no single case of someone dying from an overdose of lsd, there have been cases where people suffer from post psychodelic disorders which range from minimul effects to full-on tripping for prolonged periods of time. its EXTREMELY rare, but it does happen. my cousin is actually in a mental ward (and has been there for about 15 years) because he is in one of these states, so it does happen. Now whether your willing to take that risk or not is entierly up to you. if you want to try a drug thats really "not as bad as the other ones," I'd stick to weed. its safe.

It's not addictive like other drugs, but that doesn't mean its safe for everyone. If you have a history of mental illness, or a family history of schizophrenia, don't take it. Also, only use it when you're in a good mood, with people you trust, in a comfortable place when you don't have important to do for a full day.

It is a very powerful experience, and what decides whether you will have a good or bad time is where your head is at. Remember that you've taken a drug and it'll all be over in a few hours. LSD can have the power to give an addict the spiritual experience they need to kick the habit, but that doesn't make it a cure all. It's all in who uses it, how, and why.

Jason S
LSD is very dangerous. It is just as bad as other ones...LSD can send you on a trip that can last a very long time and can even effect you later in life (randomly begin to trip again)

Lewis W
all drugs are terrible as none of them are ever pure and can contain all sorts. drug makers put all sorts into the mixtures to bulk it out to make more pills eg baby powder, chalk chemicals all sorts.. not to menstion who awful the actull drug is.. also its illgal.

LSD = Good Trip or Bad Trip.

Good Trip: not a big deal. There has never been a relation found between LSD and any negative effects. (not that people who use LSD don't end up screwed up for some other reason)

Bad Trip: a psychedelic crisis, a disturbing experience. The manifestations can range from feelings of vague anxiety and alienation to profoundly disturbing states of unrelieved terror, ultimate entrapment, or cosmic annihilation.


LSD isn't that bad ... just don't do another dose until you have felt the peak (about 2/3 hours in) because things will come on very fast leave you freaking out if you are still coming up.

Make sure you are happy and in a good mental state before you trip. It lasts a while too, it usually kicks in after around an hour so don't expect 10/15 minutes and take more ... take it, relax (movie/music) and let things come on. The trip dies down after about 5/6 hours and by 8/12 it's dead.

I would advise trying shrooms first because they aren't so intense and give you the sound LSD gives you. Shrooms can lead to bad trips just like LSD, if not worse but at least you only spend a few hours in hell.

Alcohol (Kava and GHB work too - not together though) is good at taking the edge off a bad trip (or a good one)

LSD/MDMA/Shrooms/Weed are as safe as drugs get.

If you are young or in school I would leave it until you are older as drugs aren't a place for kids.

I must also add (in general with every drug) that there will be a handful of people who react badly to a drug or become real paranoid.

I am not condoning drug use because street drugs can be unpredictable. Read on Erowid too.

No street drug is good for you..Why risk your life on drugs..

Richard B

LSD is an incredibly powerful drug.

What do you mean "not as bad"?

would you rather get hit by a truck or a bus?

Dewey D
LSD is highly mind altering. You can hurt yourself on it if you get out of control. Usually this is not the case though. I don't do LSD anymore because I have alot of responsibilities now but I used to do it alot and it was FUN! I used to big LSD parties at my house and they were wild. That was about 15 years ago but people still talk about them. Good times.

LSD is a very dangerous drug and has caused many people to have psychotic episodes years later. I know someone who took it and has regular flashbacks which are very unpleasant. Why on earth do people feel they need to take drugs? Crazy!!!

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